A Review of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

November 11, 2016

maxresdefaultThe hybrid range of Toyota can be likened to a bird variety because there is a particular one that is seen everywhere. The common hybrid in question is the Prius, which for some reason makes the less common ones more interesting. The RAV4 is an exciting hybrid crossover, which has a sporty relative, the C-HR that isn’t available in the US yet. From the first glance, it is quite hard to identify the attractive features of this car, considering its more aggressive and boxier styling. Initial drive tests indicate that the RAV4 is generally a nice car. For the progressives, the hybrid cars now offer more than just a good image, especially the new ones.

The RAV4 is attractive, pearlised and high-riding with fancy details to spark the interest of admirers. This vehicle proves that you can have all-wheel drive, have a lot of power, and still be energy efficient.  It has impressive acceleration that can be felt by even the users of the sleek Toyota Prius. There is a serious-minded dash with a slight demerit being the descriptive graphics that are quite distracting. All the Toyota models have the start-stop system with the option of using either your tank or battery for maintenance of efficiency and performance. There are little green arrows indicating optimum speeds of efficiency while red arrows pointing the opposite direction would be present at higher speeds. Some people might find keeping track of the arrows to be too compelling. However, having such arrows can be a great thing since you’ll get to save energy while at the same time ensuring that nobody gets hurt.

Some might notice that the brakes are slightly wimpy and may fail to notice a nudge, however all models have emergency braking in case you get distracted. A noteworthy feature is a hatch closer with a push-button for the 70 cubic feet of cargo space. Regardless of the few challenges, driving a RAV4 hybrid is a fun experience. The model feels more costly that it actually is. This doesn’t mean that it gives an over the top extravagant feeling. The total output of the combined system is close to 200 bhp and it clearly shows. It is quite pleasurable to overtake, cruise and do anything on a motorway. Its highest speed is not dramatic. Although its emissions are not stunningly low, it clearly has a sustainable future. The car’s top speed is about 112 mph while the combined consumption of fuel is 55.4 mpg. Carbon dioxide emissions are at 188 grams per kilometer while its Eco rating is 7 out of 10.


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