The Most Reliable Hybrid Cars

January 2, 2015

Lexus_CT200hLexus and Toyota have for a very long time maintained the reputation of manufacturing cars that are dependable. It is therefore not really surprising that at the top of hybrid car reliability ratings are the Lexus models. Toyota/Lexus managed to sell hybrid cars exceeding seven million across the world, thereby emerging as a leader. Consumer Reports has also emphasized the reliability of Lexus car models. In comparison to a normal car, Lexus model CT200h has been considered to be 73% more reliable. The ES300h on the other hand has been deemed to be 71% more reliable compared to an average vehicle.

Camry Hybrid and the Toyota Prius have also had high reliability ratings, at 66% in comparison to an average car. The big-sized Prius V is at 44% rating. Even the normal, Prius, one of the least reliable hybrid cars by Toyota rates at 9% above average. Collectively, Lexus and Toyota are known to have hybrid vehicles in virtually all market segments. However, other car manufacturers have gradually established their market niche. The Accord hybrid by Honda has been rated above average in terms of its reliability as well. High scores have also been reported for Hyundai’s Sonata hybrid and Subaru’s XV Crosstrek.

Determination of a novel vehicle’s reliability is not rocket science. According to AutoGuide, it is just a matter of making an informed guess. The fact that gas-electric hybrid cars are complex does not necessarily mean that they are susceptible to breakdowns. The Consumer Reports’ team in charge of automotive data has reported that hybrid cars generally have higher reliability ratings compared to gas-powered cars. This is mainly because of the fact that the platform upon which hybrid cars are built has been proven to be reliable. The team has further added that the most reliable hybrid cars are Lexus and Toyota.

Although most hybrid cars are generally reliable compared to gas-powered cars, there are a few of them that have below average ratings. For instance, the C-Max hybrid by Ford has been compared to a new-car average and has been found to fall short by 80%. A similar powertrain is utilized by Ford’s Fusion, whose reliability ratings are also below average. Honda’s Civic hybrid from generation 2006-2011 has been reported to have hybrid battery issues. For this reason, hybrid batteries have been replaced in approximately 30% of the later generations of Civic hybrids. In terms of reliability, the newer models of Civic hybrid have reported a great improvement. Therefore, hybrid car owners prioritizing reliability should go for Lexus and Toyota models, which are the market leaders.


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