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Why Hybrid Cars Are the Best Choice for Summer

When hunting for cars in summer, it is wise to choose cars that have optimal saving potential. Hybrid cars have proven to be the best choice, especially for savvy drivers. A hybrid car consists of both a rechargeable battery and conventional gas engine. Such a car is also the topmost choice for an environmentally-conscious driver. Some of the reasons why one should choose a hybrid car will be presented below.

Pumping Up Fuel Economy

The most clear savings from hybrid cars are probably found at gas stations. Basically, hybrid cars operate on electric and gas energy. The electric reserve operates when the car comes to a halt. The response of the gas engine is complete shut-down. Once the car restarts, the engine comes back to life, hence, eliminating the need to have a starter. This greatly improves your mileage, depending on the driving frequency. To save even more on gas costs, drivers can use a credit card for gas rewards, or one that has great perks.

Hybrid Cars are Safe

Hybrid car drivers are perceived to be safer in group statistic terms. Novel research studies and information obtained from the Highway Loss Data Institute show that in an accident, those in hybrid cars are safer compared to those in non-hybrid or conventional vehicles. The studies found that including a hybrid battery, which contributes to 10% of the car’s weight, gives the cars ‘heft,’ thereby minimizing the probability of crash injuries. Additionally, the studies have concluded that hybrid cars have a special battery charging technology that encourages drivers to drive safely.

Hybrid cars operate on a system referred to as ‘regenerative braking,’ which helps charge the batteries when there is engagement of the car’s brakes. This means that a gradual hybrid car break, instead of a sudden stop, is beneficial to the overall fuel economy. Also, hybrid cars are more suitable for driving around the city.

Hybrid Drivers Can Get Discounts

Hybrid cars can potentially save on car insurance. Although hybrid cars do not have lower premiums compared to conventional cars, some insurance companies choose to offer discounts to hybrid owners. This is mainly because of the perception that hybrid drivers are generally safer than their non-hybrid counterparts.

From the above information, it is clear that hybrid cars are the best choice for summer. They are not only safe, but they also have the potential to enhance fuel economy.


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The 2013 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference is a two-day event that is well-established. The main focus of the event is to shape the future of eco-friendly vehicles and hybrid cars.

Benefit to Attendees

In this event, attendees will benefit by gaining current insight regarding recent research, future trends and development. Such information includes future hybrid designs and the hybrid technology strategy. The event mainly integrates experts from industrial and academic fields, who give their contributions and insight on up-to-date research concepts, results and innovation. It is evident that such an event is crucial in shaping the hybrid car technology by coming up with new concepts and innovations. Just like any other technological invention, hybrid technology is dynamic and subject to change with time.


The conference offers its program and schedule in advance. Currently, the 2013 program is available online. Any person interested in the program details can readily download it and view. From the program, it is evident that the conference will shed light on various elements and aspects of developing the electric vehicle. It will also highlight new and proposed electric vehicle designs. This will offer a great opportunity for forward thinking and creative work in the field of hybrid and electric vehicle technology. Research studies have shown that hybrid and electric vehicles have numerous advantages over conventional vehicles.

One of the key advantages is in terms of fuel economy. Hybrid utilizes a double-engine technology. There is a gas engine and an electric engine. The electric engine comes to play when the car comes to a stop. In this way, fuel is saved. Other advantages are that the technology is environmentally friendly, minimizing the rate of pollution. In terms of design, hybrid cars are versatile and have a more appealing outlook. All the mentioned advantages will be highlighted in the 2013 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference. Attendees will get a chance to learn more about hybrid cars and why they should choose them over traditional vehicles.

Opportunity for Sponsorships

The conference will offer a great opportunity for managers to raise the profile of their companies. This is mainly via direct contact with top performing individuals and companies in the hybrid and electric automobile industry. The event has many sponsors who are popular in the automobile industry. With all this new information available, it is clear that this is an event worth attending.


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Hybrid Air as a Path to Creating Environment-Friendly Vehicles

To address the challenge of developing vehicles that are environment-friendly, PSA Peugeot Citroen is creating new technology that combined a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine and compressed air storage. Hybrid air is believed to be the key path towards saving fuel.

