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Efficiency of Hybrid Cars

One of the decisions that most consumers make that has a huge impact on the environment is the type of car they buy. This is because over the past decade the greatest percentage of pollution has been from car emissions. The invention of hybrid cars has assisted a great deal in the attempts to curb this worrying trend. Hybrid cars provide consumers with the option of creating less pollution on the part of the consumer. The invention of hybrid cars comes after decades of road developments and experimentation. After 13 years in the market, the Toyota Prius remains the most successful hybrid car in the market. Other car manufacturing companies have steadily followed suit and companies are now manufacturing a wide range of hybrid cars for the different market levels.

The basic mechanics behind the working of hybrid cars is the fact that they have relatively higher fuel efficient gas engines. This is because they combine the power of the electric motor that assists the engine it is accelerating. The fascinating thing is that with most models, the electric motor is recharged when the car is driven. This means that you don’t have to recharge the batteries.

There are two major varieties of hybrid cars in the market. These are the parallel hybrid cars and the series hybrid cars. In the parallel hybrid car, the gasoline powered engine and the electric motor work together in propelling the car. In the series type, a small gasoline engine continuously charges the batteries that power the electric motor, which propels the vehicle.

Hybrid cars usually gain their efficiency from the following aspects:

Smaller and more fuel efficient engines. This is perhaps their biggest advantage for consumers who prefer to cut down the fuel consumption as much as possible. These vehicles gain this advantage from the fact that they make use of both gas and electric power. This means that it makes less use of fuel, thus less space is needed for the gasoline engine.

The other advantage this car has over the conventional vehicle is the fact that they have the regenerative braking technology. This means that the electric motor that drives the vehicle forward is the same motor that will be used in stopping the car. In this position the electric motor acts as the generator and charges the batteries as the car is slowing down. This reduces the rate at which the batteries are charged. This is a big advantage in terms of efficiency.



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