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Splurging as You Save Gas

Most of the hybrid cars in the market are still valued at a slightly higher price when compared to their gasoline counterparts. Automobile manufacturers try to justify this higher price by the added cost of manufacture and the complex nature of the drive systems of the hybrid cars. Most of the hybrid mechanicals are often filled with upscale features; the difference in the price of these vehicles will have a significant gap, in most case.

Varieties that Stand Out

The Lincoln MKZ hybrid stands out from the pack because it offers a unique value that is still not common in the motor vehicle industry. This is the fact that this vehicle is value at the same price as its gasoline powered alternative. This is a big thrill because consumers don’t have to be put in a dilemma as to which vehicle they can afford to buy. Those with the appeal of hybrid cars will definitely love this offer. On the contrast, the Ford Fusion hybrid is valued $5800 more than the gasoline-powered alternative. The Toyota Camry hybrid is also valued $7,000 more than the gasoline-powered alternative. The pricing of the Lincoln MKZ was done by the company with the aim of helping their customers make a more informed choice as they shop for their cars.

A Working Strategy

The strategy employed on the Lincoln cars has so far proven to be very successful. More than 20% of all the Lincoln MKZ sales have been from the sale of the hybrids. This is a higher figure compared to the anticipated 15% target set by the company. The region of San Francisco reported the highest level of sales with 66% of all sales being hybrids. The good public reception of these cars into the market plays some reflection on the nature of the personalities of these types of vehicles. The early brands of hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, did not give more consideration to their interface. These sedans have been designed with electronic gadgets and have a leather interior. These seem to be targeted at the relatively affluent people in society who would like to be seen as being environmentally conscious.

The Cost Factor

Forced features added to these vehicles by the manufacturers inflate the price of hybrid cars. These include premium sound systems, leather trims, and heated seats, among others. These factors seem to increase the cost of the cars without the direct reduction in the fuel consumption or reduced emissions. The Lincoln MKZ hybrid however, does well in reducing most of these added features.



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Hybrids Around Us

Over the past few years have you pulled into a gas station and were shocked with the sky rocketing prices of fuel. As fuel prices continue to rise at an increasingly alarming rate, at some point you may want to trade in your car for an alternative that has lower fuel consumption that would give you the much-required better mileage. If you are the environmentally conscious type, you may want a car that contributes less to the increasing greenhouse effect in the world.

The Perfect Solution

The motor vehicle industry has conceived a solution that is aimed at solving a big part of these problems. This has been achieved through the invention of hybrid cars. Over the years, there have been an increasing number of hybrid cars in the market. Most of the big car manufacturing companies are starting to take up the trend of manufacturing their own line of hybrids and releasing them into the market at a gradually cheaper price. The nature of the functioning of these cars however, still remains a mystery for many people. How do these vehicles manage to run 30 or more miles per gallon more than most of the standard vehicles? Do these vehicles in the same manner have less pollution because they have better mileage? What are some of the tips you can use to improve on this efficiency?

Overview of the Functionality

Hybrid cars combine the power produced by the gasoline engine of the car and the electric power generated by the car’s internal working mechanisms. There are many hybrid vehicles around us, chances are that you may have used a hybrid and you were completely not aware that it was a hybrid. Most of the locomotives that are commonly seen pulling trains are hybrids made from a combination of the diesel powered machines and electric power. Some of the cities in the United States such as Seattle, have been known to have hybrid buses that use electricity from the overhead wires and use diesel power when they are not near these wires. Submarines have also been manufactured using hybrid technology. Some of them use nuclear energy and electric power while some use diesel energy and electric energy. A hybrid vehicle can, therefore, be generally defined as any automotive that combines and uses two or more sources of power with the aim of improving or saving the use of a rare or more harmful single alternative such as aiming for better fuel consumption.



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Misconceptions about Hybrid Cars

With the increasing popularity of hybrid cars, there has also been an increased amount of misconceptions about them and what these hybrid cars are actually capable of achieving. We have outlined a number of these misconceptions below.

The Gas Engine Does All the Work During the Reverse Mode

This is a common misconception among many people. The truth of the matter, however, is that during reversing, it is the electric motor of the car that does all the work. This is a major attractive feature for the hybrid cars because it means that these cars have less fuel consumption, which in the long run means that the car has a reduced amount of harmful gas emission. The proper installation of effective air filters and high quality batteries has gone a long way in ensuring that there is increased environmental conservation and a good user experience.

Hybrid Cars Get Very High Miles per Gallon

The amount of miles per gallon that the car can achieve is normally dependent on the driver of the car. This is because as soon as the driver of the car gets onto the ramp on a highway, the miles per gallon start to decrease and may, in most cases, drop to a lever that is below average depending on the driving habits of the person. This therefore, depends largely on the speed at which the driver decides to drive the car. A driver who loves speed and sharp braking will surely have more fuel consumption per mile. The person who drives at a relatively slower speed will definitely have higher mpg.

Hybrid Batteries Don’t Last Long

This is a myth among many people who still have the fear of embracing hybrid cars. This can be refuted as a biased fact because the normal car batteries have much life expectancy. Most of the hybrid car manufacturers usually come with a warranty of 8 years. This is a show of confidence by the manufacturers that these cars are indeed of the highest quality. In case the battery malfunctions within the warranty period, the customer is always welcome to return the battery.

You Will Have to Keep Worrying About Charging Your Hybrid Cars

Most people have the impression that they will need to be plugging in their vehicles regularly to keep their vehicle battery up. The truth is that you don’t need to plug in your battery. The battery uses the braking energy of the vehicle to move the vehicle and charge the battery. This process is referred to as regenerative braking.


