Buying a Hybrid Car is the Best Decision

July 26, 2013

There are some decisions that have key impacts on the environment and surroundings. One such decision is that of purchasing a car. A consumer may choose a car that is either environmentally friendly or that pollutes the environment. Research studies and observations have shown that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly and thus have the ability to minimize the greenhouse effect. This is because they combine both electricity and gasoline as power sources.

Other Advantages

Hybrid cars are efficient, innovative, as well as affordable. The affordability should be seen on a long-term basis and saving on gas. This is because the cost of purchasing a hybrid car is more than that of buying the non-hybrid or conventional car. Purchasing a hybrid car is a choice that is practical. Several car companies are manufacturing or have plans to manufacture hybrid cars. So far, the best-selling hybrid car is the Toyota Prius. The United States market has had Toyota Prius for a total of thirteen years. Most vehicle manufacturing are following the example of Toyota and coming up with new versions of hybrid cars with better or comparable mileage. Such companies include Subaru, Honda, Ford, and many more.

Features of a Hybrid Car

A hybrid car has a gas engine that is small and fuel-efficient and it is coupled with electric motor that plays the role of assisting the engine during acceleration. Batteries serve as a power source for the electric engine. When driving, these batteries automatically recharge. This is another merit or advantage that is linked to making the choice of buying a hybrid car. It saves one the energy and time of recharging batteries.

Types of Hybrid Cars

Gasoline-electric cars are of two categories. The first category is parallel hybrid cars and the second category is series hybrid cars. A characteristic of parallel hybrid cars is that they have a gasoline engine that works together with an electric motor when moving the car forward or increasing its speed. The second type, which is the series hybrid, is a hybrid car that is powered most of the time by the electric motor with a gasoline engine that takes over when the batteries have run down. Alternatively, the engine charges batteries, which in turn provide power to recharge the electric motor.

The efficiency of hybrid cars may also be accounted for by the periodic shutting off of the engine, advanced aerodynamics, regenerative breaking, and lightweight materials. It is therefore clear that purchasing a hybrid car is one of the soundest decisions that one can make.



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