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Accessorize Your Ford C-Max Hybrid Car with Great Discounted Options

5731When you talk about fuel efficiency, classy touch and speed, plus performance, all integrated into a car model, you must be talking about the 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid car. The car is a perfect example of convenience, fun driving experience and fuel economy all fitted together.

True Hybrid-Plus Experience

The C-Max is a plug-in hybrid car whose gasoline engine has been designed to work together with a highly efficient lithium-ion battery and an electric motor to give users a hybrid-plus experience in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. The electric motor fitted on the engine is automatically powered by the braking system developed in a regenerating series enabling it to recharge the lithium-ion battery, and in the process power the motor. The motors are two and four cylinders to give a descent driving experience to users and also ensuring that the car does not lose its identity, which is defined in its fuel consumption rate. The car is rated at 44 mpg city and a high of 41 mpg on highways, which makes it a worthy contender among economical hybrid car options.

Automatic Charge Illumination Feature

The Ford C-Max comes with a unique feature meant to indicate to the driver the level of charge available. This is made possible by the plug-in charge port that is strategically placed in between the front wheel and the driver’s seat and there is an illumination by the four quadrants each time that the vehicle is full of charge. The charging process ceases when the battery is fully charged, but resumes a moment after the charge has been used.

When it comes to interior accessories, the Ford C-Max offers you a wide range of options through which you can accessorize your car. Customize your seats with leather interior accessories and choose the color that you want, as well as designs at great discounts. Still on interior accessories, there are all-weather floor mats at crazy discounts that you can get for your Ford C-Max.

For exteriors, try the new body side-moldings that always ensure that your car maintains its perfect look. No more dings to mar the finish; just choose your favorite car body side molding and give your car a great, customized look.

There is a vast collection of interior and exterior accessories that you can get for your new hybrid Ford C-Max. The accessories suit all categories of American car owners for those obsessed with outdoor activities, to those who simply use their Ford C-Max hybrid car to get to the office and back home.

These are some of the other top accessories that you can get your new Ford C-Max hybrid car:


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The All New Non-Plug Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

2013_hyundai_sonata-hybrid_sedan_base_fq_oem_1_300When it comes to introducing innovative technology and integrating it into automobiles: no one does it better than Hyundai. This is no different with the new Hyundai Sonata hybrid car, which offers the first non-plug technology, coupled with a technology based on a lithium polymer battery.

Sheer Class

As impressive as that may sound, it’s not all; the car comes with a lifetime warranty for its battery and assures users of high performance with fuel efficiency a priority consideration. The engine is 166 horsepower and comes with an electric motor with a power of 30kW. The 2.4 liter, four-cylinders engine has an auto gasoline-electric transmission gear system and offers 154 pound-feet of torque. The Hyundai Sonata hybrid car is rated among the most fuel efficient 2013 hybrid car releases. Its estimated fuel consumption rates are 35 miles per gallon for city and 40 miles for highways. The average fuel consumption for the Sonata weighs in at about 37 mpg.

Fully Accessorized

The Hyundai Sonata designers had in mind the taste and requirements of an American customer as can be seen from the standard accessories that the car boasts. A 16-inch alloy wheel set that can be customized to 17 inches; fog lights and powerful headlights to ensure that the car is as convenient at nighttime just as it is during the day. The car also comes with an auto weather control system, not to mention a keyless ignition system that suits the convenience of most American users. Still, on the exterior, a highly developed heat shield that you can easily customize, as its accessories are readily available and at great discounts.

Get Great Accessories for Your Car

The interior does not differ much from a normal Hyundai Sonata sedan; an all-leather interior package with comfortable and spacious heated seats, auto-driving mirrors and the steering wheel comes wrapped up in leather. The car also comes with a digital surround audio system with sunroof and a computerized pre-installed navigation system that enhances your driving experience. You can add a touch of class to your interiors using the all-weather cargo liner mats fully customized to fit your Sonata and available at great prices. Hyundai is commonly known for release of efficient car models and Sonata is no exception; not with all the insane features that this model offers to buyers.

You’ll also find a rearview camera and auto dimming rear view mirrors, also an Infinity audio system that offers CD/USB/auxiliary input options, and its six-speed automatic transmission gear system that suits perfectly high traffic and low congestion driving situations. There are great accessories available; both interior and exterior that are easy to get and come at affordable prices that make them a must get for your 2013 Hyundai Sonata hybrid car.

