Cork Reports a Major Increase in Sales of Electric Cars

January 30, 2015

Ford_Focus_Electric_with_badging_WAS_2011_924It has been projected that Cork will see a major increase in electric car sales. The number is expected to be five times more than what was reported the previous year. Kearys car dealership has noted that up to 20 Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf electric cars will be sold in January, 2015. This will be more than what was sold for the entire year of 2014. In October last year, there was the launch of Drive4Zero campaign, which has pushed for an increased interest and need to buy electric vehicles. The campaign introduced a number of initiatives like grants to aid in charging electric cars at work or home. Another key initiative is the introduction of free parking joints at various locations. Electric cars have a high probability of becoming more attractive in the future thanks to lower running costs in comparison to diesel or petrol vehicles.

Drive4Zero campaign incorporates several Cork companies, car dealerships, research organizations and other stakeholders. The aim of the campaign is to promote the adoption and popularity of electric vehicles in Cork. It also aims at making Cork a base for electric vehicle adoption. Keary’s Motors’ principal dealer, Brendan Keary has noted that since the campaign began, there has been a tremendous increase in inquiries about and sales of electric cars. He further added that January alone might report a sale of 20 Renault Zoes and Nissan Leaf electric cars. The campaign has really increased the popularity of electric cars and sparked the interest of consumers. Keary added that electric car shoppers are diverse and happy with the purchases made. There is a continual improvement in the batteries, which has resulted in a gradual improvement in range.

Other project partners in addition to Nissan and Renault include Mitsubishi and BMW. As mentioned above, there are grants offered to allow consumers to install charging points in their homes or work places. The scheme also provides consumers free parking spaces. Most of the buyers of electric cars are happy with their decisions. They recommend anyone considering purchasing a car to go for an electric vehicle. There are numerous benefits associated with electric cars. One of the major advantages is in respect to charging. Electric cars charge faster compared to non-electric cars. An eighty percent charge can be attained within 20 minutes. Generally, running an electric car is not that costly. The tax on the road is less than 100 dollars per annum. It is therefore evident that electric vehicle sales are likely to increase considering the numerous benefits enjoyed.



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