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The Original Toyota Prius Remains Top Car

According to the United States Union of Concerned Scientists, the Toyota Prius remains the most eco-friendly and efficient hybrid vehicle. This vehicle hit the market more than ten years ago and the car has managed to remain among the most eco-friendly and efficient cars in the market. Despite the fact that this was the first hybrid car to be released in America, Toyota Prius still beats many other cars in the hybrid market. This has allowed it to grow in terms of reputation and this has in turn made it possible for the manufacturers to continue this line of production as consumers and manufacturers alike continue to be more conscious about fuel consumption, and technology continues to improve over time.

The Findings

The United States Union of Concerned Scientists conducted research on a number of vehicles with the aim of determining the most eco-friendly and efficient vehicle in the market. This study was done with the aim of encouraging and empowering more people in the market to adopt the most effective means of fighting against global warming which has become a contentious issue over the years. The union put a number of hybrid car models to the test through their paces. The results were later released and they showed that the Toyota Prius provided at least 40 % reduction in the amount of harmful gases compared to most of the other gasoline engines in the market.

The Sales Factor

In terms of sales volume, the Toyota Prius hybrid cars show that the car is far more popular than most of the other hybrids in the market. The union found that the Toyota Prius models make up more than half of all hybrid cars on the road. The car outperformed by a big margin, the closest competitor being the Honda Civic hybrid. The car has been able to retain its position despite the increasing number of hybrid manufactures over the years in the Unites States.

The Other Most Popular Hybrid Models

Among the most popular hybrid car models is the Toyota-Lexus, which topped the list according to the survey conducted by the Union. The new Lexus CT 200 h was ranked above the Lincoln MKZ hybrid. The Lexus received the high ranking mostly because of the additional luxury that the car is able to provide. With technology improving by the day, most automakers are prioritizing power of the car in place of fuel economy. The Union warns that this is a bad approach, since the essence of hybrid vehicles will be completely lost.



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Some of the 2012 Hybrid Cars You Should Steer Away From In 2013

When you mention the term hybrid cars, most people’s minds will quickly jump to the Toyota Prius. More than 3 million Prius cars have been sold worldwide. This number is roughly about half of all the hybrid cars in the world. The 2012 Toyota Prius remains among the best hybrid cars in the world with four models of the car having been released in 2012. The vehicles deliver a combination of high miles per gallon and good user experience. More hybrids are being manufactured by the day as the fuel efficiency and technology continue to improve. Having this at the back of our minds, here are some of the car models that you should consider keeping away from in this coming year.

The 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 7

This vehicle was among the first cars to be released by the company under the hybrid line of vehicles. However, the vehicle had a poor reception with a reputation of marginal gas mileage, and lumpy driving behavior. The manufactures put more emphasis on boosting the power of the vehicle. This made them overlook the more important task of improving the fuel efficiency of the car. The electric motor was considered not to be powerful enough to move the whole sedan without any help. Further research shows that the car slows down considerably when lifting the throttle below 25 mph. This is definitely not what you would expect from such a high end hybrid car.

The 2012 Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z series of vehicles has been considered to send a rather mixed and unclear message to users. This is because it can neither be described as a light, roller-skate sports couple or an economical hybrid vehicle, such as the Honda Insight. This makes the CR-Z neither fast nor sporty. The car is not very fun to drive because of its size and the lack of any sports car character. The car gets some point from the fact that it is the only automatic transmission and two-seater hybrid in the market. Though it may find some buyers because of this, it is not a very practical car because of the relatively low gas mileage.

The 2012 Lexus HS 250h

This is among the cars that have had the lowest sales in the market since their release. This comes as no surprise because it shows that these cars are just not that good. The car was awkwardly designed with lengthy overhangs and slab sides. The cars also do not offer a good driver experience with the car being considered relatively heavy.





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The Toyota Prius Accessories

Mud, gravel, dust, you name them. Have they been giving you a headache and discoloring your hybrid vehicles distinctive floor after every wash? With the new Toyota Prius all-weather floor liners, you can be assured that this will be a thing of the past. The floor liners have been tested and they stand out from other floor liners in the market. The Prius floor liners are also friendly to your shoe’s soles because they leave behind less scratch effects, and in case you decide to remove your shoes, the floor liners guarantee your feet the comfort they deserve. This is because the floor liners are soft to the feet. The floor liners are also easy to wash and quick to dry, thus giving you an upper hand if you have less time on your busy schedule. So, try these new Prius all-weather floor liners today and you won’t regret it. Instead, you and your car will stand out from the rest.

