Toyota’s 2017 Prius Prime versus Chevrolet’s 2017 Volt

December 2, 2016

Tech Times

Tech Times

The new Chevy Volt and the Prius Prime are plug-in hybrids with high-volume. They slightly differ in the terms of energy efficiency. The Prius Prime is Toyota’s new plug-in model of the best-selling and most popular hybrid car worldwide. The Chevy Volt, which was officially launched last year and is an improved version of the initial range-extended electric vehicle. Both cars are now major competitors in the ever expanding market for plug-in vehicles and the key question is how they match up.

One of the key similarities between the two is that both are compact cars, five-door hatchbacks. Although they have aerodynamic designs, their executions are very different. Of the two cars, the Prius Prime by Toyota is the newer. From the viewpoint of most onlookers, the Prime is an improved version of the standard Prius hybrid. The Prius plug-in has a front end that is not only new, but also more aggressive. Its taillights are also horizontal and not as vertical as those of the original Prius. Most of the models also have a touch-screen display comparable to that of a tablet. The Chevy Volt, which is currently in its 2nd year, is still a low sleek car with a racy shape and a good-looking interior.

While the Chevy Volt can accommodate five passengers, the Prius is a four-seater. Despite offering a fifth position for a seat, the fifth person in the Volt has to perch on the padded battery hump . Hence, the Volt is best suited for short trips if you’re carrying 5 people. The powertrain of the Prius has an output of 121 horsepower combined with an APA rating of 25 miles. This range should be delivered in most cases. Its battery pack is 8.8 kilowatt per hour and is situated under the load bay and rear seat. With a horsepower of 149 and a range rating of 53 miles, the Volt is clearly quicker compared to the Prius Prime. The ultimate winner on fuel economy is the Prius Prime, however, with a combined rating of 54 mpg in comparison to Chevy Volt’s 42 mpg.

Driving the new Prius feels better compared to its predecessor. It feels more like a normal car and less like a Prius. If there is any battery capacity available, the default mode of the Prime is all-electric. This is contrary to the first Prius plug-in whose electric capability was limited. Since its default is all electric, the driving experience of the Prius Prime is now similar to that of Chevy Volt. There is enough power up to speeds of 75 mph.


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