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The Green Car Roundup in 2017’s Detroit Auto Show

hqdefaultThe Detroit 2017 Auto show marked the launch of several new green cars, some of which will be highlighted.

2018 Camry Hybrid that is More Efficient

For the critics of Toyota’s styling such as that of Mirai fuel cell car, and the 2016 Prius, the redesigned Camry lineup should make them happy. The lineup includes a hybrid model that has fuel efficiency comparable to that of Prius. This is great for a vehicle whose powertrain of 2.5 liters was updated in 2012. It is also good for a car whose 40/41 mpg needed to undergo an improvement alongside newcomers such as Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid of 46 mpg and Honda Accord Hybrid with 48 mpg. The EPA rating for the Camry is expected to be 50/54 mpg.

Audi’s Q8 Plug-in Hybrid

This Audi model will officially be available for sale next year and it has been postulated to be sleek, powerful and energy efficient. It has a turbocharged battery capacity of 3.0 liters with a rating of 37.3 miles in electric range. While the United States EPA rating would add sobriety to the above figures, the electric range would probably range in the 20s, which is OK as per the current standards. This SUV offers a cool ride and can go from zero to a hundred km/h within 5.4 seconds, with its top speed being 155.3 mph.

Volkswagen’s I.D. Buzz Concept

This is a neo-retro model of Volkswagen’s classic bus with style. Its EPA-rating ranges between 200 and 270 miles and it has a dedicated electric vehicle platform. It is a concept for now, though the Volkswagen Group has promised to produce thirty electric vehicles by the year 2025. This concept could serve as a precursor to producing upcoming cars. Under this car, there is a lithium-ion battery pack of 110-kWh that easily fits into a wheelbase of 129 inches. This concept uses an electric motor of 200 horsepower for each wheel set. The total horsepower amounts to 370, which is sufficient to push the car from zero to sixty mph within five seconds.

Purpose-Built Honda Hybrid

This 2018 truck as revealed as Honda’s hybrid-only model. A notable fact about Honda is that its trucks are slightly different from those produced by other automakers. However, it made the right decision by dedicating itself to a hybrid platform that may give a mileage exceeding 40 mpg. It is still a mystery as to why the automaker has not hybridized its popular models like HR-V and the CR-V.

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A Review of NSX Hybrid Car by Acura

Acura_NSX_Concept_HybridAcura is finally ready to make a debut of its new hybrid supercar, NSX. The automaker plans to make the debut early next year in Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. Meanwhile, novel details concerning the car’s design have been revealed in teaser photos. The raspy sound produced by the engine has been previewed in a brief video. Amendments have been made to the 2012 concept car’s front end whose grille now blends into the hood. The hood’s top part has two visible vents. Slim headlights have LED elements that are the same as those of recent Acura cars.

The overall look of the new car is almost similar to Acura’s 2012 NSX Concept, which debuted in 2012’s auto show in Detroit. The NSX hybrid is wedge-shaped, which reminds us of the Audi R8 and Ferrari 458. To give room to the engine located just after the rear wheels, the new car’s cabin has a forward slant. A key feature of the new version of Acura’s NSX is a hybrid power unit with three motors, including twin turbochargers. These details were given by Acura with no additional details regarding the setup. The powertrain hybrid-electric version adopted by the new NSX is the same as that of RLX hybrid. RLX has a V-6 engine that powers front wheels. The rear wheels are powered by two electric motors. The output totals to 377 horsepower.

NSX’s engine is positioned at the back, necessitating a reversal of the system. This means that the electric motors will power the front wheels while the rear wheels will be powered by the V-6 engine. Some speculations claim that the new NSX will be able to produce horsepower exceeding 500. However, considering the history of Acura’s sport cars, and those of Honda, its parent automaker, it is unlikely that the yet to be released NSX will surpass other existing supercars. Acura has continually created good performing cars with enough power for efficient acceleration.

The new NSX will appeal to its customers for its efficiency. An overview of what to expect can be derived from the sport hybrid by RLX, which has a range of about 30 mpg. In terms of weight, NSX will weigh less than RLX. This feature will be useful in offsetting the additional thirst of the car’s powerful engine. The new NSX by Acura will closely compete with BMW’s i8, whose range is 28 mpg. The model year of the new NSX, as well as the pricing details, have not yet been released by Acura.


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