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Hybrid Cars’ Contribution to Reducing Pollution

Alternatives to Gasoline Cars

Gasoline cars have raised concerns for many years because of their significant role in increasing environmental pollution. Such cars release a lot of toxic emissions into the environment. Such emissions include greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which are thought to play a vital role in global warming. Therefore, a lot of money, time, and effort have been directed towards developing alternative vehicles to gasoline automobiles. The current population seems to be content with automotive technology in place. However, owed to the negative impact that the technology has on the environment, it has been vital to come up with an alternative technology. Hybrid technology has proven to be a perfect alternative since it offers numerous benefits, including fewer emissions. This means that if more and more people drive hybrid cars instead of the conventional vehicles, environmental pollution will be greatly minimized.

Emissions Released

There are different forms of emissions that are released by gasoline cars. These are the gases that are produced following gasoline-mediated combustion. These gases contribute to atmospheric pollution, and they include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Such gases have the ability to trap atmospheric heat, which is deflected into the atmospheric space. The deflection of heat back into the air results in warming across the globe.

According to the National Research Council, there are different causes and effects of greenhouse gases such as hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Some of the factors that contribute to accumulation of greenhouse gases include human activities. These activities lead to an increase in ocean temperatures and surface air temperatures. The council further added that overall atmospheric temperature across the globe is increasing. The increase in temperatures witnessed in the past few years are mostly because of human activities. However, it is not safe to rule out the fact that a large part of these alterations and changes reflect natural variability.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Though hybrid cars are more expensive to purchase compared to the normal cars, they are eventually more cost-effective. This is one of the key advantages of using cars that work under the hybrid technology. In terms of mileage, it has been observed that hybrid cars have better mileage compared to conventional or the non-hybrid vehicles. Versatility is another benefit that comes along with purchasing hybrid cars. In addition, it is important to note that hybrid cars are a perfect solution to the emissions and pollution problems faced across the globe. They release fewer emissions compared to gasoline vehicles.


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Common Examples of Hybrid SUVs

There are different types of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that operate on hybrid technology. Some of the most popular ones will be highlighted in this article.

BMW X 5 Hybrid

This hybrid was developed by BMW, and the basis of this hybrid concept was the X 5 car model. One of the key features of this hybrid is that it has a gasoline engine that is powerful. The gasoline engine works with the help of an electric motor that has a torque of 479 ft-lb.

Acura RD-X

This hybrid concept was released in the year 2007. According to RD-X report, Acura has the capacity to develop a hybrid SUV that is impressive.

Chevrolet Equinox

This hybrid concept was expected to be available in the year 2005, but was in the year 2006. A key characteristic of this model is that there is high likelihood of it having a hybrid system that is the same as that of the Tahoe hybrid. This hybrid model will contribute to fuel economy, a feature of Chevrolet hybrid technology.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape has gained popularity over the last few years as a hybrid SUV. Several dealerships have been linked to this model. Reviewers, as well as environmentalists have given positive feedback on the model. This is mainly because of the benefits of hybrid technology, including environmental friendliness and practicality of such vehicles.

Dodge Durango

Dodge announced in the year 2001 that the hybrid models of Ram Pickup and Durango would be available in the market in the year 2003, as well as the year 2004. However, by the year 2003, the hybrid models had not yet been released.

Chevrolet Tahoe

This hybrid concept will function under the Chevrolet hybrid technology, which will displace the cylinder technology of deactivation. The fuel economy will increase by 20 percent because of the upgrades in gasoline-electric motors in big-sized vehicles, As it was expected, in the year 2008, efficient trucks were released.

Saturn VUE

This is a mid-sized sports utility vehicle that is associated with the benefits of the hybrid system of GM. This means that the vehicle has an advantage of better mileage compared to other models. Additionally, the vehicle has a higher level of practicality and performance.

Lexus RX 400h

This model was dubbed as the first luxury sports utility vehicle in the world. As predicted, this model was released in the year 2005. Some of the key advantages of this model include quieter and smoother operation, high technological accessories and high performance.



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