High Quality Seat Covers for your 2012 & 2013 Prius

Wait no longer, the new Prius seat covers are on the market. The covers are one of a kind and sitting on your car’s seat will never be the same again. The comfort and peace that you were lacking from your seat has now been brought within your reach. Embrace these new works of art seat covers and not only is your comfort guaranteed, but also the protection of your seat is put into consideration. The dirt, water and dust that easily beset the car’s seat, thus discoloring it, are going to be kept away by these new seat covers. The covers are soft to your back and the discomforts that are often disturbing due to the hardness of the seat are going to be kept at bay. Your head will also find comfort within the new covers and thus rest at ease as you hit the road to your serene destination. The seat covers also come in different colors, texture and designs. You are sure to find one that suits your preference and specifications.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover for your 2012 and 2013 Prius Hybrid Vehicles

The new Prius steering wheel covers are the trend in the market .The steering wheel covers are friendly to your hands and will make it more comfortable to hold onto your steering wheel. The steering wheel covers come in different colors, textures and designs, thus guaranteeing you your taste, preference and specification can be met. The steering wheel skin is easy to install in your car and can be removed with ease without scratching the steering wheel. You can purchase this new work-of-art steering wheel cover at a reasonable price and help protect both your hands and your steering wheel from soil and wear.



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Nissan Tests the Hybrid Waters

The Nissan Company introduced their hybrid make of cars into the market with the release of the Nissan Hi-Cross car this year. The Nissan Hi-Cross makes its debut into the hybrid market with its introduction into the motor shows in the region of Los Angeles. The whole Nissan team in the region was proud and happy with the entering of the company into this market. With the domination of Toyota with their popular Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles, it is a great achievement. Vice President and General Manager, Al Castignetti, calls the make a “sculpted style with the inclusion of everyday utilities.” The vehicle is much like every other vehicle in the world except that it has some extra functionality that makes it stand out from the rest. This is what the company aims to achieve with the release of this car.

What it is Not

While there may be many misconceptions about this car, it should be noted that the company would not wish to have its customers believe that they will offer more than they are able to give. With the concept of a vehicle in mind, the Nissan Hi-Cross is not much of a thrill for high-end consumers. This is because most people who visit motor shows always want to see very exceptional and high-class designs. However, with the level of consumers expected to be using this type of hybrid vehicles in mind, the Nissan Hi-Cross does exceptionally well to fit this purpose.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Nissan refers to the hybrid technology as the technology that uses one motor and two clutches. This is attributed to the fact that the clutch on these vehicles is placed between the electric motors and the 2 liter engine. This, according to the manufacturer, is a fascinating feature since it sets them apart from the rest of the manufacturers in the market. The other clutch is located behind the transmission to ensure that the transmission process takes place as smoothly as possible. The car also has a lithium-ion battery that is fitted into Nissan’s next generation Xtronic variable transmission. This is a new concept in the Pathfinder line of production.

How Much You Can Expect to Pay For This

The production of this car is still at the conceptual stages and your guess with regard to the price is as good as ours. The price is however, expected to be relatively lower considering the government interventions to make the prices of hybrid vehicles affordable to the population. Therefore, you can start saving up to get yourself this machine.




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Honda’s New Hybrid Car the Fit

Toyota has been the manufacturers of the top selling hybrid cars in Japan. Their sales around the world have recently been on the fall because of various market factors. Honda, which is their biggest rival in the industry, is looking to gain further ground with their release of their hybrid version of the Fit compact green vehicle. The previous version of the Honda hybrid Fit subcompact, has evolved with an environmentally fit hybrid engine.

The new Honda Fit is currently in the market in Japan and the manufacturers are making plans for manufacturing more green cars with the planned introduction of the CR-Z sports car to the market. The vehicle is expected to be sold at a cost of approximately $19,160. This will be among the cheapest lines of motor vehicles in the market. The launch of these vehicles is expected to greatly benefit from the introduction of government benefits such as tax incentives into the market.

The company says that they have put in a lot of effort and creativity into the production of these vehicles. Unique features that the buyers can expect include the integrated motor assist system, simplicity, efficiency and the possibility for its expansion. Honda plans to introduce this line of vehicle into the United States. The model will be introduced into Europe next year though it will be under the name of Jazz. The tenacity of Honda in the market is what makes the company a must-watch in the industry. Honda has been locked in a fierce competition with the Toyota industry in the hybrid cars market.

According to Honda, their hybrid version uses a 1.3-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor. This allows it to achieve a mileage of at least 54 miles per gallon. The battery of the car is placed near the back luggage area. This has significant effect of increasing the interior space of the vehicle. The position of the battery also allows for greater flexibility for the sitting position of the car. This has been seen as a way of increasing the comfort of the vehicle. The software used in the functionality of the engine of the car has been slightly modified to give it a unique edge over the rest of the builds available in the market today. Though there are some speculations regarding the necessity of releasing the Fit model, the company sees this as way of increasing their market presence and establishing a deeper connection with their customers.


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Ford’s Ratings Rise over Prius

Ford has been the largest automobile manufacturer in the United States over the last decade. It has recently expressed their desire to take on the Toyota Company, which has held the record for being the best manufacturers of hybrid vehicles in the market. This has been as a result of the successful launch of the Toyota Prius that received a very good market reception. In the past year alone, the Toyota Prius made up to 54% of the sales of motor vehicles that use alternative sources of power in the United States. This is according to statistical results of the research firm, Strategic Vision. According to their findings, all of the other brands of vehicles shared the remaining proportion of market share.

