Hybrid Car Sales are on the Rise

February 13, 2014

Since the onset of the great recession in the United States, many people are seeking means of downsizing, cutting cost and conserving. This could account for the major rise in sales of cars that are more fuel-efficient and smaller in size. By cutting car costs, a big reduction in monthly bills can be achieved. This is the most likely reason why the sales of hybrid cars have increased by 7.6 percent within one year. Hybrids are normal, fuel efficient cars that use electric batteries as a supplement to gas engines. These cars are also characterized by two motors, which are gasoline and electric powered motors.

Hybrid cars have been found to be gasoline efficient with an average of 48 to 60 miles per gallon. Although other cars considered to be fuel efficient can go up to 36 miles per gallon, their costs are much lower compared to the costs of hybrid cars. The cost of a typical hybrid car ranges from $19,000 to $25,000. A typical fuel efficient gas vehicle such as Honda Civic ranges from $14,000 to $17,000. A key question that arises is why a person should choose a hybrid car over a traditional gasoline powered car.

In hybrid cars, more fuel is saved by the electric motor compared to the gasoline motor. When a car is in idle mode, an electric motor does not use any energy. Therefore, an electric motor would normally turn off when the car is idle. This means that they would utilize less fuel compared to gasoline motors when the car is moving at a low speed. Gasoline motors perform better than electric motors at high speeds. Additionally, gas motors would deliver a high level of power. The electric motor is great during rush hour go and stop traffic. The gas motor kicks in at higher speeds so that it can provide additional power when needed.

Hybrid cars provide great reduction in emissions, therefore minimizing greenhouse gases. They make a huge dent in the city where pollution and smog is worst, in terms of their carbon contribution when the electric motor is operational. Driving a hybrid car would result in cutting emissions by twenty-five to thirty-five percent. This is even applicable to gas powered vehicles that are most fuel-efficient. Another advantage of hybrid cars is that the batteries are automatically charged when the gas motors turn on. This means that one would not be left stranded and searching for a charge for an electric car.



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