Hyundai Ioniq Debuts in New York

March 31, 2016

Ioniq_Rear_SideThe official introduction of the Hyundai Ioniq to the United States market took place during the New York motor show. This car that has an electric powertrain and will start its sales with the 2017 model with a battery electric and hybrid models in this year’s fourth quarter. Early next year, the 2018 plug-in version of the hybrid will follow. According to Hyundai, the revealing of these three green cars in Geneva earlier this month was a significant milestone. The car will compete with Toyota and other big manufacturers in the auto industry. Hyundai would have spent a lot of money if it had chosen to develop the three cars separately. Hence, billions were saved in terms of development costs with the Ioniq.

Moving into the Hybrid Market

All the three variants of Ioniq share major specifications such as the use of high strength steel and aluminum, which cuts the total curb weight. The use of the two metals is also seen as a way of attaining maximum mpg. These inaugural vehicles are a clear representation of Hyundai’s new model line and are expected to remain relevant throughout the next decade. Creature comforts are also anticipated for the cars. Other details included are the Android Auto and CarPlay, TET display, advanced safety features and wireless smart phone charging. The safety department has features such as Lane Departure Warning, Automated Emergency Braking, Cross-Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Detection.

The Toyota Prius was used to benchmark the Ioniq Hybrid and Hyundai has projected a United States EPA rating of 57 to 58 mpg. This figure isn’t official, but if it is so, the car will surpass even the Eco version from Japan. It will take the top spot in the United States market cars in terms of mpg. The plug-in Ioniq is based on the powertrain of a hybrid car but has an additional lithium-ion battery of 8.9-kilowatt-hours that allows emission-free driving. According to Hyundai’s Product Planning manager, the EV range offered will be between 25 to 30 miles. The European rating is at 32 miles.

May Surpass Prius in Mileage

With respect to its competitiveness, the Ioniq trio can be likened to an electrified version of a jack-of-all trades. All the three versions have promised high performance and efficiency. The car has also been projected to surpass the 2016 Toyota’s Prius in terms of mileage with variations in highway and city efficiency. The plug-in hybrid variant also surpasses 2017’s Prius Prime in terms of mileage. These are just estimates since the official EPA-certified figures have not yet been released by Hyundai and Toyota.


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