A Review of Toyota’s 2015 Camry SE Hybrid

January 16, 2015

'12_Toyota_Camry_Hybrid_(MIAS_'12)In the past two or so decades, Toyota has fallen short of its customer expectations and has therefore not been America’s bestselling car. The Camry is almost at the top of charts with respect to resale value, reliability, practicality, fuel economy, and other metrics considered by buyers. A few people have also praised Toyota’s sedan for the sports-like qualities. To satisfy its customers, Toyota has made major improvements and amendments for its 2015 Camry. The car will be a bit sportier, thanks to a snout that is longer and lower. It will also have a slightly folded and creased hood, and chiseled flanks with a wide stance.

Toyota’s Camry hybrid will now have three levels, the LE, the XLE and the 2015 SE level. Some of the additional features of the new SE include aluminum wheels of 17-inches, mesh grille, a spoiler and a trim that is dark chrome. All the 2015 Camry vehicles’ structure will be stiffened in addition to having spot welds in specific areas like door openings and the cowl. The car’s power steering has also been amended and it will have a traditional feel of a hydraulic system. In an effort to attain a linear pedal response, the new Camry will have a brake booster that is dual-stage.

The new SE Camry is great in terms of responsiveness with features such as a shock valve, suspension bushings and anti-roll bar. In comparison to other Camrys, the new SE has a firmer shape and is more comfortable. There is a quite remote feel for the brake-pedal response. Although it was expected that the SE hybrid would be sportier, it is not quite the case. Test numbers have shown that there, the new model doesn’t have additional liveliness. The stopping distance of the SE Camry is the same as that of the Camry XLE model.

Basically, Camry hybrid models are sportier compared to non-hybrid models, owed to a drivetrain that is more powerful. A primary reason for the high Camry sales is the fuel economy. Despite the alterations made to the SE model such as a wider rubber, the car’s mileage is similar to that of XLE hybrid model. The average mileage for the new model is 31 mpg, which is thriftier compared to the previous Camry by 5 mpg. Some of the major competitors of the SE Camry are Hyundai’s Sonata hybrid, Ford’s Fusion hybrid, and the Optima hybrid by Kia.



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