The Reason 2016’s Toyota Prius Deserves to be the Globe’s Most Attractive Energy Vehicle

March 11, 2016

Toyota_Prius_(IV)_–_Heckansicht,_19._September_2015,_FrankfurtLast fall, photos of the 4th generation Toyota Prius Liftback started appearing online. Based on a highly relevant criteria, this car could be one of the globe’s most attractive vehicles. Many are wondering how attractive this car is. The attractiveness is with respect to being pocket-friendly. Critics have often raised concerns regarding the aesthetics of the Prius. Most find its look to be quite plain. Regardless of this fact, it has been projected that more people would purchase this car in comparison to any other.

So many people buy a Toyota Prius in fact, it has recently been considered an independent sub-brand. Since the new model officially entered the market in January, already 18,600 Prius sales have been booked by Toyota. These bookings are inclusive of leftovers, as well as the 2016 model. These units are 3,000 more than those recorded by Chevrolet for its Volt last year in all 12 months. By March, Toyota would have surpassed the sales predicted by Chevy for the whole year.

Volt is not the only car surpassed by Toyota. Every green car out there has been crushed by Toyota with respect to market acceptance. The Prius beats virtually all green cars manufactured by companies like Ford, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Lexus, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Nissan, Volbo, Tesla, Nissan, and others. Last year, 114,000 Prius Liftback units were sold in the United States. This year, it is expected that 130,000 units will be sold, and 143,000 units in 2017. These projections were given by an analyst, Alan Baum. Since its launch in Japan in 1997, Toyota Prius has sold approximately 3.5 million units across the world in about 90 markets. Considering its proven record and the present rate of plug-in car growth, Prius’ dominance may continue a bit longer.

Generally, the design of the 2016 Prius is a slight improvement from the previous Liftback version. Some of the design inspirations are from Mirai’s Fuel Cell car. The aerodynamic coefficient of the new Prius is comparable to that of Tesla’s Model S, which equals 0.24. The vehicle is also based on the New Global Architecture by Toyota. This technology increases the chassis stiffness in addition to making it sportier. The total MPG for a combination of five trims is 52, while for Eco trim it offers 56 mpg. Based on this information, it is evident that the Toyota Prius is a car of the people and its sales will continue increasing.



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