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Toyota’s Legacy of the Prius Being the World’s Most Successful Line of Hybrid Car

Marché_Saint-Quentin_à_Paris_le_17_juillet_2015_-_16The newest entrant into the list of most successful hybrid car line is 2016 Toyota Prius. Contrary to its predecessors, the 2016 Prius happens to be quite attractive looking. The car has the appearance of a standard sedan rather than a mere scientific experiment. This is according to a Los Angeles Times’ report. Recently, the 2016’s Toyota Prius Four was launched, making things much better. The global roads are now filled with non-traditional powetrain cars since the official launch of Toyota’s original Prius.

Virtually all popular car manufacturers have at least one type of hybrid car line in the market. These hybrid car lines include plug-in Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs, battery-electric Tesla, as well as hydrogen fuel powered Mirai, just to mention but a few. Similar to the predecessors, the Prius Four has been linked with slight visibility issues. The topmost line of model has features and amenities to account for the price variations between Prius Four’s $30,000 price tag and Prius Two’s price tag of $24,000.

Despite some unfavorable comments from a few critics, it is clear that the Prius Four has become by far one of the most successful lines of hybrid vehicles. Although it might not be the cutting-edge or chic car it was at some point, it is definitely a hybrid car with the most road tests. People who have had a chance to test-drive the Prius have found it to be extremely engaging with respect to the driving dynamics. This 2016 Prius version has already entered the United States and Japanese markets. Its development was based on Toyota News Global Architecture, which is a platform that features a lowered gravity center and stiffer torsion rigidity. The brake feel is also greatly improved, thanks to a novel hydraulic booster and a new rear suspension.

Toyota’s main objective was for the general population to have the feel of a redesigned fuel-sipper in the 2016 Toyota Prius. A commercial dabbed as ‘Heck on Wheels’ featured during the Super Bowl clearly illustrating the high-efficiency metal of the new Toyota Prius. A guy named Todd was also featured in the commercial and he was shown driving through hard rock using the 2016 Toyota Prius. It is also worth noting that there is a re-engineered horsepower for the 2016 Prius with an Atkinson-cycle of 1.8 liter capacity. At the mills, there is a pair of electric motors to give a total of 71 horsepower. The fuel efficiency of this hybrid car is also substantial.


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Dramatic Makeover for Toyota’s 2016 Prius Hybrid

imgresBeing green has not been easy, but in the past few years it has become extremely difficult. Few people are purchasing hybrid cars, considering the dropping prices of fuel and increasing demand for SUVs. The green car consumers’ segment dropped by 18% in 2015, regardless of having a 4% increase in the number of new car buyers. Toyota Prius, which has attained much success actually did better compared to most hybrid and electric cars. This year, the Prius is down by 17% compared to Lexus CT, which also went down and Ford-C-Max dropped by 23%. The interest of shoppers in green cars has gradually dropped according to AT Kelly Blue Book.

Perhaps the launch of the new Toyota Prius will change the situation. Earlier this week, Toyota unveiled its new hybrid car in Las Vegas. The new Prius has a number of upgrades ranging from enhanced driving dynamics to great fuel efficiency. In terms of size, the new Prius’ body is larger, with a novel exterior design. The new look represents a dramatic change in the car since its 2nd generation model’s debut in 2003. Despite the change in physical looks, the car is clearly a Toyota Prius. The change is probably an advantage because the sales made by Toyota are 15,000 to 20,000 units per month, even with low volumes in the previous year. These sales are much higher compared to those of Volkswagen Jetta, Subaru Impreza, Mazda 3 and Kia Soul. This confirms an ongoing customer interest in the Prius regardless of America’s surging interest in SUVs and the low gas prices.

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) has been utilized by 2016’s Prius’ new look. Some of the benefits derived from this technology include a lowered gravity center, double rear suspension, both necessary for giving the car better handling and riding characteristics. Toyota has claimed that the new Prius will have a 10% increase in fuel efficiency. The advanced technology of Toyota Safety Sense will also be featured in the new Toyota Prius. This will include lane departure alert, radar cruise monitor, pre-collision system to detect pedestrians and automated high beams. The safety pedigree of the new Prius will further be enhanced by exterior lighting utilizing LED technology.

