Hybrid Cars More Fuel Efficient In India than the United States

April 25, 2014

electric-cars-395According to research carried out by a group of scientists in the United States, the hybrid cars in the United States consume relatively more fuel compared to their counterparts in India and China. This was mostly attributed to the difference in the traffic conditions of the two countries. The heavy traffic, aggressive driving, and freeways in India and China make these roads quite difficult to drive on. These conditions make them ideal for the fuel efficient hybrid cars.

According to the researchers, these findings were likely to have a great impact in the countries that were experiencing an explosion in the sale of personal vehicles. The research shows that the fuel savings in countries such as India are greatly understated. There is over 29% savings realized over the conventional vehicles.

At the moment, the amounts of greenhouse gases produced by India are relatively low when compared to those produced by other developing countries. The worrying trend however, is the fact that the emission of these gases has been on the increase over the past few years. Scientists estimate that in the next five years the rate of emissions of these harmful gases would equal that produced by a developed country. The realization that the hybrid cars can help in the reduction of emission of these harmful gases is sure to have a positive reception in the country. As much as the hybrid cars have not been very efficient in the United States, they have played some role in the reduction of the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment annually.

The researchers used the power train simulation model to carry out their research. This model created a hypothetical hybrid version of some of the top selling vehicles in the market of each country. The researchers then went ahead and simulated drive cycles in two cities in India. The researchers also used the modified Indian drive cycle. This is the test for the official fuel economy rating.

The researchers simulated drives in 11 cities and used three types of hybrid power trains. The researchers also performed the same test in the United States. This included 55% city driving and 45% highway driving.

The findings were that the hybrid car would achieve about a 48% fuel saving in India and about 55% fuel savings in China. The results in the United States showed that the hybrid cars achieved 40% fuel savings. These results prove the hypothesis that hybrids are relatively more suited for these emerging markets. The hybrid car explosion in these countries is sure going to be justified.


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