A Review of the 2015 Camry Hybrid by Toyota

December 26, 2014

toyotaToyota is clearly aware of the weaknesses and strengths of its current Camry hybrid car. The automaker knows that there is intense competition and for this reason, it decided to make some extensive revisions to the 2015 Camry model. These revisions have been marked by a complete makeover to the previous model excluding the engines. A major advantage of Toyota’s Camry model is the fact that it has been the best-selling car in America for more than ten years. One of the major weaknesses of this model is that its excitement is temporary. As much as it meets the driving needs, its excitement wears off as other better alternatives are sought.

Although Camry is competent, competitors are continually coming up with better options. This is the main reason why Toyota chose to refresh its model by replacing most of Camry car parts. A trend that has persisted with Toyota is that of adding the cool factor to its best-selling models. Sometime next year, the company will make improvements to its key hybrid car version, the Prius, which will be transformed to a fun and sporty car. By doing so, Toyota will prove that entertainment and economy are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The refreshed Camry’s almost two thousand novel parts are inclusive of new metal sheets in different parts excluding the roof, a chassis that is slightly stiffer, and an interior that is more upscale, trims that are sport-oriented and a widened track. Generally, the new Camry is still very efficient and at the same time almost fun and sporty. The design gap that was experienced by the previous version will be bridged by the new version of Camry. Some of the major competitors in question include the Accord hybrid by Honda, Fusion hybrid by Ford and Sonata hybrid by Hyundai, which will be released next year. The sales of Camry hybrid have slightly surpassed those of Sonata, Kia Optima and Honda hybrid.

The 2015 version of Camry is refined and more contemporary. Toyota’s aim was to up classiness and the manners factor rather than making a sporty sedan. The new outlook is even more aggressive and sharper. The non-hybrid realm has sportier cars such as the Mazda 6. However, when it comes to hybrid cars, the Fusion hybrid by Ford is sharp, though it has existed for a number of years. For those interested in function and economy, Honda’s Accord is a car of choice. The 2015 Camry hybrid with the longer length is much better. It has a less conservative and more purposeful face.


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