Reason for the Innovation

Over the past few years, global warming has become a major concern. Greenhouse gases and other air pollutants have increased in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a solution to address this issue. Hybrid air is a technology that seems to address the issue of greenhouse gases. Such hybrid technology is available to customers at an affordable price, considering its great performance.

What is Hybrid Air?

It refers to a new hybrid technology that makes use of compressed air and petrol. It combines tested and tried technologies, which are, a unit that stores energy in compressed air form, a petrol engine, an automatic transmission and a hydraulic motor pump. This is a technique that is closely linked to the Hybrid4 electric hybrid, but it is best suited for more powerful vehicles in the compact and mid-size car categories. Hybrid air offers a total ownership cost that is more competitive. Also, it serves as a global response for the need of vehicles that are energy-efficient. It is a technology that can adapt to any driving and climate conditions.

Benefits of Hybrid Air for Users

  • Pleasant and comfortable drive

City driving will offer 60 to 80 percent Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) mode, based on the prevailing traffic. The technology also has automatic transmission that gives a drive that is not only pleasant, but also smooth and top-quality.

  • Consumption

The homologated performance is 69 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. This translates to 2.9l/100km. This is reasonable considering the conventional style of Peugeot 208 or Citroen C3 without specific adaptations

  • No compromise

With this hybrid technology, there is saving of vehicle space. This space is owed to the cabin, trunk, and modular design. The technology is also strong and reliable. It offers a mechanical system that is easy and economical to maintain. Additionally, the environmental footprint is small since the materials used are easily recyclable.

  • Universal technology

This is a technology that can be used by all customers. It is not only affordable, but also global. It is possible to industrialize it on many markets. The technology can be applied to any passenger car as well as the Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) sections.

  • Partners and Patents

Eighty percent of the technology patents have been filed by PSA Peugeot Citroen. French is a partner for developing the technology. Bosch and Faurecia are other strategic partners.


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Electric and Hybrid Car Owners to be Taxed

North Carolina is planning to join the increasing number of states considering taxing electric and hybrid car owners. The fees will help in making up for revenue lost through drivers who drive gas-efficient vehicles. Several alternative-fuel vehicle owners and a few advocacy groups have considered the approach as a wrong move to balance United States priorities. However, some experts and policy makers have argued that taxing electric and hybrid car owners is matters of ensuring that all drivers help pay their part in constructing new roads and providing maintenance.

Gas Taxes as a Major Source of Transportation Funding

Gas taxes are a significance source of funding for the transportation industry. They make up to 40 percent of all the revenues for state highways. This is according to the findings obtained by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). It is unfortunate that the revenues have failed to keep up with the increasing costs of construction. The research group further approximates that local and state gas-tax revenue dropped by 7 percent between the years 2004 and 2010.

Mile-Based Taxing System

Several transportation organizations and many other groups have asserted that a change in the taxation system should be made in such a way that car owners are taxed based on the miles travelled. Such reforms will come with their own challenges and hurdles, and currently, states are aiming at finding other solutions to the taxation issue. Approximately ten states are considering passing or have already passed the legislation that will see collection of fees from hybrid and electric car owners.

Experts’ Viewpoints

According to a transportation and environmental analyst at the NCSL, Kristy Hartman, charging electric and hybrid car owners’ registration fee or some form of additional annual fee would be more preferable compared to miles-driven tax. This is because there are some privacy issues raised by modern technology. The plan to charge vehicles based on miles travelled was scrapped in New Jersey amid pushback from legislators and media. Instead, the state chose to charge a flat fee for all electric cars.

North Carolina senators believe that the policy of charging a flat fee makes sure that all drivers contribute a fair share towards the maintenance of roads and the services used. It is therefore, logical for such drivers or car owners to pay a small fee for using the roads and highways. Since the issue is still controversial, it is essential to come up with a generally accepted way for all drivers to take part in road maintenance.



