The New Toyota’s Prius Plug-in is Released

March 24, 2016

640px-Toyota_-_Prius_Plug-in_HYBRIDMany people, especially green car lovers are wondering how the new Prius Plug-in will compete in the current market. Well, this question will be answered very soon as this vehicle is set to be released on 23rd March. The first showcasing of the car will be at an auto show to be held in New York. Toyota has given very limited information and details concerning the new plug-in hybrid and it seems the automaker intends to maintain the suspense till the actual release date. Toyota gave a brief statement saying limits should be put in the rearview as the reveal is yet to be made.

In the previous decade, Toyota declined to come up with a Prius plug-in hybrid model. The automaker chose to wait until virtually all its standard Prius owners converted. In 2012, it incorporated a battery of 4.4-kilowatt-hours within its hatch area to push its plug-in toward the mid-lifecycle of its third generation. According to the EPA, this model has a good electric range of six miles and a combinational 11 miles for electric and gas. Drivers could achieve additional mileage and Toyota has initially thought the car had the capability of attaining 14 miles electric range, with an assumption of a substantially tame drive.

The hybrid version of the Prius plug-in had a better-combined range of 50 mpg and its small-sized battery saved cost while increasing the space within the cargo area. Advocates of the Prius plug-in claimed that the car delivered virtually all benefits that could be offered by Toyota’s evolved 3rd generation Prius. This was clearly evident in its high sales. Among the plug-in electric car sales, the Prius plug-in was among the three leading vehicles in terms of sales in 2014. The car’s sales were also remarkable in the United States, regardless of the fact that its market was limited.

Some reports indicate that the anticipated plug-in Prius will have an electric range of between 30-35 miles. We will find out whether this figure is accurate as the new car is revealed. At this stage, Toyota may choose to give an approximate value of the car’s EPA number. Underlying this vehicle is Prius’ 4th generation, which happens to be the most fuel-efficient car ever by Toyota. Its handling is also the sportiest. The car has 52 mpg for a majority of its trims, with the Eco trim getting 56 mpg. The new Prius Plug-in is expected to hit a similar target in terms of sustaining charge in the hybrid mode. The two variants will also be set apart by exceptional styling details.



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