Shanghai Auto Show 2013

April 27, 2013

A directive by the European Union will require that carbon emissions by new cars be regulated to less than 95g for every kilometer, much less than the current 135g/km. At the Shanghai Auto Show, this message seems to have been received loud and clear where an assortment of eco-friendly cars is on display. There are 91 models that rely on new energy on display with 35 of them being manufactured in China.

Luxury Automakers’ Contribution to the Hybrid World

Luxury carmakers at the event also showed off their prowess when it comes to green technology, with the German Automakers, BMW, displaying their active hybrid concept. Mercedes also showed off their BluEfficiency technology at the show that is currently on-going. Audi and Lexus showed that they were ready to seize the hybrid world with their models, the Audi Q5 hybrid and the Lexus GS300h and ES300h, which are on for mass production.

Sports car makers that usually have their interests leaning towards churning out race cars for off the track driving, also delved into the greener era with Ferrari unveiling the LeFerrari and the Lamborghini Veneno as some of hyper-hybrids on the market. British carmaker Aston Martin, is also receiving orders for its very own alternative sports car. Maybe all these efforts have been sparked by the sudden urge to save mother Earth, or perhaps it is the driving credits that these manufacturers earn should they produce cars with less than 50g/km emission ratings. The law however, exempts car makers that produce fewer than 1000 cars annually and that would therefore mean that the Rolls-Royce manufacturers, as wells as the Bentley can rest easy.

All-Electric Concept

There are also other manufacturers who are taking the entire hybrid concept to a completely new level with the production of all-electric cars. Volvo seems to really believe in the pay off of their efforts in this sector, but they confess they will be realized much further into the future. They have a number of joint ventures including the BMW’s mini E and the Zinoro from the BMW-Brilliance Automotive, as well. If the infrastructure of electric cars is fully developed however, the future will be a witness to zero-emissions and 100% clean driving. Detroit Electric, a sports car manufacturer based in the U.S., share in Volvo’s vision and has its future neatly placed upon the success of electric cars. They exclusively manufacture electric luxury cars. Other advantages that come with the electricity powered cars include fast acceleration, agile response and quiet and smooth engine operation.




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