Other top accessories available for your new Hyundai Sonata hybrid car include:


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Hybrid Car Clubs

auto picnicAlthough it isn’t as unusual as it used to be, being the owner of a hybrid car may have had your neighbors or work mates labeling you the “wacko conservation nut.” Luckily, as hybrid and electric cars become more mainstream, and more of the public understands the importance of reducing vehicle emissions, the next term floating around may become “wacko pollution lover.”

While neither term adequately describes the true beliefs of those labeled as such, there can be a lot said about the positive feelings a person experiences from knowing they are doing what they can to avoid adding more vehicle exhaust to the atmosphere.

Having a positive, happy experience is something that people want to share with others who are like minded and this always leads to people getting together to spread the word about things that they like. Having a hybrid or electric car is no different and there are thousands of groups all over the world that you can join and have a lot of fun.

Why Join a Group

When you own a hybrid or electric car, joining a group or club has many positive things to offer. Probably first and foremost is that they are social gatherings where you can make new friends. The ice is already broken because you and everyone else are there because of the type of car you own. Undoubtedly, you will have an opportunity to get to know some members online before meeting in person. Meeting in person after becoming acquainted online is always good fun.

Another advantage of joining a group of people who own the same kind of car you have is obtaining advice. Just like any other car owner, you want a good mechanic for when your car needs work, and there is nothing better than getting recommendations from people you know. There are bound to be people who have needed the services of a mechanic before you and they will be happy to share their experiences with you – good or bad. Therefore, not only will you likely get the names of good mechanics, you’ll also know which ones to avoid.

If you like accessorizing your car, being in a club also can get you great advice on where the best prices and best service are to be found.

Also, like any car club, there are gear heads for hybrid and electric cars, too. They are always tinkering and learning about their choice of car and are almost always willing to offer advice.

Finding a Group

Obviously, finding groups can be as easy as searching the Internet for hybrid car clubs. Inputting the name of your city along with your club search can certainly help narrow the results. You can also try to find a group or two if you’re not in the mood for doing a lot of sorting.


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2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid SE Four-Door Sedan

VW_Jetta_Hybrid_(8505263006)In the U.S., the Jetta Hybrid is the first hybrid passenger car release from Volkswagen. The vehicle comes with a 150-hp, 16 valve, 1.4-liter I-4, turbocharged engine and a lithium-ion battery. The transmission is a 7-speed auto-shift manual with over drive and auto-manual for smoother shifting and less work on the driver’s part.

With prices starting around $26,500, the car is not out of reach of the average car buyer looking for a hybrid. It also scores an impressive gas mileage of 42 city and 48 highway. Owners of the 2013 version state that a lot of the difference in gas mileage has to do with the type of driving you do. Easy going and mellow gets better mileage, while aggressive and fast will cost you some mph. Aside from this being the case with all cars, with this Jetta, it may be worth taking to heart because it requires premium fuel.

Based on reviewers’ reports however, this may be more challenging than it seems because of the sporty handling and turbocharged engine. The Jetta Hybrid offers precise steering, nimble handling, and seamless shifting that make it hard to distinguish from an all gas car.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has given the Jetta Hybrid an overall 5-Star rating for safety. Just some of the reason for that has to do with Volkswagen Intelligent Crash Response System, which comes standard. In the event of a collision the system will automatically unlock all doors, turn on the hazard lights and stops further fuel from getting to the fuel line.

Standard Features

The 2014 VW Jetta Hybrid comes with some impressive features as standard:

  • Front seat dual-zone automatic climate control
  • iPod interface
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Touch screen display and six speaker audio system
  • Satellite radio
  • Auxiliary input
  • VW’s Car-Net that links the car navigation, maintenance and security to smartphone apps

Reports from test drivers say that the controls are intuitively placed and that operating the audio system is a no-brainer.

There isn’t much left to be desired, but if you want, you can have an audio system from Fender with eight-speakers, a touch-screen navigation system, or a rearview camera at extra cost.

The interior of the Jetta seats five and is praised for having ample room inside, especially in the rear, where passengers are typically left to feel like sardines. Although some reviewers stated that certain plastics give the interior the feel of poor quality, more reviewers reported that ample padding and soft-touch fabrics provide a luxury car feel.

Overall, the VW Jetta Hybrid SE sedan offers a lot for the money: a car that is fun to drive despite being a hybrid, a comfortable, roomy interior, plenty of standard features, and great mileage.