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Effective Tips for Gas Saving

With the recent economic turmoil, it is essential to try as much as possible to save gas. Gas prices have been rising steadily over the years, which necessitate the need to save more. There are several gas mileage tips that can play a fundamental role in reducing the gas amount used. Some of the tips will be highlighted in this article.

Efficient Driving

It is essential to drive efficiently and sensibly. Aggressive driving, including rapid acceleration, speeding and braking, leads to gas waste. Such driving can lead to reduction of gas mileage by up to 33 percent at speeds on the highways and by 5 % at town speeds. Sensible driving is not only safer for the driver, but also to other people. Therefore, you can actually save more by choosing to drive efficiently and sensibly.

Observing Speed Limit and Removing Excess Weight

It is essential to keep in mind that while every car attains its maximal fuel economy at different speeds, speeds above 50 mph rapidly decrease gas mileage. It is therefore safer to observe the speed limit. Another advice is to remove excess weight. Drivers should not keep unnecessary items in their cars, particularly heavy items. The car’s mpg could be reduced by up to 2% by having additional 200 pounds in the car. The basis of the reduction is the extra weight percentage relative to the weight of the vehicle. Smaller vehicles are affected more than the larger cars.

Avoiding Excessive Idling

Twenty-five percent to 50 percent of gallons of fuel per hour can be used when idling. This depends on the air conditioner and engine size. When a vehicle is packed, drivers are advised to turn off their engines. Restarting a car takes only a few second worth of fuel. However, starter wear may be increased by turning excessive on and off turning of a car engine. Therefore, turning that engine off may go a long way is saving on gas in the current harsh economic situation.

Using Cruise Control

The use of cruise control on the highways not only helps in maintaining constant speed, but also in saving gas. Hence, it is worth trying when possible.

Using Overdrive Gears

The engine of a car goes down when overdrive gearing is used. This not only saves gas, but it also minimizes instances of engine wear. This means that one can achieve a double advantage by choosing to use an overdrive gear.

Generally, gas saving tips should be kept in mind, and most importantly practiced during the tough economic times.


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Basics of Electric Vehicles

An electric motor plays the role of propelling electric vehicles. This motor is powered by battery packs that are rechargeable. There are a number of advantages associated with electric vehicles over vehicles that have internal combustion engines.

Environmental Friendliness

Electric vehicles emit fewer pollutants, despite the fact that the power plant generating electric power may emit them. No air pollutants are caused by electricity from solar, nuclear or hydro-powered plants.

Energy Efficiency

In electric vehicles, about 59 to 62 percent of electric energy is converted from the electric grid to power. Only about 17 to 21 percent of energy is stored in gasoline to power in conventional gasoline vehicles.

Reduced Energy Dependence

Electricity has often been considered to be a domestic source of energy. This means that driving an electric car will minimize the rate of foreign energy dependence.

Performance Advantage

Electric motors offer smooth and quiet operation. Additionally, the acceleration provided is strong. Such motors would also need less maintenance compared to internal combustion engine-based motors.

However, there are battery-linked challenges that are faced by electric vehicles. Some of these challenges are as follows.

  • Battery Cost

Electric vehicles need large-sized battery packs that are extremely expensive. These battery packs may also need replacement two or more times.

  • Recharge Time

It can take four to eight hours to recharge a battery pack fully. Even 30 minutes may be required to charge up to 80 percent of the battery capacity.

  • Driving Range

For most electric vehicles, 100-200 miles is the average distance that they can go prior to recharging. This is contrary to gasoline-fueled vehicles that can go up to 300 miles prior to refueling.

  • Bulk and Weight

Battery packs have been thought to be extremely heavy. This means that they often take up considerable space in a vehicle.

Despite the mentioned pitfalls, researchers are working towards innovating battery technologies that would increase the driving range and minimize the costs, weight, and recharging time. These factors serve as the key determinants for electric motors’ future.

Hybrid cars are both electric and gasoline-driven. This means that they combine the benefits of both gasoline motors and electric motors. One of the key benefits that a hybrid car derives from its gasoline segment is in terms of mileage. As mentioned, gasoline vehicles can travel further when compared to electric vehicles. Hence, a hybrid car has an advantage of having better mileage. Other key advantages include energy efficiency, high performance, and promoting a cleaner and safer environment. Additionally, hybrid cars have a unique appearance.