It has also been confirmed that the new Prius has improved seat comfort, especially with respect to lateral support. This is in combination to upgraded visibility and control placement. At the dash’s center is the gauge, whose display is now brighter with full color. Considering these improvement, the new Prius may turn out to be one of the best-selling vehicles countrywide.


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Toyota’s 2016 Prius Specification Questions

Marché_Saint-Quentin_à_Paris_le_17_juillet_2015_-_16The presentation of Toyota’s 2016 Prius is expected to take place in Las Vegas next week. However, it is quite unclear whether the actual specs were revealed this summer. In July, some pictures were posted from an automotive website in Taiwan, claiming that they were representative images of Prius PHEV and the 2016 Prius. However, the PHEV will not be revealed next week. Although the authenticity of the images was questionable, their circulation around the United State was fast. This circulation was picked by other minor and major automotive sites. According to the specs noted in the Taiwanese site, the new Prius has an increased range of about 94 mpg.

The report indicated that the new Prius has a higher efficiency compared to the previous versions. This may be accounted for by several improvements made to the powertrain architecture. It has a 4-cylinder gasoline engine of approximately 105 horsepower with a capacity of 1.8 liters. There is also a water pump that functions in retuning the Atkinson cycle. To help in increasing fuel efficiency, there is an exhaust system for heat recovery, which also reduces the time it takes for the engine to warm up. The car’s electric motor has 90 horsepower with a lithium-ion battery, though the specifications have not been given. The horsepower of the total system has been reported to be more than that of the current model. It has been estimated to be about 145-150, compared to 134 horsepower for the 2015 Prius.

The dimensions of the 2016 Prius are larger compared to the current models’ dimensions (4480 x 1745 x 1490mm). With respect to styling, the 2016 Prius had cues that are almost the same as those of Mirai FCV, as well as the current Prius Liftback. According to the CEO of Toyota North America, the 2016 Prius is better and more dynamic compared to the current model. It has also been reported that the goal of the design was to have a higher sporting appeal. In terms of curb weight, the 2016 Prius is weighs less than the 2015 Prius. The accuracy of the mentioned specifications will be revealed next week. From a reliable source, it has been reported that Prius information will be dribbled out by Toyota in the fall. Such ceremonies are usually done on a single evening and then attendees fly or drive home afterwards. What is unclear is the extent or amount of info that will be revealed to the media. Unfortunately, no media drive has been scheduled by Toyota.


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Winterization of Your Hybrid Car’s Exterior

carProvision of extra protection for your hybrid car during winter is necessary for maintaining not only the paint, but also the glass and the wheels. The effects of ice and snow, as well as the scrapping involved when removing them is rough on your car. Here are some of the products and procedures that can be helpful to your hybrid car in wintertime.

With respect to paint, it is essential to use a quality sealant or wax in combination with appropriate maintenance. This will increase the longevity of the paint even through the cold months. A paint sealant should be your best bet for winter paint protection since it has a tendency to not only last long, but it also needs few reapplications. Paints with acrylic-based formulas are the most preferable. For those who opt to balance gloss and durability, such paint options are also available. They give a long-lasting protection and a finish that is attractive and high gloss. Coating is the ultimate means of protecting your paint through the cold months.

Just like paint, it is vital to protect the wheels and tires of your hybrid car in wintertime. A protective wax for the wheels should be used to prevent adhesion of brake dust. To maintain a high level of protection, regular reapplications are needed. The best protection possible for your hybrid car wheels can be provided by a product such as a nano-based ceramic glass coating. This coating will not only keep the wheels clean, but also protected. Additionally, it can last a noticeably long time. Application of the coating is straightforward and simple. Tire protection is achieved in two ways. The first way is by making sure that the rubber is kept supple in very cold temperatures so that it does not crack. The second way is making sure to properly inflate your hybrid car tires.

The windshield and wipers are other exterior parts that need to be protected during winter months. The windshield should be kept frost-free and clean. A high-quality wash additive needs to be added to the windshield washer fluid to protect it from freezing. A quality ice scraper is also a necessity for every driver in snow-prone areas. The scraper should have the ability to remove all types of snow, frost and ice from windows and the windshield. Finally, it is advisable to consider purchasing a car cover if you have to park your hybrid vehicle outside during the cold months. The cover should protect your car against impact and moisture.


