Hybrid Cars May Help Consumers Save Money in the Long Run

February 27, 2014

There are so many buyers who portray skepticism when it comes to buying a hybrid car. The film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” that was released in 2006, stirred confusion about why the government and the auto industry were reluctant to embrace electric cars. The film also raised questions among skeptical consumers as to whether the electric cars were really worth the money and trouble.

According to President Obama’s speech on 18th February, the government’s excuses will no longer work. The president stated that by helping the environment, drivers also get to cut costs. In his speech, Obama said that America produces more oil at home compared to what is bought from other nations for the first time in almost twenty years. He further added that carbon pollution, which plays a big role in climate change, has decreased. One of the key reasons for the decrease in pollution is the fact that Americans have been committed and dedicated towards the manufacture of new trucks and cars that have better mileage. This not only saves money, but it also cuts down on environmental pollution. It also leads to creation of novel technological advances in America.

The fuel efficiency standards of American trucks and cars were stuck in neutral for decades. There have been severe impacts on the weather because of carbon pollution going unchecked. For this reason, the president has worked with auto workers, automakers, as well as environmental advocates to formulate a policy that would increase gas mileage while at the same time decrease pollution caused by greenhouse gases for all new trucks and cars sold in America.

One of the leading industries to sell hybrid cars in bulk is Toyota. In March last year, the company sold hybrid vehicles totally to 5.125 million. According to Auto Trader, the total sales were evenly split between plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Sales increased in 2013 by 84 percent to more than 96,000 units. It was also confirmed that about 60 percent of all hybrid sales in 2013 were accounted for by Toyota. This is mainly because of the popular models like Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid and Prius.

According to GM Specialist and Cadillac Sales representative for Grossinger, Will Gordon, hybrids are a key to making this world a better place in the future. Hybrid vehicles not only help people to save money, but they also help drivers get better mileage. It is therefore evident that hybrid vehicles are an investment that is worthy.




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