Hybrid Cars’ Fascinating Facts

July 5, 2013

It is evident that hybrid technology in the auto-world is a novel thing. Hence, there has been a lot of speculation revolving around hybrid vehicles. If you were planning to buy a hybrid car, it would be imperative to know some of the fascinating facts about them. It is also recommended to have an idea on how it feels to own a hybrid car.

Comfort of Hybrid Cars

Among the most interesting facts concerning hybrid cars is that they are not only unbelievably quiet, but driving them is also extremely comfortable. The car functions just like any other car powered by fuel when on the road. The engine has the capability of shutting down when one is jammed in traffic. In such a case, a car uses batteries to run. It is relatively easy for hybrid cars to interchange between battery and fuel.

Environment-Friendliness of Hybrid Cars

Pollution has been a great issue of concern in many countries, especially from gas-fueled vehicles. An interesting fact about hybrid cars is that the fuel that they use is less compared to that used by fuel-only  cars. For example on motorways, Toyota Prius gets 51 mpg and on city roads, it gets 60 mpg. This implies that hybrid cars cause less environmental pollution compared to fuel cars. According to advertisements by Toyota hybrids, Prius can cover a total of 600 miles when the fuel tank is full. A key dissimilarity between hybrid cars and other cars using electric energy is with respect to charging. Hybrid cars use a technology called regenerative charging. This means that one does not have to stop at a charging station, since the car will do the recharging.

Hybrid Cars and Their Cost

Having plans of trying a hybrid car? It is recommended to have information on the amount of money you will have to part with. It is clear that hybrid cars are more costly compared to conventional cars. One will have to spend 15-25% more on a new hybrid car compared to a new usual car. However, looking at it from a long-term perspective, buying a hybrid car may eventually prove less costly. This is especially the case for drivers taking advantage of the discount given by the government on “Greener Vehicles.” One can save a lot of money on an annual basis. Additionally, using hybrid cars would be less costly in terms of fuel. One can save up to 20% of the costs of fuel in comparison to a conventional car. The savings will be more for those driving a lot.



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