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Top Accessories for Your Toyota Prius

Buying a new Toyota Prius is often followed by finding means of personalizing it. There are several accessories that can enhance the style and versatility of a new hybrid car. Here are some of the leading accessories that can be bought to help your Toyota Prius show your good taste.

Keeping Things Handy

Those who haul things in their Prius’ trunk on a regular basis should consider cargo net envelopes. These are nets that stretch across your hatchback’s back and have expandable pockets that can be used for holding small items. The net can easily be removed when not in use and folded flat so that it takes up little space.

Staying Toasty and Warm

An accessory that would be useful for staying toasty and warm in your hybrid car is the remote starter. With this accessory, you don’t have to get into a freezing cold car. With a remote starter, you can not only start your car remotely, but also control the inside temperature and activate the vehicle’s defogger and defroster.

Elegant Lighting

Illuminated door sills make getting in and out of your car stylish and easy. These sills are designed in such a way that they replace the standard scuff plates. They are often branded with the Prius logo which is illuminated with blue lights. The logo lights up when the car doors are opened and closed.

Providing Protection

The rear bumper applique is the most suitable accessory for those who would like to protect the rear bumper from scratches and minor nicks. This accessory is a clear covering that is almost undetectable. The covering also contains the logo for Toyota Prius. The accessory is made from urethane, as well as a topcoat that is UV-protective. Specially designed door-edge guards are also used to protect car doors from scratches and dings. These accessories are simply thin plastic pieces that slide down over the door’s edge. In this way, they provide a cushioning layer against other objects.

These accessories for your Toyota Prius can be purchased from any Toyota dealers across the world. To get them at a much lower price, it is advisable to visit the Toyota website. The website contains car parts and accessories that are not only premium quality, but also Toyota approved. Customers get the chance to make a comparison of different accessories available. Choosing the right accessories will not only make your Prius stand out from the crowd, it will make your investment worthwhile. You can find the accessories that show your unique style and fit within your budget.


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An Overview of the Toyota Prius Accessories to Purchase

Selecting the most appropriate Prius accessories is the key step to personalizing your car and giving it all the capabilities it requires. Automotive accessories are useful in dressing up a car. They not only give it shine, but they also enhance a car’s personality and color. The accessories in question include sport dual wipes, chrome parts, and hood protectors or bras. Here, we will shed some light on the accessories that can be bought for a third generation Toyota Prius.

Prius accessories can be purchased at any auto dealer or even online. It is up to the buyer to decide on the perfect location. Official approved accessories can be found at the Toyota website and dealership. The website contains high-quality products sold at a much lower price. Generic options can be found at national and regional auto parts supply chains such as Kragens, O’Reilly, Schucks, Checkers, Autozone, and Pep Boys. A wide range of accessories and electronic gadgets are also found at catalog companies such as Crutchfield and JC Whitney.

Navigation Systems

There are different navigation system types available for a Toyota Prius. One of the most popular factory systems has an interface that is touch screen and allows iPod connectivity through a USB cable and a port.

Floor Mats

The major function of floor mats is protecting carpets from damage, wear, and soiling. Such mats are removable, and are therefore, easy to clean. A good example of a company that makes a type of floor mat called Original Clear Floor Mat is the ExactMat. A notable feature of such mats is that they have anti-bacterial treatments, which provides them with a high heath safety level.

Car Covers

These accessories can be found in any car part store or dealer. A good example of a company that makes car covers that are Toyota approved is known as Covercraft. The major function of car covers is protecting a car’s paint from the negative effects of weather.


These are one of the most popular car accessories. They can be seen in cars in many places. Sunshields provide thermal protection to every car window. You will find them most on the front windshield protecting the dash and steering wheel from heat.

Dash Mats and Hood Protectors

Hood protectors are normally referred to as bras. These accessories can be bought at any store that sells automotive accessories and parts. Dash mats are for covering dashboards. For many people, they serve the role of providing friction, which is necessary for placing items such as sunglasses and cell phones on the dash. Dash mats also provide protection from the effects of the sun, such as cracking.

