2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid SE Four-Door Sedan

May 19, 2014

VW_Jetta_Hybrid_(8505263006)In the U.S., the Jetta Hybrid is the first hybrid passenger car release from Volkswagen. The vehicle comes with a 150-hp, 16 valve, 1.4-liter I-4, turbocharged engine and a lithium-ion battery. The transmission is a 7-speed auto-shift manual with over drive and auto-manual for smoother shifting and less work on the driver’s part.

With prices starting around $26,500, the car is not out of reach of the average car buyer looking for a hybrid. It also scores an impressive gas mileage of 42 city and 48 highway. Owners of the 2013 version state that a lot of the difference in gas mileage has to do with the type of driving you do. Easy going and mellow gets better mileage, while aggressive and fast will cost you some mph. Aside from this being the case with all cars, with this Jetta, it may be worth taking to heart because it requires premium fuel.

Based on reviewers’ reports however, this may be more challenging than it seems because of the sporty handling and turbocharged engine. The Jetta Hybrid offers precise steering, nimble handling, and seamless shifting that make it hard to distinguish from an all gas car.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has given the Jetta Hybrid an overall 5-Star rating for safety. Just some of the reason for that has to do with Volkswagen Intelligent Crash Response System, which comes standard. In the event of a collision the system will automatically unlock all doors, turn on the hazard lights and stops further fuel from getting to the fuel line.

Standard Features

The 2014 VW Jetta Hybrid comes with some impressive features as standard:

  • Front seat dual-zone automatic climate control
  • iPod interface
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Touch screen display and six speaker audio system
  • Satellite radio
  • Auxiliary input
  • VW’s Car-Net that links the car navigation, maintenance and security to smartphone apps

Reports from test drivers say that the controls are intuitively placed and that operating the audio system is a no-brainer.

There isn’t much left to be desired, but if you want, you can have an audio system from Fender with eight-speakers, a touch-screen navigation system, or a rearview camera at extra cost.

The interior of the Jetta seats five and is praised for having ample room inside, especially in the rear, where passengers are typically left to feel like sardines. Although some reviewers stated that certain plastics give the interior the feel of poor quality, more reviewers reported that ample padding and soft-touch fabrics provide a luxury car feel.

Overall, the VW Jetta Hybrid SE sedan offers a lot for the money: a car that is fun to drive despite being a hybrid, a comfortable, roomy interior, plenty of standard features, and great mileage.


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