Toyota Prius Still Leading in Hybrid Car Sales

March 20, 2015

2012_Toyota_Prius_c_--_05-23-2012_2In February, a total of 27,038 hybrid cars were bought by Americans. Out of the total sales, 64% of the cars were linked to Toyota Motors, with the Prius leading. The success of competitors is continually being blocked by Toyota Prius, one of the oldest modern hybrid cars. Hybrid Cars published a report that showed that the total sales of Prius Liftback were 7,080, which accounted for 26% of all the hybrid cars sold. The Prius C with 2,701 sales was the second best-selling hybrid cars. This represented 10% of the hybrid market. The Toyota Prius V with 1,850 sales was the fifth best-selling car, representing 7% of the total number of hybrid cars sold.

There is at least one hybrid car model for every car manufacturer. Unfortunately, the sales of such cars have continually declined because of the gasoline powered alternative. While there is a terrible market for hybrid cars, the success of Toyota even worsens the situation. The hybrids’ pitch is solely based on the advantage of fuel economy. This is in support of the claim that hybrids are environmentally friendly cars. American buyers are clearly not in agreement with this claim. This coupled with the low market share accounts for the ever declining and low hybrid cars sales. The only car manufacturer that posted modest hybrid sales beyond Toyota is Ford. However, the sales were still insignificant. About 2,416 Fusion hybrids were sold by the company, making 9% of the total hybrid market. Last month, the total number of cars and light trucks sold by Ford amounted to 179,693.

As far as the sales of hybrid cars are concerned, marketing muscle does not have an impact. None of the car companies including Kia, Honda Motor, Subaru and Buick, posted a total of sales amounting to 1,000 cars in February. The Toyota Prius was first introduced around the globe in the year 2000. Since its inception, Toyota has claimed that almost 5 million sales have been made. It is impossible to tell whether the high sales are attributed to Toyota’s quality or the automaker’s place as one of the largest three car companies in the world. However, there is often an advantage that comes with being the first entrant into the market. The Toyota Prius is a perfect example to support this claim. It seems there is no other company but Toyota that has a likelihood of staying on top of the hybrid car sales market.


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