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Why You Should Think of Buying an Electric Car

If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle, an all-electric version should be considered as a leading option. Many people are discouraged from investing in hybrid and electric cars because of the high costs associated with them. What they fail to understand is that the cost is worth it considering the many advantages associated with electric vehicles. Many people lack adequate information and facts concerning electric cars. According to a national survey conducted by a union of scientists, it is clear that about twenty five percent of households in America could not afford electric cars. For such families, owning such a car would deter them from fulfilling their driving needs.

Despite the fact that many people are unsure of what to expect with electric cars, others have claimed that electric vehicles are quite running, fun and considerably high tech. It is also essential to add that electric vehicles offer the advantage of instant torque. Drivers have also noted that they offer regenerative banking and smooth acceleration. Electric vehicle owners have also claimed that driving an electric vehicle is more fun compared to driving a gasoline-powered car. From the reviews of electric car owners, it is evident that electric vehicles are a worthwhile investment.

By driving or owning an electric car, a driver has something to gain directly. Some of the benefits include saving money. On a long-term basis, buying an electric car would save money on fuel. This is mainly because such vehicles have a good mileage. This means that one can cover long distances using less fuel.

Another fact worth mentioning is that a person who owns an electric vehicle tends to indirectly benefit alongside other societal members. For instance, there are health and environmental benefits reaped from driving an electric car. Air pollution has been one of the complaints aired in relation to driving gasoline-fueled vehicles. The gas emissions not only pollute the environment, but they are also detrimental to health. Driving electric cars prevents emission of such fumes.

Buying an electric vehicle is a sign of taking responsibility. For example, an electric car owner would not be considered cheap, but environmentally responsible. Everyone has a role to play in society. Choosing to buy an electric car may be the first step towards taking responsibility for your own health, as well as the health of general society. Owning an electric car is like showing reliance on renewable, domestic and clean energy. Consequently, this promotes a long term economic, environmental and societal health.



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A Review of Toyota’s Camry Hybrid in India

One of the latest advancements that Toyota has made is its entrance into the niche hybrids’ market in India. For this reason, a lot is anticipated from this automaker. The price of Toyota Camry is about Rs. 2,975,000. This is a reasonable price, considering the fact that hybrid cars are more costly compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.

With respect to its design, Toyota’s Camry Hybrid is not only fuel-efficient, but is also eco-friendly. It is an environmental-friendly version of the well-known luxury sedan. With the controversy revolving around global warming and emission of greenhouse gases, it is essential for drivers to consider owning eco-friendly cars. Toyota Camry hybrid is one of the perfect choices that would serve the purpose.

Compared to the normal Camry, the hybrid version has a few embellishments and improvements. Since the original model is quite pleasing to the eye, the additional embellishments in the hybrid version only serve to enhance road presence. There are remarkable changes in the design of the front-end parts. The hybrid version has chrome infested fog lamps, headlamps that have been redesigned, front bumper that features a wider air dam and a new radiator grille. Changes have also been made on the wheels. The hybrid version has 17-inch wheels, which are much bigger, compared to the original Camry. It is quite hard to distinguish the rear end of the two versions because there is not much difference. Generally, in terms of aesthetics, the hybrid version of Camry is more rounded and it is premium.

It is also essential to evaluate the Camry Hybrid in terms of performance. One of the notable features about the hybrid version is that it has two propulsion sources. One of the sources is a VVT-I petrol engine that is 2.5 Liters while the other source of propulsion is in the form of an electric motor. The car’s petrol engine produces power amounting to 160PS. In reality, it is possible to drive the car solely on electric r power. However, in this state, it can only cover short distances of up to 40km per hour after which the petrol engine takes over.

The performance of Camry Hybrid is fairly good with both motors working. While the feedback offered by the steering is decent, it is definitely not as good as that offered by other cars of a similar price range. Hence, the handling is not inspiring. Another drawback is the fact that the car has only one gearbox, which apparently reacts slowly. There are a few options to choose from when purchasing hybrid vehicles in India.




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