The 2013 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference

August 29, 2013

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference is a two-day event that is well-established. The main focus of the event is to shape the future of eco-friendly vehicles and hybrid cars.

Benefit to Attendees

In this event, attendees will benefit by gaining current insight regarding recent research, future trends and development. Such information includes future hybrid designs and the hybrid technology strategy. The event mainly integrates experts from industrial and academic fields, who give their contributions and insight on up-to-date research concepts, results and innovation. It is evident that such an event is crucial in shaping the hybrid car technology by coming up with new concepts and innovations. Just like any other technological invention, hybrid technology is dynamic and subject to change with time.


The conference offers its program and schedule in advance. Currently, the 2013 program is available online. Any person interested in the program details can readily download it and view. From the program, it is evident that the conference will shed light on various elements and aspects of developing the electric vehicle. It will also highlight new and proposed electric vehicle designs. This will offer a great opportunity for forward thinking and creative work in the field of hybrid and electric vehicle technology. Research studies have shown that hybrid and electric vehicles have numerous advantages over conventional vehicles.

One of the key advantages is in terms of fuel economy. Hybrid utilizes a double-engine technology. There is a gas engine and an electric engine. The electric engine comes to play when the car comes to a stop. In this way, fuel is saved. Other advantages are that the technology is environmentally friendly, minimizing the rate of pollution. In terms of design, hybrid cars are versatile and have a more appealing outlook. All the mentioned advantages will be highlighted in the 2013 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference. Attendees will get a chance to learn more about hybrid cars and why they should choose them over traditional vehicles.

Opportunity for Sponsorships

The conference will offer a great opportunity for managers to raise the profile of their companies. This is mainly via direct contact with top performing individuals and companies in the hybrid and electric automobile industry. The event has many sponsors who are popular in the automobile industry. With all this new information available, it is clear that this is an event worth attending.


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