The situation on the ground is that more people are still not receptive to hybrid vehicles. This is because many people still consider these ‘green cars; and they are not willing to put their money into purchasing one. Ford aims at using a different approach to attract more people to purchase their hybrid. Ford intends to manufacture green cars with more focus on power, efficiency, and space. Ford also intends to offer their vehicles at a relatively lower price compared to the Prius. This will be seen by many as the revolution of the market for hybrid vehicles.

The C-Max by Ford is expected to be the first automobile to be rolled out under this plan. This vehicle is expected to set the pace for the revolution of the hybrid market. The users of this vehicle are termed ‘optimizers’ because of the optimized nature of the vehicle. These are the users who would like their dollar of fuel to take them as far as possible. The introduction of the miles per gallon equivalent that is the best in class will give these vehicles a terrific advantage over the competitors in the market.

Ford is also seeking to take advantage of the mishaps of Toyota that have over the past few years forced them to make recalls of their vehicles. This is expected to affect the market stability of Toyota because most of their customers will opt for more reliable automobile manufacturers and Ford can tap into these customers and draw them to their superior quality hybrid vehicles. Ford already rolled out the C-Max this year and the company expects to roll out the plug in version of their Fusion midsize sedan early in 2013. This is expected to put more pressure at the competition at Toyota.


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The Silent Killer

The advancement in the quality of hybrid cars has improved so much that most people now confess that it is hard to hear a hybrid coming from behind. While this may be thrilling for most car fanatics, it is quite dangerous for pedestrians because these cars are often prone to knock down unaware pedestrians. Most hybrid manufacturers are making efforts to make these cars sound like gas-guzzlers of the old generation.

The issue of the silent nature of this car was brought to the forefront with the release of the new Ford Focus electric hybrid car. This car has the highest gas mileage of all cars in the market. However, the emphasis has not been on what this new piece of machinery has, but rather what it does not have. Most battery-powered cars usually produce a small amount of sound, although it is often close to a whisper. The new Ford Focus runs in deep silence. This is the quietest car in the market. This has been seen by a section of the community to be a big problem, especially with regard to the pedestrian safety act of 2010. This summer the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration will start the rule making process for determining the minimal amount of noise that an ordinary car needs to produce.

The drive for establishing a minimal amount of noise a car needs to produce was driven by the fact that it has been realized that hybrids are too quiet for blind or even sighted people to hear them coming from behind. It was found that at low speeds the chances of a hybrid car knocking a pedestrian down are 37%, and are 66% likely to hit a cyclist on the road when compared to the traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

While the benefits associated with hybrid cars such as higher gas mileage may be numerous, the argument is how many lives could be lost in the process. Are there measures that can be put in place to ensure that the negative impact that these types of vehicles are posing are properly implemented. Already most of the car manufacturers are investing a lot of money to ensuring that the setbacks of these vehicles are being ironed out. We all agree that the introduction of technology into the community has to come with some cost. But, the eradication and management of these costs is an important process in order to ensure that we reap the full benefits of technology.





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Hybrid Car’s Advantages

Most people with a fascination about the automobile world refer to hybrid cars as the cars of the future. This is because of their ability to effectively manage fuel and produce very low levels of toxic emissions at the same time. This is like killing two birds with one stone. The popularity of hybrids is growing geometrically by the day. Most people around the world are considering getting rid of their gasoline-powered cars with a preference for the hybrid cars. This is motivated by the bad economy that has pushed up fuel prices. So anything that will be able to reduce the dependency on this commodity, while performing the same function with equal efficiency as a gas powered vehicle is a popular move for the population.

Most hybrid cars are designed with two engines. These are built to allow the car to save on the amount of gas consumed by the car. The car has the traditional gasoline engine, but in addition to that, it is fitted with electric motors and batteries to supply the electric power required by the vehicle. The two engines of the car work together so that they are able to cut fuel consumption of the vehicle. Technology has allowed these cars to reduce their fuel consumption by over 50%. This means that using your hybrid car, you can travel for more than 65 miles per gallon of gas. These kinds of fuel savings are what have given the hybrid cars the tag of being the car of the future.

The biggest benefit that owners of hybrid cars enjoy is that they don’t feel the pinch associated with the rising of the fuel prices. There are other salient benefits that are associated with hybrid cars that you may also benefit from. The U.S. president recently signed a law that allows buyers of hybrid cars to enjoy tax cuts. This means that you will be able to save on your taxes just by owning a hybrid car. This is a good reason you need to get yourself a hybrid.

The fascinating feature about hybrids is the fact that these cars don’t need to be plugged in and charged like fully electric cars. This is because the batteries are designed in a way that they are able to capture power from the braking and slowing down process of the vehicle. The government and the manufacturers are giving the people all the reasons they need to purchase hybrid cars. All that is left is the consumer to take the initiative and join the revolution.




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