Of Stability and Performance: Introducing the New Lexus CT 200H

May 10, 2014

Lexus-1_2882175bLexus as a car brand name has managed to gain its own perfect reputation in the market. The gained acceptance of the Lexus CT 200H and its great market share since its recent release is phenomenal. The boldness defined by this model has surprised many and reports of improved versions of the car can only be imagined about.

Classy Sporty Look

Just by spotting a Lexus CT 200H, one can understand why the model did not take long to establish its market share. The 17-inch sport alloy wheels, well-designed headlamps and a hybridized hatchback, the 2014 model is kind of similar to previous models, but with a touch of class added. The sport model has a different improved rear bumper, comes with vents and a diffuser adding to the new sports design of the car front; the exteriors for the new Lexus CT 200H are out this world.

The interiors are still made of high-quality materials with the seats perfectly stitched leather to enhance your driving experience. The new Lexus CT 200H, which was introduced to the market in early 2014, comes with a remote touch navigation system. The system is powered by Mark Levinson and Lexus Premium Navigation. Software systems for the car have been improved and the Lexus CT 200H is perfectly designed to keep up with other hybrid brands in the market, shape and performance wise. This has contributed to making it among the US top selling Lexus car models.

Easy to Shop for Accessories

Not only have the exteriors and interiors been improved, but the performance and efficiency as well. Think about a dropped CO2 emission from 94g/km to 88g/km and improved fuel efficiency. What’s more? It could never get any easier to accessorize a newly released car model as it is with the CT 200H. Improve the outside look, the inner feeling and your experience of the new model by getting some of the best accessories at fair prices here. You can get hood protection to ensure that your car stays safe always. These hood protections have been carefully designed to ensure for perfect fitting and experience.

You can also enhance the look of your new 2014 Lexus CT 200H with body side moldings. You can get this as a piece set and be assured of your car’s protection from scratches and dings. There are lots of other accessories that you can get for your car including suspension upgrades for a firmer look and improved driving experience, wheel locks for security and bumper protectors. Interior accessories, such as perfectly fitting all-weather floor liners are also available at great discounts.

Check out these other accessories that we have for your new Lexus CT 200H:


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