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Of Stability and Performance: Introducing the New Lexus CT 200H

Lexus-1_2882175bLexus as a car brand name has managed to gain its own perfect reputation in the market. The gained acceptance of the Lexus CT 200H and its great market share since its recent release is phenomenal. The boldness defined by this model has surprised many and reports of improved versions of the car can only be imagined about.

Classy Sporty Look

Just by spotting a Lexus CT 200H, one can understand why the model did not take long to establish its market share. The 17-inch sport alloy wheels, well-designed headlamps and a hybridized hatchback, the 2014 model is kind of similar to previous models, but with a touch of class added. The sport model has a different improved rear bumper, comes with vents and a diffuser adding to the new sports design of the car front; the exteriors for the new Lexus CT 200H are out this world.

The interiors are still made of high-quality materials with the seats perfectly stitched leather to enhance your driving experience. The new Lexus CT 200H, which was introduced to the market in early 2014, comes with a remote touch navigation system. The system is powered by Mark Levinson and Lexus Premium Navigation. Software systems for the car have been improved and the Lexus CT 200H is perfectly designed to keep up with other hybrid brands in the market, shape and performance wise. This has contributed to making it among the US top selling Lexus car models.

Easy to Shop for Accessories

Not only have the exteriors and interiors been improved, but the performance and efficiency as well. Think about a dropped CO2 emission from 94g/km to 88g/km and improved fuel efficiency. What’s more? It could never get any easier to accessorize a newly released car model as it is with the CT 200H. Improve the outside look, the inner feeling and your experience of the new model by getting some of the best accessories at fair prices here. You can get hood protection to ensure that your car stays safe always. These hood protections have been carefully designed to ensure for perfect fitting and experience.

You can also enhance the look of your new 2014 Lexus CT 200H with body side moldings. You can get this as a piece set and be assured of your car’s protection from scratches and dings. There are lots of other accessories that you can get for your car including suspension upgrades for a firmer look and improved driving experience, wheel locks for security and bumper protectors. Interior accessories, such as perfectly fitting all-weather floor liners are also available at great discounts.

Check out these other accessories that we have for your new Lexus CT 200H:


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America’s Popular Hybrid SUV: The New 2014 Volkswagen Touareg

2011-volkswagen-touareg-16_318From analysis collected recently from the US car markets, the new 2014 Volkswagen Touareg hybrid belongs on the crème de la crème list of preferred SUVs by Americans. It is rated at position 6 from a possible 19 and this shows the appreciation that Americans have for this latest hybrid series offered by Volkswagen.

Elegance and Engine Performance

Let’s talk the engine, its motor and the incredible power that this car boasts of, all at economical fuel levels. Let’s talk the 280–HP, V6 engine that comes with a 3.0-liter supercharged hybrid, powered not only to impress, but scare you. The car also comes with an 8-speed auto transmission system and this offers the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg a touch of speed. Drivers that have already experienced the car, talk of a seamless transmission between the gas and electric power as this luxury car gets some of the best fuel consumption rates. Fuel consumption for the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg is estimated at 16 mpg for city and 23 mpg for a highway drive. The car also has a decent amount of off-road capability and hence can be a great consideration for such, albeit the fact that it performs best on highways. Its interiors have been classified as elegant, with comfortable seats and perfect finish. The car is also spacious with ample legroom offered, plus the panoramic roofing and an audio system that just enhances the experience of driving the newly released model.

Great Accessories at Discounted Prices

There are available accessories for the new 2014 Volkswagen Touareg model. Get yourself great discounts on seat extensions for your Volkswagen interior leather seats and explore its capabilities. These come custom designed for the new 2014 Volkswagen Touareg. Protect your car from heat through the use of a heat shield visor that comes at great prices too. This helps increase the lifeline of your windshield and protects your car dash from sun damage.

Fancy going out for bike rides? Then the specially designed bike racks for Volkswagen Touareg 2014 are just what you need. Custom designed to fit well with your car shape and ensure that the car remains protected and the bikes held firm. There are different designs to choose from based on the number of bikes that you want to carry. The bike racks are detachable and come at great offers. For exteriors, you can also get your new 2014 Volkswagen Touareg easy to clean and perfect fitting all-weather floor mats. These not only enhance the inside appearance of your car, but also help to reduce the workload of cleaning your car’s interior. You also can get discounted cargo liner mats for your Touareg hybrid model.

