Some Gift Ideas for Hybrid Vehicle Drivers

December 5, 2014

imagesAs Christmas is around the corner, most people are searching for gift ideas. Others have done most of the gift shopping and are waiting for the last-minute rush. Well, if you need to buy a present for yourself or one of your favorite hybrid-car drivers, here are some ideas for you.

One of the gift ideas is a t-shirt such as the Keep Calm and Drive On t-shirt whose price ranges from $20. This is especially appropriate for hybrid car drivers with a sense of humor. The t-shirt can also be gifted in combination with an Internet meme. Wearing such a t-shirt is a good way for hybrid car drivers to let the world know that they have no worries concerning their combustible battery pack. It is also a fun way for a driver to tell the world how to drive safely and avoid careless accidents.

Another gift idea to consider this Christmas is an automotive computer like those from ScanGauge that go for around $125. This gift is especially recommended for hybrid car drivers with an obsession of keeping track on the range at which their cars can move. The gauge works as a 3-in-1 automotive computer once it is plugged into the on-board diagnostic port on all hybrid cars made in the last fifteen or so years. It offers a diagnostic scan tool, multifunction trip computer, as well as various digital gauges. This computer can also display maximum, average and trip fuel economy instantaneously. All these are displayed in three significant digits. This means that it is more accurate compared to other built-in computers. In addition to offering calculation features, this gauge can help drivers to get better mileage per gallon.

Another gift idea worth mentioning is the engine block heater, which sells for around $60. It is well known that short trips, particularly in wintertime cause additional strain to a vehicle engine, which wears the engine and reduces gas mileage. The engine block heater is usually used during cold conditions because it helps in keeping the engine block, as well as the engine oil warm. The heaters are also useful in preventing the engines from freezing and facilitating cold-starting. Additionally, they help in reducing the time required to warm-up the engine, minimize emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Every hybrid vehicle produced over the past decade has a specific black heater that drivers should invest in or buy as a gift this holiday season. These are just a few of the great hybrid car accessories available for yourself or your favorite hybrid driver.


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