An Overview of Fuel-Saving Tips

October 3, 2013

If you have plans to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle, there are a number of ways or tips that can help you save money. This is regardless of the kind of vehicle you are interested in purchasing. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to choose cars that are made in such a way that they can effectively save fuel. Additionally, such cars have a better mileage.

Reviving the Classics

The greatest or biggest savings in terms of fuel does not come from hybrid cars. It instead comes from old standards such as public transportation and carpooling. Fuel usage can be reduced by up to 50 percent if you and one of your friends or neighbors trade off commuting to and from work. Also, if you have two family vehicles in the motor pool, it would save fuel to leave the thirstier vehicle at home. Public transportation not only saves fuel, but it can also save money. Another benefit of public transportation is that of reducing congestion, which in turn saves fuel.

Getting the Lead Out

Weight is the natural enemy of fuel economy. Real fuel savings can be achieved by removing unnecessary items from the car. If you have plans to drive for a long-distance trip, consider reducing the number of people, as well as the baggage or items that will be carried along.

Getting the Lead-Foot Out

You can immediately save fuel in whichever car you are driving by simply going easy on the accelerator. Full-throttle acceleration and jackrabbit starts have been known to increase fuel consumption dramatically. It depends on the degree of acceleration. Light acceleration would save more fuel compared to heavy and moderate acceleration. The next time you are planning to accelerate, do not go straight away to heavy or moderate acceleration.

Air Conditioning or Open Windows

It has been said that the air conditioner lowers the fuel economy and robs engine power. This is unlike a car’s heater which utilizes free engine heat for warming the cabin. If your car has been in the sun for a long time and is hotter inside than the outer air, it is recommended to drive with the windows open for a few minutes. Aerodynamics is extremely essential at high speeds. Open windows will not make a significant difference when driving under 40 miles per hour.

It is advisable to invest in a car that would save on gas and fuel. Hybrid cars are the best option if you must drive. Coupled with this information, fuel saving may turn out to be an easy venture.



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