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Hybrid Cars versus Conventionally-Powered Cars

gas-electric-v6It is evident that in the near future a majority of vehicles will become hybrids. The hybrid technology has become a necessity following stricter emission laws and oil running out. Virtually all automakers have hybrid cars as part of their lineups. This implies that there has been a gradual replacement of internal combustion engines. There are major differences between hybrid cars and the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Consumers should know why they need to purchase a hybrid car and not the gasoline fueled vehicles.

The vehicles differ with respect to emissions or economy. It is clearly known that hybrid vehicles have an advantage over diesel or gasoline powered cars in terms of emissions and fuel economy. One of the primary reasons for inventing hybrid technology was to minimize fuel emissions. It is however, important to take note of the fact that diesel and gasoline cars are becoming better in terms of efficiency. For example, the BMW M3 is not only faster, but it also has more power and its fuel economy is better. Having said that, hybrid cars still lead. BMW i8 is not only faster than M3 but its emissions are almost zero. This is a clear indication that hybrid cars will still outshine their gasoline counterparts no matter how efficient and advanced the gasoline vehicles become.

With respect to performance and power, gasoline cars are generally better performers compared to hybrids. However, this is not a restriction to hybrid technology. Typically, hybrid cars are slower because their major objective is the economical nature of the cars. For example, although a Chevrolet Volt is not exciting, fast or fun, it is extremely fuel efficient. The primary goal of Volt is achieving fuel efficiency. Weight is another reason why hybrid cars are not usually very fast. The heavy weight is accounted for by the batteries and electric motors. When combined with a fuel-saving small engine, hybrid cars become a bit slow.

The cars differ in terms of value and cost. Hybrid cars are generally more costly than diesel or gasoline fueled cars. The high cost arises because these cars have electric motors and batteries, in addition to engine and transmission cost. This means that for the cost to come down to a more affordable level, more and more stuff has to be taken out of the car. This should not be an issue because in the near future, hybrids will be more affordable and usable, with the coming battery technology and technological inventions in lightweight product production.




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A Possible Electric Car by Apple

AppleCar-uk-app-developersIt is interesting that Apple, a tech giant and not a carmaker, has been a most talked about company in the automobile industry. Numerous sources have given reports concerning Apple Inc. and the company’s intention to enter the automotive realm. While earlier reports speculated that Apple was planning to gradually diversify into car production, novel reports have indicated that Apple is in fact in the process of electric vehicle development. The possible vehicle has a great compatibility with independent technologies. It now seems that Apple intends for the car to be produced by the year 2020.

Although, numerous accounts have suggested that Apple might launch its first electric car by 2020, most of the reports in question are off record, and this makes it hard to differentiate between false conjecture and the industry secrets. Bloomberg News released such a report and it claimed that almost 200 employees of Apple are currently working on technologies like batteries and robotics for the electric car project. There are other stories that have also linked Apple with automobile technology and one such example is a novel lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that the company has been outsourcing engineers from manufacturers of batteries. Vehicles of Apple registered vans were spotted in San Francisco and Hawaii. The question remains whether Apple is working upon this autonomous technology.

Funding will not be a major problem, if there are plans to research and develop such a huge project. The company had about $178 million dollars in cash in the last quarter and it also seems that Tim Cook, the company’s CEO is finding ways for redirecting the money rather than giving it back to shareholders. Two analysts working with Barclays, Brian Johnson and Ben Reitz wrote a letter to investors noting that as a new entrant to the auto market, Apple would have some advantages. Among the major advantages is the company’s potential to utilize multiple devices like phones and tablets in the car.

One name that frequently resurfaces when talking about Apple and its electric car project is Tesla. Analysts are still wondering if both companies will be competitors for the electric vehicle market. While some claim that the companies will compete, others think that the two companies will merge. One entrepreneur and investor, Jason Calacanis opines that there will be a partnership forming in eighteen month’s time. He has predicted that Tesla will be bought by Apple for about $75 billion. On the other hand, a Creative Strategies’ analyst thinks that the two companies are likely to remain separate entities.




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