These are some of the discounted accessories that you can get for your new 2014 Volkswagen Touareg:


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Get These Top Accessories for Your New 2013 Kia Optima

LCM-OPTIMA-22233334-2The new 2013 KIA Optima hit the market with a storm. With its sleek shape and fuel economy, the KIA is the hybrid car to beat. It comes with excellent safety and general standard equipment to enhance user experience.

Features of the new KIA Optima

The latest update of the KIA Optima comes with an improved fuel economy of an extra mile for each gallon. It also comes with an EX trim, plus a perfect navigation system: not pointing out its sunroof and reverse camera that make it the ultimate sedan model to opt for.

This new model sedan guarantees a smooth highway and city ride with efficiency on fuel and class style too. The leather seats, LED lights and 18-inch chrome wheels fitted on the KIA Optima model are an absolute selling point. The electronic parking brake system guarantees safety.

KIA Optima Accessories Available

There are many accessories for your new 2013 KIA Optima hybrid car that you can get. Want to enhance the sleek design of your KIA Optima Hybrid car? A good idea to start with would be the chrome-body side molding for KIA Optima hybrid that guarantees a classy touch to your car. To protect the smooth layer of paint from harsh conditions, you can get a Kia Optima Hybrid custom car cover to guarantee that your shiny exterior remains that way for your car’s lifetime.

Fit your KIA Optima with Wind Fairing Racks to help eliminate the whistling sound on your carrier. All accessories offered have been tried and tested including Aero Roof Rack Systems. The new accurate and precisely-fitted Aero Roof Rack Systems for the Kia Optima Hybrid Receiver Hitch are reliable and durable. If you are searching for external components to match your KIA Optima, be guaranteed of a timely and reliable delivery of KIA Optima accessories.

When it comes to interiors, the offers are just the right ones for your hybrid car. With leather steering wheel covers available in a range of colors, satisfaction is guaranteed. You can also refresh the inside beauty of your KIA hybrid by getting the Dash Kit accessories that comes with 39 pieces. There are different types of finishes and colors to choose from with an easy installation guaranteed and the digital climate control that guarantees easy navigation. You can also get your Kia Optima hybrid car clear, exact, cargo mats. These are custom fitted to suit your interiors and provide protection to your original mats.

Check the collection of accessories for your KIA Optima Hybrid car and get some of the best deals on:


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Speed and Efficiency: The New BMW Active Hybrid 3

FE-BMW5-F10-2Combine efficiency and engine power and what you get would be a 2013 BMW Active Hybrid 3. This is one of the most popular BMW models in America; most of the other models made by these German carmakers are diesel. The Active Hybrid 3 is rated among the top BMW sedans to be released and what rates it more is its fuel efficiency.

The Engine

The “3 series” to those who might not be aware, comes with a meaning that this is a 300-horse power engine, turbocharged with between a 6 or 8-speed automatic transmission and a 3.0-liter engine. The sedan comes with a clutch for the transmission to utilize its gasoline-electric nature. Savor the performance and agility of the 2013 BMW Active Hybrid 3 at no extra cost of a fuel consumption, because of its rate of 33 miles per gallon for highways.

Accessories for BMW Active Hybrid 3

You can easily get accessories for your 2013 BMW Active Hybrid 3 sedan at good prices. Chrome-body side moldings would come in handy in enhancing your cars look. There are offers on 2013 BMW Active Hybrid 3 chrome-body side moldings which you can customize and style it as per your own preference. With the moldings, efficiency and speed, your car becomes impossible not to notice.

A heat shield visor would also be very useful for your 2013 BMW 3 sedan. Try out the new Canvas Heat shield visor that fits your car just as a glove would fit to a hand, and all this with no fasteners required. Protect your car’s beauty and keep the windshield safe from weather conditions. The offer comes with a two-year warranty and a guarantee of total satisfaction.

Other lines of accessories that you can get for your 2013 BMW Active Hybrid 3are all-weather floor mats at great discounts. Give your car an interior it deserves with durable mats that trap dirt and are efficient moisture mats. The sizing is ideal to fit your car and you can get customized all-weather mats to fit with your interior style. For the exterior, also offered are Hollywood-racks trunk mount to help you bring along your bike for a ride. The rack is independent, has a 180-degree rotation and different positioning of the lever to ensure that your bike remains secure. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. You can get different types with a two bikes rack, also available that will carry two bicycles.

These two are only a couple of the great accessories available for your BMW Active Hybrid 3. Visit our website for much more for customizing your beautiful BMW.



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