An Overview of Prius Accessories

August 9, 2013

The exterior of a Toyota Prius comprises of a wide range of accessories. Some of the accessories will be presented below.

Alloy Wheel Locks

These are mechanical accessories with high precision and a balanced weight. They have plating made of triple-nickel chrome, as well as durable locks that protect the wheels and tires against theft and damage.

Door Edge Guards

The main function of these accessories is protecting the edges of a car door from chipped paint. Toyota Edge Guards are perfectly engineered to give an excellent compression fit. They are made of stainless steel and coated with a matching thermoplastic that is designed in such a way that it is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking.

Lower Door Moldings

These accessories are made of bright chrome material, which adds a sense of elegance to a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Additionally, they have a high-quality finish that gives a precise fit. The moldings are specifically engineered for a Toyota Prius and when coupled with hybrid identification, a premium appeal is achieved.

Rear Bumper Applique

This accessory plays the role of adding a sense of style and helping to protect the topside of a car’s rear bumper from scratches and scrapes. The applique is almost invisible and has a subtle finishing with a Toyota Prius logo. Some of the features of this accessory include a UV-resistant topcoat and a high-grade urethane construction.

Paint Protection Film

This accessory is designed for specific parts of the front fenders and the hood. The paint protection film of a genuine Toyota hybrid car is like a clear armor suit that helps in guarding against debris that can scratch and chip the finish. The film is made out of nearly invisible and durable urethane, which helps in maintaining a new appearance. Toyota paint protection films can also be applied to specific parts of the front bumper where they help in guarding the paint from road debris. This accessory can be purchased from a local Toyota dealer. The warranty is only applicable when the installation process is done by a skilled Toyota-certified installer.

Buying Toyota Prius Accessories

Genuine Toyota accessories play a vital role of improving a Toyota car’s performance. Additionally, the accessories look great while also providing protection for your hybrid. You can buy Prius accessories at many auto part stores, online and at the dealership. We offer a wide range of Prius accessories meant to protect and beautify your great hybrid car.


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