Generally, all the mentioned accessories are fundamental to help keep your Toyota Prius in good condition for a very long time.


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An Overview of Prius Accessories

The exterior of a Toyota Prius comprises of a wide range of accessories. Some of the accessories will be presented below.

Alloy Wheel Locks

These are mechanical accessories with high precision and a balanced weight. They have plating made of triple-nickel chrome, as well as durable locks that protect the wheels and tires against theft and damage.

Door Edge Guards

The main function of these accessories is protecting the edges of a car door from chipped paint. Toyota Edge Guards are perfectly engineered to give an excellent compression fit. They are made of stainless steel and coated with a matching thermoplastic that is designed in such a way that it is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking.

Lower Door Moldings

These accessories are made of bright chrome material, which adds a sense of elegance to a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Additionally, they have a high-quality finish that gives a precise fit. The moldings are specifically engineered for a Toyota Prius and when coupled with hybrid identification, a premium appeal is achieved.

Rear Bumper Applique

This accessory plays the role of adding a sense of style and helping to protect the topside of a car’s rear bumper from scratches and scrapes. The applique is almost invisible and has a subtle finishing with a Toyota Prius logo. Some of the features of this accessory include a UV-resistant topcoat and a high-grade urethane construction.

Paint Protection Film

This accessory is designed for specific parts of the front fenders and the hood. The paint protection film of a genuine Toyota hybrid car is like a clear armor suit that helps in guarding against debris that can scratch and chip the finish. The film is made out of nearly invisible and durable urethane, which helps in maintaining a new appearance. Toyota paint protection films can also be applied to specific parts of the front bumper where they help in guarding the paint from road debris. This accessory can be purchased from a local Toyota dealer. The warranty is only applicable when the installation process is done by a skilled Toyota-certified installer.

Buying Toyota Prius Accessories

Genuine Toyota accessories play a vital role of improving a Toyota car’s performance. Additionally, the accessories look great while also providing protection for your hybrid. You can buy Prius accessories at many auto part stores, online and at the dealership. We offer a wide range of Prius accessories meant to protect and beautify your great hybrid car.


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Upgrade Inside and Out

Upgrading your new hybrid not only makes it more comfortable and safe, it will also make it uniquely yours. From customizing the inside to flashing up the outside, here are a few suggestions.

Seat Covers: For Beauty and Comfort

The interior looks of a car is determined mainly by the looks of your car seats. Many drivers and hybrid car owners find it a real headache maintaining and upholding their seat upholstery without compromising their comfort. That is why we bring to you the ultimate solution to your hybrid car seat problems. You can find beautifully hand crafted and customized seat covers that meet your car specifications. It also enhances your car interior and allows you to personalize the looks on your car seats. Seat covers are made of strong fabrics that increase your seat life, as well as protecting the seats original design. Neoprene, which is used for many seat covers and ensure maximum protection against spilled liquids that would otherwise be absorbed by your seat cushions. Many covers are also soft and it’s easy to maintain your cushion feel, ensuring maximum comfort to you and your passengers.

Steering Wheel Covers: Comfort on Your Hands

Safety while driving is an all time necessity to any driver. Your safety depends on your driving. Proper car control helps to reduce accidents. Sometimes your steering wheel becomes slippery due to sweat on your hands. Steering wheel covers help to maintain a sweat free hand and allows proper grip. Leather covers are also soft to hand comfort, as well as protecting you from hand blisters, more so after long driving hours. They are customized to meet your wheel size and interior coloring of your car to ensure consistent looks in your car.

Bumper Guard: Real Protection

It is not every day that we drive along well maintained tarmac roads. We are often met with sharp stones, big potholes and all such stuff that could adversely affect both your front and rear car paint. You can fix your car with bumper guards that will ensure that your paint is free from scratches. It also protects your car body from excessive damage in case you hit something accidentally.

Tail Light Tint and Lighting: Your View to The World

You hybrid car lighting is the clear indicator of your view. Most drivers are forced to pull over by the roadside for lack of clear sight, more so during rain or fog. Poor vision could also pose a real danger to you and other drivers along your way. However, when your car is fixed with good taillight tints and adequate lighting, you are assured bright light to light you way. The taillights also serve to direct other drivers of your movements, thus enhancing safety at all times.