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Why You Should Try a Toyota Hybrid Today

Over the last few years, Toyota has released a wide range of hybrid car models. It is essential to have a clear idea of what hybrid technology offers buyers. This article will highlight some of the main reasons why you should try a new Toyota hybrid car today. Every Toyota dealer offers test drives in its newest hybrid cars. Toyota strongly believes that the people who have never driven a hybrid car are in for a pleasant surprise.

Benefits of a Toyota Hybrid

A characteristic of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive is smooth, quiet, and refined performance. Many are amazed at how quiet these cars are and how well they handle. Additionally, a Toyota hybrid will release less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions, in addition to their excellent fuel economy. This makes them especially environmentally friendly.

Low Fuel Consumption

Toyota hybrids are full hybrids and can therefore be driven for some distance on electric power alone. This means that in the long run, there is zero fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. Therefore, a Toyota hybrid can offer great benefits in slow-moving traffic where fuel can be wasted and pollution concerns are high. Additionally, a Toyota hybrid has switchable drive modes to enable an automatic and simple alteration of the performance of the car in such a way that economy or better responsiveness is favored. Toyota hybrids not only produce fewer carbon emissions, but also fewer or no nitrogen compounds and particles. These are pollutants that can damage the quality of air. Toyota hybrid drive system has an automatic start-stop function, and energy is recovered under deceleration and braking. This feeds it back as electricity for storage in the hybrid battery.

Strength and Reliability

Toyota Hybrid Synergy is not only technologically advanced, but it has also proved to be reliable and extremely strong. The quality of the car is boosted by a warranty of more than five years. This translates to 100,000 miles that can be covered on a new car and provide eight years of hybrid battery protection. Toyota Company’s special efforts to promote its hybrid car models will go on throughout the month of August. Additional details concerning this promotion can be obtained from its official website.


Another key advantage of Toyota hybrid car model is in terms of appearance. Toyota hybrids come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Hence, clients have a wide range of options to choose from. The design and shape of Toyota hybrid cars are more versatile and unique compared to their non-hybrid counterparts.



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An Overview of Prius Accessories

The exterior of a Toyota Prius comprises of a wide range of accessories. Some of the accessories will be presented below.

Alloy Wheel Locks

These are mechanical accessories with high precision and a balanced weight. They have plating made of triple-nickel chrome, as well as durable locks that protect the wheels and tires against theft and damage.

Door Edge Guards

The main function of these accessories is protecting the edges of a car door from chipped paint. Toyota Edge Guards are perfectly engineered to give an excellent compression fit. They are made of stainless steel and coated with a matching thermoplastic that is designed in such a way that it is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking.

Lower Door Moldings

These accessories are made of bright chrome material, which adds a sense of elegance to a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Additionally, they have a high-quality finish that gives a precise fit. The moldings are specifically engineered for a Toyota Prius and when coupled with hybrid identification, a premium appeal is achieved.

Rear Bumper Applique

This accessory plays the role of adding a sense of style and helping to protect the topside of a car’s rear bumper from scratches and scrapes. The applique is almost invisible and has a subtle finishing with a Toyota Prius logo. Some of the features of this accessory include a UV-resistant topcoat and a high-grade urethane construction.

Paint Protection Film

This accessory is designed for specific parts of the front fenders and the hood. The paint protection film of a genuine Toyota hybrid car is like a clear armor suit that helps in guarding against debris that can scratch and chip the finish. The film is made out of nearly invisible and durable urethane, which helps in maintaining a new appearance. Toyota paint protection films can also be applied to specific parts of the front bumper where they help in guarding the paint from road debris. This accessory can be purchased from a local Toyota dealer. The warranty is only applicable when the installation process is done by a skilled Toyota-certified installer.

Buying Toyota Prius Accessories

Genuine Toyota accessories play a vital role of improving a Toyota car’s performance. Additionally, the accessories look great while also providing protection for your hybrid. You can buy Prius accessories at many auto part stores, online and at the dealership. We offer a wide range of Prius accessories meant to protect and beautify your great hybrid car.


