Panamera S E-Hybrid is a True Porsche and a True Plug-in

December 27, 2013

It is normally quite easy to identify a plug-in car. For instance, most plug-in cars usually lack an exhaust pipe. Panamera S e-hybrid is however, a unique plug-in vehicle. The rear end of this car has four big pipes. This sends a clear message that this is an electric car without range extender. One of the most powerful units is the gas engine. Therefore, this car needs to have them so that it can be considered a true and real Porsche. One of the expectations of Porsche drivers, at least in its home country, is for the car to have the capacity of sustaining a high driving speed. If a car cannot confidently do 140-miles per hour, then it is not considered a Porsche.

Panamera S e-hybrid has been clocked with a high speed of approximately 167 miles an hour. Everything is this car is designed in such a way that it fits in that speed requirement. This is with the exception of its battery and the electric motor. The top speed is maintained at 84-miles per hour when the car is running in the electric mode. The batteries available in the market today are unable to sustain high-speed driving. However, this Panamera is known for having several inventions linked to its strong body. The car’s cooling systems serve as a perfect example. The vehicle has at least five cooling systems.

The car has one air-cooled system for the electric motor. Other components that require thermal regulations utilize a water-cooling system. These components include the power control unit, turbochargers, the gas engine, and the battery. There are different requirements for each component. This means that it was not possible to incorporate all the components to form one cooling system. The charger is another critical system. Kilowatt energy hours of 9.4 are stored in the battery. According to Porsche, this energy can go up to twenty-one miles of electric driving. On a small-size battery like this, one would expect the car to have a charging system specifically built for a normal home socket. This is however not the case with Porsche, which is associated with a dual-tension charger. The charger has a unit of 3.8 kilowatt and can work perfectly with a home current of 230 volts or an industrial current of 380 volts. Generally, Panamera S e-hybrid begins in electric vehicle mode. The driver can then choose to engage the car in hybrid mode to save electrical energy and enhance the performance.


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