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Making a Shift to Electric Cars

Nissan_Leaf_(MSP15)The majority of automakers are developing or selling hybrid and electric car models. Even Ferrari’s supercar makers have a plan of fitting a hybrid power train on every new vehicle by the year 2019. The goal is to have approximately half a million electric vehicles on the roads before the end of this year. Currently, the best-selling electric vehicle in the world is the Nissan Leaf. Last year, at least 180,000 units of the model were sold. The Leaf is a fully electric car without a hybrid gas engine and range-extender. There are several variations of the model with the costs ranging from $26,000 to $33,000, before receiving a governmental rebate.

Several prospective customers considering a move to the electric vehicle market usually have worries of the battery not carrying them far enough. However, this should not be an issue. Most of the current electric car owners have reported not suffering from range anxiety since they started using their vehicles. One of the questions that most people ask themselves is why they should move to electric vehicles. An excellent response is that electric cars are undoubtedly the vehicles of the future. Fully electric cars offer a green solution to driving around town as they have no greenhouse emissions. Operating an electric car is not only cheaper, but also quieter in comparison to other vehicles on the road. Most drivers find driving an electric vehicle to be easier in comparison to other options. There is instant power regardless of whether one is from a standstill or in motion.

A great option to consider when shifting to electric cars is the Nissan Leaf. This model is not only affordable, but it has great technology. An especially useful feature is a smart phone application connected to the vehicle to give stats, efficiency, as well as driving information. This application is a perfect example of the Leaf’s advanced technology. The model also had a wide range of optional extras to take advantage of. For instance, there is a feature for preheating the vehicle during cold periods. Hence, while other drivers are busy getting rid of frost from the windshield, a Nissan Leaf driver can just begin driving the car.

Although there are several electric vehicles currently sold, the Nissan Leaf is clearly the most appropriate and affordable option for most people. The driving style of this model is smooth and fun. It is clearly a perfect car for city driving and range is not an issue of concern. Hence, people exploring the electric market should consider this great model. Other cars to consider in the electric car market is the BMW i3, Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Ford Focus electric, and several others.


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It May Cost you Less to Drive a Climate-Friendly Vehicle

14_chevrolet_volt_mias_14Several people believe that low-emission cars such as electric and hybrid vehicles are more costly compared to other alternatives. However, a novel study proved that green cars are actually a better option when the costs of maintenance and operation are added to a car’s buying price. The trucks and cars usually driven account for at least 20 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions countrywide. The worrying rates of environmental pollution prompted an energy scientist, Jessika Trancik, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to investigate the issue of vehicle emissions. The first question asked during the investigation was how cars and personal vehicles related to climate targets.

Trancik and her colleagues were interested in finding out the number and type of cars in the United States that are both climate-friendly and cost-efficient. The findings of their study were published online this week accompanied with a paper in Environmental Science and Technology journal. The results were interesting concerning the ultimate cost of green cars. Trancik said that consumers don’t have to spend a lot for green cars or lowest-emitting cars. The findings further revealed that some vehicles currently on the market, a majority of battery electric and hybrids already comply with the world emission goals that the United States has promised to meet within in the next 14 years. The cars in questions include models such as Chevy Volt, Ford’s Focus Electric, Toyota Prius, BMW i3, Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf.

The study showed that a standard vehicle sold has more emissions than the 2030 target by about 50 percent. This means that there is evidently a disconnection between the type of vehicles bought and where we hope to be by 2030. For instance, falling at the other side of the chart is the Chevy Suburban, whose lifetime costs are high, while its emissions are more than the American average. There is also a wide gap with respect to the 2050 goals. This is according to Chris Gearhart, who plays the role of directing transportation research in Colorado’s Laboratory for National Renewable Energy. Chris says that his motivation is the belief that eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation industry is a key priority. He further added that Trancik’s study is interesting since it clearly illustrates the impact that individual choices have. He believes that even an average person can afford or own a Tesla. Currently, United States’ vehicles emit greenhouse gases that are sufficient to fill at least seven hundred thousand Empire State Buildings. This situation can change if people embrace green cars such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Hybrid and Electric Cars Offer the Best Used Vehicle Bargains

640px-2013_Nissan_Leaf_2012_LA_ShowThe popularity and prices of used cars has been increasing over the last few years. This is contrary to the conventional thought that the only cars that can have an increasing value are the collectible cars. According to Edmunds.com, the 2015s second quarter was marked by a 7.6 % increase in the prices of used cars. The average high price reached during this period is $18,800. While this fact makes it difficult to hunt for used-car bargains, there are some used-car segments that tend to move towards the opposite trend in terms of pricing. Hybrids and electric cars are among the segments in question. Bad market forces have led to the battering of hybrid and electric car prices.

According to the Electric Vehicle Retention Report Card issued by NADA Used Car Guide, the value of some plug-in and hybrid cars that have been used for two years has dropped in the last few months. Only the cheapest of such cars returned more than 20% of their original value after 3 years. These days, some of the best or highest deals can be obtained from full electric cars such as Ford’s Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf. Such cars cost as low as $10,000. Although the original prices of electric vehicles may be higher, their used counterparts are priced similarly. Motorists who commute daily might in fact save money through used electric cars.

From the economic perspective, used-car values in the market are largely determined by the demand and supply. The demand for most cars on roads has considerably softened with low gasoline prices. Additionally, low-mileage models that are 2 to 3 years old are coming back to the auto market. Wall Street Journal reported that in 2014, there was leasing of 85% of Nissan’s Leaf. The residual values of vehicles are ending up having prices that are lower than originally projected. Although this news is bad for leasing industries, it is good news for shoppers who are budget-minded. Such shoppers include those who think that the prices of gas are still too high or those who are ecologically oriented. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average mileage of Nissan Leaf is eighty four miles on a 100% charge. Its combined highway/city driving is approximately 114 miles per gallon. A major advantage of electric and hybrid cars is that they have battery packs that are sure to last for eight years or go for 100,000 miles. This implies that a model that has been used for three years would still have coverage of five years left.






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