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Hybrid Cars’ Contribution to Reducing Pollution

Alternatives to Gasoline Cars

Gasoline cars have raised concerns for many years because of their significant role in increasing environmental pollution. Such cars release a lot of toxic emissions into the environment. Such emissions include greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which are thought to play a vital role in global warming. Therefore, a lot of money, time, and effort have been directed towards developing alternative vehicles to gasoline automobiles. The current population seems to be content with automotive technology in place. However, owed to the negative impact that the technology has on the environment, it has been vital to come up with an alternative technology. Hybrid technology has proven to be a perfect alternative since it offers numerous benefits, including fewer emissions. This means that if more and more people drive hybrid cars instead of the conventional vehicles, environmental pollution will be greatly minimized.

Emissions Released

There are different forms of emissions that are released by gasoline cars. These are the gases that are produced following gasoline-mediated combustion. These gases contribute to atmospheric pollution, and they include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Such gases have the ability to trap atmospheric heat, which is deflected into the atmospheric space. The deflection of heat back into the air results in warming across the globe.

According to the National Research Council, there are different causes and effects of greenhouse gases such as hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Some of the factors that contribute to accumulation of greenhouse gases include human activities. These activities lead to an increase in ocean temperatures and surface air temperatures. The council further added that overall atmospheric temperature across the globe is increasing. The increase in temperatures witnessed in the past few years are mostly because of human activities. However, it is not safe to rule out the fact that a large part of these alterations and changes reflect natural variability.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Though hybrid cars are more expensive to purchase compared to the normal cars, they are eventually more cost-effective. This is one of the key advantages of using cars that work under the hybrid technology. In terms of mileage, it has been observed that hybrid cars have better mileage compared to conventional or the non-hybrid vehicles. Versatility is another benefit that comes along with purchasing hybrid cars. In addition, it is important to note that hybrid cars are a perfect solution to the emissions and pollution problems faced across the globe. They release fewer emissions compared to gasoline vehicles.


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Common Examples of Hybrid SUVs

There are different types of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that operate on hybrid technology. Some of the most popular ones will be highlighted in this article.

BMW X 5 Hybrid

This hybrid was developed by BMW, and the basis of this hybrid concept was the X 5 car model. One of the key features of this hybrid is that it has a gasoline engine that is powerful. The gasoline engine works with the help of an electric motor that has a torque of 479 ft-lb.

Acura RD-X

This hybrid concept was released in the year 2007. According to RD-X report, Acura has the capacity to develop a hybrid SUV that is impressive.

Chevrolet Equinox

This hybrid concept was expected to be available in the year 2005, but was in the year 2006. A key characteristic of this model is that there is high likelihood of it having a hybrid system that is the same as that of the Tahoe hybrid. This hybrid model will contribute to fuel economy, a feature of Chevrolet hybrid technology.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape has gained popularity over the last few years as a hybrid SUV. Several dealerships have been linked to this model. Reviewers, as well as environmentalists have given positive feedback on the model. This is mainly because of the benefits of hybrid technology, including environmental friendliness and practicality of such vehicles.

Dodge Durango

Dodge announced in the year 2001 that the hybrid models of Ram Pickup and Durango would be available in the market in the year 2003, as well as the year 2004. However, by the year 2003, the hybrid models had not yet been released.

Chevrolet Tahoe

This hybrid concept will function under the Chevrolet hybrid technology, which will displace the cylinder technology of deactivation. The fuel economy will increase by 20 percent because of the upgrades in gasoline-electric motors in big-sized vehicles, As it was expected, in the year 2008, efficient trucks were released.

Saturn VUE

This is a mid-sized sports utility vehicle that is associated with the benefits of the hybrid system of GM. This means that the vehicle has an advantage of better mileage compared to other models. Additionally, the vehicle has a higher level of practicality and performance.

Lexus RX 400h

This model was dubbed as the first luxury sports utility vehicle in the world. As predicted, this model was released in the year 2005. Some of the key advantages of this model include quieter and smoother operation, high technological accessories and high performance.



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