Hybrid Sales Slow but Steady Following Lowered Gas Prices

February 6, 2015

gasGas prices have greatly dropped over the last few months and can go as low as $1.69 a gallon. Even with the decreased price, the cost of hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius has remained constant. According to Toyota owner, Rick Collins, shoppers have a tendency to have a short memory when shopping for cars. Most opt to purchase trucks and SUVs when the prices of gas go down. Meanwhile, the hybrid cars are left sitting on the lots. It is however, worth noting that the hybrid cars in question do not sit on the lots for a very long. Shoppers still prefer hybrid vehicles mainly because of their aggressive deals and pricing from car manufacturers. Contrary to this, Chevrolet dealer Mr. Knoepfler, claims that shoppers are not really attracted by the hybrid car’s pricing.

Knoepfler adds that a majority of the customers are aware of the fact that gas prices will eventually go up. They clearly know that they will be in possession of the vehicle for a long time during which gas prices will not remain constant. Knoepfler added that the automaker does not sell conventional hybrid vehicles. Instead, it sells electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt. Despite the gas prices, people are switching from hybrid to electric cars. Car dealers have noted that considering the fact that the economy is gradually improving, consumers will not have a problem driving cars, whether hybrid or non-hybrid cars.

Those who will choose hybrid cars will have numerous reasons to celebrate. There are several benefits of owning or driving a hybrid car. One of the major reasons is with respect to minimizing environmental pollution. Emission of fuel fumes rich in greenhouse gases is a major disadvantage of conventional gasoline cars. These emissions are extremely low when driving electric or hybrid cars. Another reason why it would be beneficial to choose hybrid cars is in terms of mileage and range. Hybrid cars have a better range and can cover longer mileage compared to traditional gasoline-fuelled cars.

Buying a hybrid car during this period when the gas prices are low is even better since owners can fill up their tanks for as low as $20 to drive as far as 600 miles. This is according to Rick Collins of Toyota. He emphasized the fact that shoppers need to take advantage of the low prices of gas and purchase hybrid and electric cars. Toyota is a global automaker that has manufactured several hybrid cars, as well as plug-in hybrids and electric cars.


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