Key Rules to Electric Car Utility Rate Plans

December 20, 2013

Among the key advantages of owning an electric vehicle is the fact that fueling it is much cheaper compared to a gasoline powered car. It is essential for an electric car driver to do a thorough research on the charging times, as well as the rate plans. Failure to do so could result in unanticipated, and at times unfortunate outcomes. Some of the key rules to take into consideration with respect to electric vehicle rate plans will be presented in this article.

Your Utility Company Should Help You with a Rate Plan

Utility companies have shown great interest in advocating for the adoption of electric vehicles. Such companies would also make sure that electric car drivers charge their vehicles at times that would support the grid’s efficiency. Thereby, utility companies have come up with online customer support centers and tools to respond to all concerns and questions. Such companies are often aware of the plans and rates available. They give all the options available and then consumers are left to make the ultimate choice.

Subscribing to a Time-Of-Use Plan

It is recommended to subscribe to a time-of-use plan in order to get the lowest rate of electric-vehicle charging. In this way, one gets to charge the vehicle at off-peak hours only. Subscribing to this plan allows users to pay low prices for charging instead of paying a standard rate around the clock. Alternatively, a driver may choose to charge an electric vehicle after midnight. At this time, most people are asleep and not using a lot of power.

Signing Up For a Time-Of-Use Electric Vehicle Rate and Charging At Peak Hours

This is one of the surest ways of subjecting electric-vehicle drivers to the highest rate. One of the main reasons why it may cost less to charge an electric vehicle during wee hours is because the prices are cranked up during the day’s peak times. The highest rates of charging can be experienced by the drivers living in big houses with appliances and systems that consume a lot of power.

Careful Calculation Should Be Done Prior To Going with Separate Metering

Electric vehicle drivers have the choice of installing a different meter for specially tracking electric-vehicle charging. One of the essential cost inputs when deciding on whether to install a different electric vehicle meter is the installation cost. The cost could be a few hundred dollars if your current meter and electric panel are close to the place you intend to charge your vehicle.



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