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The New Electric Car by Apple Could be Tesla’s Key Competitor

Tesla_Roadster_electric_car_DSC_0160Apple is working on a new product, an electric car, a move that could pose more competition for Tesla Motors. The news concerning this new project was revealed in the Wall Street Journal on 13th February. This new project by Apple has been given the nickname, Titan. Currently, there are numerous people working to ensure that this communication company releases its first automobile. According to Mike Ramsey and Daisuke Wakabayashi, Journal reporters, the new electric car will be downscaled and will be similar to a mini-van, contrary to Tesla’s Model S.

Model S is one of the most sought-after cars by Tesla, currently on the market. In the realm of electric vehicles, it is classified as a luxury car. At a price of around $70,000, most of the average car buyers consider Tesla cars costly. Apple’s intention is to play within the same price range. The company has partly delved into the automobile realm with the release of “CarPlay” in the year 2014. With “CarPlay” drivers are given a means through which to connect their phones to cars. This makes it easier for them to make or receive calls while driving.

Besides its intention to manufacture an electric car, Apple has not provided further details concerning the price and design of the car in question. Any public statements concerning the interior or exterior of the design have not been made. The company only stated that the car will have the physical outlook of a mini-van. Any announcements on the base price of the car have not been made yet. It is therefore unclear whether the figure will be a reflection of the current price of Tesla’s car or will be lower than the current price. However, a quote from a former board member of Apple, Mickey Drexler, was included in the Business Insider on 14th Feb. concerning the vision of the late Steve Jobs on future products by Apple. Drexler told Business Insider that if Ste Jobs were alive, he would have designed an iCar. He further added that there is a great opportunity for cars to employ a cool design.

The electric car market has been in existence for a while now. Back in 2013, Nissan released its initial model of Nissan Leaf. However, new electric car models were released this year by Nissan along with other automobile companies such as BMW and Ford. The release date for Tesla’s Model X vehicle has been pushed back to later in the year or even next year.


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Plug-in Electric Car Sales Remain Constant in February

voltPlug-in electric vehicle sales are usually slower in winter compared to warmer months. It seems February was not an exception. Most of the leading plug-in hybrid and battery-electric car models reported sales that were almost a similar level to January sales. December 2014 saw the highest level of sales with a total of approximately 118,500 plug-in electric vehicles sold. A few more months may be needed for a new surge in sales to be attained. The total number of Nissan Leafs delivered in February was 1,198 in comparison to 1,070, delivered in January. Hence, there was a 12 percent increase in the level of Nissan Leaf sales from January to February. January saw the lowest Nissan Leaf numbers being delivered in close to two years.

Only a total of 693 Chevrolet Volts were delivered in February compared to 542 in January. Since December, a total of 74, 592 Volts have been delivered in the United States. There is a high possibility that the highest-total sales crown that the Volt has held for close to two and a half years will be lost next month. The new 2016 version of Chevrolet Volt will enter the market later this year. BMW i3 electric car sales went back to four-figures. A total of 1,089 BMW i3 electric cars were delivered in February. This figure was for a combination of the two versions of the electric car in question. Since the car went on sale the middle of last year, February marked the second-highest total sales.

As usual, Tesla Motors did not reveal a report indicating their monthly sales. This means that there is no official information on the number of Tesla’s Model S car sales. Last month, the company announced its fourth-quarter results, which were lower than anticipated. This decline has prompted analyst to investigate the automaker’s balance sheet. Some analysts have come to the conclusion that Tesla is currently manufacturing more cars to add to the U.S. outlets’ stock. The company is further building new cars as per customer order.

With respect to plug-in hybrid cars, the sales of Toyota Prius are still low. In February, a total of 397 Toyota Prius hybrid cars were delivered in comparison to 401, which were delivered in January. An all-new model that is set to debut this fall will replace the current 2015 version of Prius Liftback. Mercedes-Benz B-Class sales totaled 240 cars in January. This number dropped to 109 in February. Since the Mercedes hatchback went on sale last July, Mercedes has now sold a total of 1,123 of the cars.

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