A Review of Ford Fusion Hybrid

April 11, 2014

One sentence that best describes the Ford Fusion hybrid is “a combination of beauty and brains.” A general assumption is that there is no fun in driving gas-electric hybrid trucks and cars. This is precluded by the very nature of such vehicles. Hybrid cars are manufactured in such a way that there is maximization of conservation at the expense of stimulation. The joy of owning or driving a hybrid car is when the mpg indicator, rather than the speedometer creeps higher. As an example, the Toyota Prius has achieved its mission despite its lack of aesthetic value. However, who said that a fuel-sipper has to be ugly for it to have high efficiency? To get both efficiency and beauty, you should choose the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The Ford Fusion has a high aesthetic value and could easily be mistaken for a non-hybrid car. The car was redesigned in 2013 and has a face with a grille that is nearly identical to the one on an Aston Martin. The car’s body is not only sleek, but also athletic with a flair of uniqueness. Combining all the features, the car can easily be compared to a standard average sedan. One of the most beautiful features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the EPA rating. The rating is apparently at 47 mpg highway and 47 mpg city. A 310-mile test drive that was conducted revealed that the car had a rating that is much better compared to most traditional compact vehicles.

Gas-electric vehicles have both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. In this way, the electricity will run some chores and hence, the car would burn limited gas. Conceptually, Ford has been there for more than one hundred years. It is about 15-years old in terms of a realistic transportation solution. The Fusion hybrid evidently provides this realistic solution.

The impressive agility of Fusion has not been changed by its efficiency. The car can be handled as well as any other standard Fusion car. Ford has a combination of a two -liter four-cylinder engine and 141-horsepower. The horsepower’s rating is 188, which is adequate to give the car an extraordinary speed. In terms of its outlook, Ford Fusion Hybrid has a feel that is solid, as well as a perfectly weighted steering. When tackling corners, the body roll is maintained at a minimal. Braking is less grabby compared to other hybrid cars.

It is undoubtedly clear that Ford Fusion is one of the perfect hybrid cars for fuel economy. It is easy to save fuel with such a car that also has a high aesthetic value.



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