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A Review of Hyundai’s 2015 Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai_Sonata_Hybrid_--_03-28-2012Over the past few decades, it has been noted that oil and fuel prices rule the world. Hence, it is imperative for those who want to survive in the automotive business world to offer a fuel economy that is decent. This fact has forced virtually all automakers to meet the extra mileage target for every new model released. This is also a major reason why many people are choosing hybrid vehicles and why there has been an increased interest in the 2015 Sonata hybrid by Hyundai. This hybrid car will be on roads next year and Hyundai plans to use it as a replacement for the current gasoline-fueled version. This car’s Eco version has the intention of offering a cheaper solution to people interested in a mid-sized sedan car with a better fuel-efficiency.

A 1.6 litre turbocharged engine will be used to propel the Sonata Hybrid. The engine will also have an automatic transmission with a 7-speed dual-clutch. Sonata’s range over urban roads and highways will be extended by 4 and 3 mpg respectively, thanks to the mentioned power train. Therefore, 38/48 mpg is the total mileage figure of Sonata Hybrid next year. To make its first ever appearance in the Hyundai lineup is the 7-speed gearbox. For its power based gear changing, Sonata Hybrid takes an edge over Veloster’s 6-speed dual-clutch. Over the hydraulic actuation, this is a considerable upgrade. On the contrary, the suspension is similar to that of the current version. This means that there is no sacrificing the high driving quality for increased fuel economy.

The opening price of this green car is $24,085 and considering Hyundai’s pricing hierarchy, this figure is respectable. There is a slightly smaller price tag of $21,960 for the base model, which also has few features. On the other hand, the car’s hybrid version has several features including rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot detection system, pushbutton ignition, leather wrapped seats and steering wheel. It also features a proximity key, heated front seats, power based trunk opening, dimming rear view mirror, more chrome over the outer end, 8.0”-display for infotainment system with Blue Link, automatic climate control that is dual-zone, and many more. Another tale that we leave for the moment is how ready the buyers section will be for this car. However, one thing that is for sure is that the car will be worth whatever price will be paid for it. The Sonata Hybrid is set to meet all the requirements and needs of customers in the smartest way possible.



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A 4-Year Low for Electric and Hybrid Car Market Share

512px-2011_Nissan_Leaf_SL_--_10-28-2011The charge is fading for most hybrid and electric cars regardless of the fact that Tesla Motors still has a buzz. Hybrid and electric cars are in less demand with gasoline costs still well below a year earlier. Though there has been a rebound of pump prices from the July to January plunge, a May poll by financial firm Stifel showed that only about 3% of consumers would choose to purchase an electric car. This was less than the 45 %figure that was reported in February. Meanwhile, consumers who would go for hybrids were 24% in comparison to 31% that was reported in February.

There is a different range for hybrid loyalty, with results showing that those who traded electric and hybrid vehicles for a new SUV made up 22%., an auto site, conducted a survey and presented the mentioned results. Three years ago, the percentage of the number of people trading hybrid and electric vehicles for an SUV was at 11.9%. About 45% of consumers who opted to trade in electric or hybrid cars bought a different alternative-fuel car. In 2012, more than 60% traded in their electric and hybrid cars for alternative-fuel cars. Automakers have been cranking out electric and hybrid cars to meet government emission and fuel-efficiency mandates despite the high costs of their alt-vehicle programs. They are also doing so as not to lag behind in case of technological advancement.

The market share for electric and hybrid cars from January through May was just at 2.8% in comparison to 3.5% market share that was reported last year. The peak year of 2013 saw a 3.7% market share. These figures were presented by the industry analysis director at, Jessica Caldwell. According to Jessica, there was this belief that plug-in and electric cars might experience hockey-stick-like growth once they came into the market and people got used to the infrastructure and technology. However, this has not been the experience, as the sales of hybrid cars are falling and going in reverse.

In North America, 2, 400 units of the pricey Tesla electric Model S were sold in May. This figure was given by a sales analysis of plug-in cars by The monthly Tally of Tesla is usually unavailable and it is expected that the second quarter sales figures will be available in July. There were 2, 104 units sold by the electric Nissan Leaf, while 1,618 units were sold by GM’s Chevrolet Volt and 727 units were sold by Toyota for the Prius PHV.


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