Effective Tips for Gas Saving

August 16, 2013

With the recent economic turmoil, it is essential to try as much as possible to save gas. Gas prices have been rising steadily over the years, which necessitate the need to save more. There are several gas mileage tips that can play a fundamental role in reducing the gas amount used. Some of the tips will be highlighted in this article.

Efficient Driving

It is essential to drive efficiently and sensibly. Aggressive driving, including rapid acceleration, speeding and braking, leads to gas waste. Such driving can lead to reduction of gas mileage by up to 33 percent at speeds on the highways and by 5 % at town speeds. Sensible driving is not only safer for the driver, but also to other people. Therefore, you can actually save more by choosing to drive efficiently and sensibly.

Observing Speed Limit and Removing Excess Weight

It is essential to keep in mind that while every car attains its maximal fuel economy at different speeds, speeds above 50 mph rapidly decrease gas mileage. It is therefore safer to observe the speed limit. Another advice is to remove excess weight. Drivers should not keep unnecessary items in their cars, particularly heavy items. The car’s mpg could be reduced by up to 2% by having additional 200 pounds in the car. The basis of the reduction is the extra weight percentage relative to the weight of the vehicle. Smaller vehicles are affected more than the larger cars.

Avoiding Excessive Idling

Twenty-five percent to 50 percent of gallons of fuel per hour can be used when idling. This depends on the air conditioner and engine size. When a vehicle is packed, drivers are advised to turn off their engines. Restarting a car takes only a few second worth of fuel. However, starter wear may be increased by turning excessive on and off turning of a car engine. Therefore, turning that engine off may go a long way is saving on gas in the current harsh economic situation.

Using Cruise Control

The use of cruise control on the highways not only helps in maintaining constant speed, but also in saving gas. Hence, it is worth trying when possible.

Using Overdrive Gears

The engine of a car goes down when overdrive gearing is used. This not only saves gas, but it also minimizes instances of engine wear. This means that one can achieve a double advantage by choosing to use an overdrive gear.

Generally, gas saving tips should be kept in mind, and most importantly practiced during the tough economic times.


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