BMW i5/i7 Plug-in Hybrid Hopes to Overshadow Tesla’s Model S

February 27, 2015

bmw i8Tesla’s Model S P85D, with almost 1-g of acceleration, long range and a blistering 0-60 time is undoubtedly one of the leading luxury electric cars in the current market. Additionally, it is one of the fastest sedans on sale and this has raised serious concerns from competitors such as Audi, Porsche and Jaguar. Even the BMW with its i3 electric car and i8 plug-in car is also scared. Like other car manufacturers, BMW is rumored to have plans of coming up with a luxury plug-in. This automaker is getting ready to develop a full-sized plug-in hybrid car on the 5-series platform. The new model is expected to have approximately 400 kilowatts as the total power output. It will have an electric motor that will produce 152 kilowatts and a gasoline engine of 245 horsepower. The rear end of the car will have an electric motor of 70 kilowatt.

At present, BMW has referred to the car in question as the P18 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle project. The car will be designed in such a way that it will primarily operate using electric power for a longer distance. The range in electric mode is projected to be at 80 miles. Gasoline operation will only occur at speeds of more than 40 mph when necessary. The car will have an unspecified battery that will be situated at the down center while the engine will be fitted next to a large electric motor. Under the rear seats, there will be a small fuel tank. Unlike the Model S, this new model by BMW will not have an uninterrupted cabin. The new model has a high likelihood of entering the market as the BMW i7 or i5; a sports sedan of low emission that will have an adaptive drivetrain. Some of the most likely target markets include North American, Chinese and European markets.

Consequently, the new model will have a more conventional design and outlook compared to BMW i8 or i3. However, there will be a few similar light construction materials so as to comply with the strict emission standards. This car is definitely set to be a major competitor or even overshadow the Tesla S model. Some of the concerns that might be raised concerning the new BMW model include range and performance. However, the new version’s 80-mile range on pure electric power is much lower than that offered by Tesla’s model S and its performance of 0-60 miles per hour is also lower than Tesla’s.



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