Winterization of Your Hybrid Car’s Exterior

December 5, 2014

carProvision of extra protection for your hybrid car during winter is necessary for maintaining not only the paint, but also the glass and the wheels. The effects of ice and snow, as well as the scrapping involved when removing them is rough on your car. Here are some of the products and procedures that can be helpful to your hybrid car in wintertime.

With respect to paint, it is essential to use a quality sealant or wax in combination with appropriate maintenance. This will increase the longevity of the paint even through the cold months. A paint sealant should be your best bet for winter paint protection since it has a tendency to not only last long, but it also needs few reapplications. Paints with acrylic-based formulas are the most preferable. For those who opt to balance gloss and durability, such paint options are also available. They give a long-lasting protection and a finish that is attractive and high gloss. Coating is the ultimate means of protecting your paint through the cold months.

Just like paint, it is vital to protect the wheels and tires of your hybrid car in wintertime. A protective wax for the wheels should be used to prevent adhesion of brake dust. To maintain a high level of protection, regular reapplications are needed. The best protection possible for your hybrid car wheels can be provided by a product such as a nano-based ceramic glass coating. This coating will not only keep the wheels clean, but also protected. Additionally, it can last a noticeably long time. Application of the coating is straightforward and simple. Tire protection is achieved in two ways. The first way is by making sure that the rubber is kept supple in very cold temperatures so that it does not crack. The second way is making sure to properly inflate your hybrid car tires.

The windshield and wipers are other exterior parts that need to be protected during winter months. The windshield should be kept frost-free and clean. A high-quality wash additive needs to be added to the windshield washer fluid to protect it from freezing. A quality ice scraper is also a necessity for every driver in snow-prone areas. The scraper should have the ability to remove all types of snow, frost and ice from windows and the windshield. Finally, it is advisable to consider purchasing a car cover if you have to park your hybrid vehicle outside during the cold months. The cover should protect your car against impact and moisture.


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