Why You Should Buy Lamborghini’s Hybrid Asterion this Holiday Season

November 28, 2014

Lamborghini_Asterion_-_2014_Paris_Motor_Show_01It is clearly evident that the flavor of the month right now isn’t a V12 engine that releases carbon dioxide emission that is enough to choke your average polar bear. Why not gift yourself or a loved one with a worthwhile hybrid car that is environmentally friendly? Right now, most of the automakers are considering various means of minimizing dangerous emissions and improving the fuel economy. They are doing so while at the same time maintaining performance figures that will excite teenage schoolboys. The Asterion hybrid is one of the choices to think of, owed to its features that will be highlighted below.

A key feature of the Asterion is its V10 engine with 607 bhp with a volume of 5.2 liters. This engine is the same as that of the Huracan. Additionally, this hybrid car’s performance has been boosted significantly by its three powerful electric motors. It has 907 bhp as the total output. Surprisingly, the car can move around solely on electricity for approximately 30 or more miles. The automakers have also revealed that when both the electric and gas engine motors are running, the Asterion can achieve 282 miles per gallon. The car is more economical compared to a family hatchback and its speed is comparable to that of a Ferrari.

From a complete standstill, the hybrid Asterion can hit 185 miles per hour and rocket to 62 miles per hour in just three or less seconds. The catch however, is that in real world, this figure may not be achievable. You are essentially driving on a 5.2-litre V10 as soon as the batteries run out of juice. The second catch is that it might cost a fortune if you desperately require one. However, it may eventually be worth the investment.

It is clear that designers opted for a softer approach with the hybrid Asterion. This is because the objective of Lamborghini was the creation of a sophisticated cruiser instead of a mad, track-day demon. For a driver to have a fantastic view of the road, the car seats are not only cosseted, but also set higher in the cabin. The ride is also set up in such a way that the driver’s comfort is assured. The driver gets to enjoy handy gadgets inside the cabin. The exterior of the car is associated with legendary Miura elements, which are not bad at all. Some of the gadgets include a trendy TFT display located at the back of the car’s steering wheel. There is also a tablet device that serves in controlling most of the hybrid vehicle’s functions.



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