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Essentials for Your Hybrid

Here are a few things to put on your ‘I want’ and ‘I need’ lists.

Air Filters: Fresh Air Everyday

Most drivers strive to get rid of dust from their car interior, forgetting about their hybrid car engine systems. The car engine is the heart of your car and when it stops beating, you go nowhere. It is necessary to clear off any clogging dust and allow adequate free flow of fresh air into your engine system. We provide you with air filters that enable fresh air to flow in and out, while blocking all the dusty particles, thus increasing your engine performance and life.

Mud Guards: Keeping it Off

When you drive, your car tires comes into contact with all sorts of things on the road including rocks, dust, mud and even tar. These get thrown onto your car-body sides, ruining your car body and paint. But, why allow mud on your car body when you can stop it by attaching mudguards? Mudguards help to preserve and maintain your car’s beautiful looks. Two pair of mudguards fitted to your car is the key to full time protection for your car body.

Dash Board Covers: Real Anti-Sun Glare Protection

Sometimes we drive out to sunny environments and expose our cars to the harsh temperatures and direct sun glare. The harsh temperatures can cause cracking on plastic dashboards. It also makes the plastic peel off, thus losing its color and texture in the process. However, we provide a solution to that, our customized hybrid car dashboard covers are fitted to cover your dashboard completely, keeping it safe from the damages of the sun. The customization allows you to pick a color of your choice that matches your car interior looks, thus enhancing your car’s beauty. The fabric we use is soft to touch and appealing to the eyes. This ensures that it serves its purpose of dashboard protection without compromising the beautiful car interior. There are many to choose from that are made especially for your hybrid.

Bike Racks: Take Your Bike with You

Real headaches come when you want to go places in your hybrid car and take along your bike. Most people are forced to lift their bike over their head to load it on top of the car, which can be quite tedious. Fix your car today with bike racks that will enable you carry your bikes without much struggle. The racks ensure that the bikes do not come into contact with the car’s body, thus protecting it from any scratches. It also allows you to carry the bike and still be able to pack your car without having to remove it. It is so far the easiest and safest way to carry your bike on your hybrid car.



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The Toyota Prius Accessories

Mud, gravel, dust, you name them. Have they been giving you a headache and discoloring your hybrid vehicles distinctive floor after every wash? With the new Toyota Prius all-weather floor liners, you can be assured that this will be a thing of the past. The floor liners have been tested and they stand out from other floor liners in the market. The Prius floor liners are also friendly to your shoe’s soles because they leave behind less scratch effects, and in case you decide to remove your shoes, the floor liners guarantee your feet the comfort they deserve. This is because the floor liners are soft to the feet. The floor liners are also easy to wash and quick to dry, thus giving you an upper hand if you have less time on your busy schedule. So, try these new Prius all-weather floor liners today and you won’t regret it. Instead, you and your car will stand out from the rest.

High Quality Seat Covers for your 2012 & 2013 Prius

Wait no longer, the new Prius seat covers are on the market. The covers are one of a kind and sitting on your car’s seat will never be the same again. The comfort and peace that you were lacking from your seat has now been brought within your reach. Embrace these new works of art seat covers and not only is your comfort guaranteed, but also the protection of your seat is put into consideration. The dirt, water and dust that easily beset the car’s seat, thus discoloring it, are going to be kept away by these new seat covers. The covers are soft to your back and the discomforts that are often disturbing due to the hardness of the seat are going to be kept at bay. Your head will also find comfort within the new covers and thus rest at ease as you hit the road to your serene destination. The seat covers also come in different colors, texture and designs. You are sure to find one that suits your preference and specifications.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover for your 2012 and 2013 Prius Hybrid Vehicles

The new Prius steering wheel covers are the trend in the market .The steering wheel covers are friendly to your hands and will make it more comfortable to hold onto your steering wheel. The steering wheel covers come in different colors, textures and designs, thus guaranteeing you your taste, preference and specification can be met. The steering wheel skin is easy to install in your car and can be removed with ease without scratching the steering wheel. You can purchase this new work-of-art steering wheel cover at a reasonable price and help protect both your hands and your steering wheel from soil and wear.



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