Accessorize Your Ford C-Max Hybrid Car with Great Discounted Options

May 24, 2014

5731When you talk about fuel efficiency, classy touch and speed, plus performance, all integrated into a car model, you must be talking about the 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid car. The car is a perfect example of convenience, fun driving experience and fuel economy all fitted together.

True Hybrid-Plus Experience

The C-Max is a plug-in hybrid car whose gasoline engine has been designed to work together with a highly efficient lithium-ion battery and an electric motor to give users a hybrid-plus experience in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. The electric motor fitted on the engine is automatically powered by the braking system developed in a regenerating series enabling it to recharge the lithium-ion battery, and in the process power the motor. The motors are two and four cylinders to give a descent driving experience to users and also ensuring that the car does not lose its identity, which is defined in its fuel consumption rate. The car is rated at 44 mpg city and a high of 41 mpg on highways, which makes it a worthy contender among economical hybrid car options.

Automatic Charge Illumination Feature

The Ford C-Max comes with a unique feature meant to indicate to the driver the level of charge available. This is made possible by the plug-in charge port that is strategically placed in between the front wheel and the driver’s seat and there is an illumination by the four quadrants each time that the vehicle is full of charge. The charging process ceases when the battery is fully charged, but resumes a moment after the charge has been used.

When it comes to interior accessories, the Ford C-Max offers you a wide range of options through which you can accessorize your car. Customize your seats with leather interior accessories and choose the color that you want, as well as designs at great discounts. Still on interior accessories, there are all-weather floor mats at crazy discounts that you can get for your Ford C-Max.

For exteriors, try the new body side-moldings that always ensure that your car maintains its perfect look. No more dings to mar the finish; just choose your favorite car body side molding and give your car a great, customized look.

There is a vast collection of interior and exterior accessories that you can get for your new hybrid Ford C-Max. The accessories suit all categories of American car owners for those obsessed with outdoor activities, to those who simply use their Ford C-Max hybrid car to get to the office and back home.

These are some of the other top accessories that you can get your new Ford C-Max hybrid car:


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    Prius Accessories and Hybrid Car PartsAccessorize Your Ford C-Max Hybrid Car with Great Discounted Options » Prius Accessories and Hybrid Car Parts

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