World’s Best Green Car: Top Three Contenders

March 29, 2013

At this year’s New York Auto Show, the best green car of 2013 will be announced. So far, the finalists are the Renault Zoe, the Tesla model S, both of which are all-electric cars, or the plug-in Volvo hybrid. The list was compiled at the very elegant Geneva Auto Show after rigorous scrutiny of the ‘green’ cars that are available on the market. Handing over the crown will be the Mercedes S 250, which edged out competition from the likes of the Peugeot 3008 and the Ford Focus electric.

Renault Zoe

This car definitely deserves its spot at the top. The car, which has already received high ratings from Euro NCAP is small in size, but does not disappoint in terms of performance. Although it might dispense a basic power of only 88 hp from its motor pack, the car does not feel sluggish while driving. On the contrary, its lightweight construction improves the agility of the model, assuring the driver of a smooth ride. Understandably, its top speed is limited to 84 mph and can accelerate briskly, clocking 13.5 seconds from stand still to 62 mph. The Zoe also has an appealing exterior look, where its chic design is fused with some futuristic concepts making it a very eye catching car.

Tesla Model S

Also an electric car, this model is unique and very attractive when compared to other cars including the contemporary models. With 362 hp for the standard Tesla models and 413 hp for the premium version,s this car is well worth every of the $ 62,000, on average, that it costs. Other performance features for the model include its 0-60 mph acceleration time of 4.4 seconds, translating to a car that is terrifyingly exciting to drive. The interior will give you something to squeal about with an integrated touch-screen almost the size of an i-Pad. All eyes will be on this zero-emissions car, which looks as suave as it drives.

Plug-in Volvo Hybrid

Car enthusiasts and auto journalists alike have dissected the Volvo and have come to one conclusion: it’s pretty awesome. The ground breaking design of the model is such that it can be driven in three different modes: pure, power and hybrid, all which can be accessed by the touch of a button. In electric mode, the car can do 31 miles, while in the hybrid mode it consumes fuel at 135 mpg and carbon dioxide emissions of 48g/km. The Volvo’s ultimate power is experienced when the diesel engine and electric motor are combined in the power mode translating to an output of around 285 hp, which generally means that this is not your ordinary car.




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