The Essence of Hybrid Cars in 2015

April 18, 2015

Toyota_Prius_HybridAlthough hybrid cars have been in existence for many years, they have not been embraced fully by consumers. Gasoline fueled cars are still common with their promise of minimal fuel consumption. Conventional hybrid cars are less popular despite having small electric motors to help in propulsion under minimal speed situations. This is because although such cars have additional technological features and promise increased fuel economy, only a few people are able to utilize them to their maximum potential. Hybrid cars may prove as economical as the normal gasoline fueled cars, unless one spends their entire driving life in congested cities. Additionally, hybrid vehicles are more costly compared to the regular gasoline fueled cars.

Therefore, a question to ponder on is why hybrid cars should matter in the year 2015. One of the key reasons is with respect to environmental issues. Diesel engines have been known to cause immense environmental pollution. After over a hundred years of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment, their negative effects on human health are finally being witnessed. Over the last few years, diesel cars have gained popularity because of affordable rates of tax. However, such cars have a likelihood of being shelved soon, with big cities planning to put a ban on cars that pollute the environment the most. Hybrid cars are associated with low carbon dioxide emissions because of their capacity to go for limited time by solely using battery power without releasing hazardous emissions to the environment.

Criticisms on hybrid cars are often based on the fact they have low electric range and the fact that the fuel economy claimed can only be realized by drivers observing a specific behavior set. These concerns have been countered by car manufacturers with the launch of plug-in hybrid cars. Hybrid cars like Volvo X60 and the Audi A3 e-tron have a setup that is similar to that of conventional hybrids. However, they have larger-sized battery packs that have shown to improve the range of electric driving. The majority of the models have the ability to travel up to thirty miles using electric power alone. In this way, most of the emission-free advantages of an electric car are offered.

Drivers who are used to short journeys may not need to use fuel at all since it is possible to hook up plug-in hybrids to the mains and fully charge them within a few hours. Some governments are also offering grants to plug-in hybrid and electric car buyers. This means that such cars could be an option that is more cost effective than initially imagined.



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