Why Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars Should be Termed Electric Cars

January 9, 2015

LeafCurrently, there are different systems used to name 100% electric cars, electric cars, plug-in hybrid cars and the traditional electric hybrid cars. There are some people who have no idea of what an all-electric car is and how it differs from a plug-in electric. The essential aspect to keep in mind when labeling a vehicle as electric is if it can or it cannot drive on pure electricity when the driver wants to. Additionally, it is necessary for a driver to know how to plug in a vehicle and use electricity for charging it up.

Essentially, this is inclusive of plug-in hybrid cars (electric cars). A perfect analogy made by Bob Wallace and an electric vehicle obsessive reader is that of comparing a plug-in electric car to a bike having training wheels. A bike having training wheels is in the long-run still classified as a bike. The only difference is when it comes to the training wheels. The same case applies to plug-in hybrid electric cars, which are still electric vehicles. It is just that such vehicles have gas tanks and engines with an extendable range to help a driver drive farther.

This however, does not imply that there is no difference between plug-in electric cars and 100% electric vehicles. There are plenty of benefits associated with owning a 100% electric vehicle, and plug-in electric vehicles also have their unique benefits, as well. Although the benefits of 100% electric vehicles outweigh those of plug-in electric vehicles, it is evident that the plug-in electric cars that are currently in the market offer an alternative for people who are less adventurous or those who cannot afford the high-cost of electric cars like the Model S by Tesla.

Another point worth noting, with the hope of promoting 100% electric vehicles is the fact that most people tend to drive less than they actually realize. Pure-electric cars such as the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf have a range that is pretty high for many drivers with the exception of a few trips annually. The reality is that many drivers can mostly use electric energy to drive since the distances covered are short. Even plug-in electric vehicles are still a good option.

Generally, it has been proven that many people have limited information concerning electric vehicles. Perhaps, “plug-in hybrid electric vehicle” is a too complicated and bulky term for such people. People should be introduced to the topic using simpler concepts and terms. In this way, they will understand that it is possible to drive using pure electric energy and that it is possible to charge a vehicle by merely plugging it in a wall.



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