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Hybrid Car Technology

For the people who are conscious about the environment and want a high technology car, there are a number of options available in the market that they can choose. The hybrid cars offer the best technology in terms cars that pose the least danger to the environment. This category of cars provide the most promising future for environmentalists because as the trend continues, it is likely that most of the conventional cars will eventually be turned into hybrids because of the large number of external forces that are at work in the industry.

Sources of Power

The source of power of hybrid cars is a major distinguishing factor. The source of power for the car is important because this is what determines whether the car is friendly to the environment or not. The rate that the car consumes the non-renewable resources in the same light determines the extent of environmental conservation that the car achieves. The hybrid technology takes advantage of two major sources of power. The most common of these is the combination of gasoline combustion engines and electric motors. There is no need for plugging in the car because the battery of the car is usually powered by the combustion engine. The combination of the internal combustion of the vehicle and the battery power of the vehicle greatly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that the vehicles emit.


In terms of performance, the hybrid cars have to a large extent tried to match the performance of the gasoline car counterparts in a large number of criteria such as their acceleration time and road handling criteria. The hybrid cars have proven to have greater fuel performance than most of the standard cars and this means that drivers and fanatics of hybrid cars can anticipate more innovation on this front. Since hybrid cars still use the normal gas and fuel, their recharging will still be done in the normal fuel stations.

The Maintenance of the Hybrids

The purchase of hybrid cars is still cheaper when compared to most of other cars. The repair and maintenance of these cars may be relatively more expensive. This is because of the innovative aspects of technology that are involved in the manufacture of these vehicles. Most manufacturers, for this reason offer warranties of up to 100, 00 miles. Most governments, in an attempt to encourage the use of hybrid technology offer tax breaks for the purchase or the importation of these vehicles. You can therefore take advantage of the reduced price to get yourself a hybrid.


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Investing in Hybrid Cars

The fact in the market is that most of the hybrid cars that manufacturers are making today cost much more than most of the regular cars. This factor has prompted the question in many people’s minds as to whether this extra cost is actually worth it. The twist in this pricing policy is that most people do not realize that the extra cost that they would see in investing in the purchase of a hybrid car will definitely be offset by the lower fuel consumption of the vehicle. Let us look at a valid payback factor that you can use in evaluating the decision as to whether to get yourself this modern piece of technology.

Making Comparison with Gasoline Cars

It is often a bit difficult to find the most effective comparison between the hybrid and gasoline models of cars. This is because there may be a number of hybrid features that may not be available in their gasoline counterparts. Most of the car manufacturers will usually try to sweeten the deal on their hybrid cars in an attempt to justify the high prices. Such features include accessories such as the auto ventshade hood protector that is available on most hybrid cars. Such features, in the real sense, often add some value to the end consumer and make these cars stand out from the rest of the cars in the market. These features may however, cost very little in terms of money and resources on the part of the manufacturers.

Challenges in Making the Comparison

The challenge hindering the comparison of hybrid and the gasoline cars in best shown in the Toyota Camry hybrid car. Considering the air filters, the engine options, and the trim levels, the Toyota gasoline car has 11 different variants in their makes, while the hybrid cars have a one superior option that serves to make work easier for the car owner. The Toyota Prius on the other hand, has no direct basis for comparison because this is a unique model available only as a hybrid variety.

The Battery Life

There is also the aspect of replacement of the battery of the vehicle. Most of the hybrid models are still new in the market so the replacement of batteries may still not be very costly. Most of the gasoline cars in the market are still notorious for frequent battery melt down. This means that the cost for maintenance of gasoline cars increases with the length of keeping the vehicle. You can eliminate this cost through the purchase of one of the hybrid cars available in the market.






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Hybrid Vehicle Varieties

The evolution of the hybrid vehicles hit the world because of the quality that these types of vehicles give to the users. There have been vehicles that have been manufactured to have the mid-voltage capabilities, while a number of these have been manufactured to have the full hybrid capabilities. The full hybrid vehicles use electricity to drive the vehicle. This is achieved through the conventional method of power transmission. The full hybrid vehicles differ from their mid-voltage counterparts in that they use a battery pack containing a voltage of between 100 and 700 volts. The full voltage vehicles are also popular because they allow the users to store energy that is usually lost when the vehicle is slowed down. These vehicles are popular with people who are environmentally conscious because of the high fuel economy associated with these vehicles, as well as the reduced emissions.

The Types of Technologies Used In Manufacture

The full hybrid vehicles are currently made following three major types of technologies. These include the series hybrids, the parallel hybrids, and the series/parallel hybrid variety of vehicles. The series hybrid vehicles are designed in a way that there is no connection between the engine and the wheels of the vehicle. The generator of the vehicle is driven by the engine and the generator supplies power to the electric motor of the car. Some of the common models of cars that are manufactured under this category include the Chevy Volt. This technology has also been used in the manufacture of heavy trucks.

The Parallel Hybrids

The parallel hybrid cars use electric motors to generate the voltage used to help the engine in moving the wheels. This is achieved through a conventional transmission. The electric motor of this variety is, in most cases, found between the transmission and the engine of the vehicle. Honda first introduced this technology into the market in 2000. The technology was also used in the manufacture of the Mercedes S400. The main features of this technology are the use of the start/stop technology, and the use of regenerate braking to increase the efficiency of the car.

The Series Hybrids

The series/parallel model of hybrid cars are the most common in the market. The cars using this technology have the option of either using the voltage from the electric motor in isolation or using it with the engine to drive the vehicle. The engine of the vehicle also has the capability of charging the generator to provide energy to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. This technology has been seen to combine the benefits associated with both the series and the parallel types of technology.



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Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Most people today still wonder what the hype is about hybrid cars. Not many people actually get to know the benefits associated with owning a hybrid car. This is because these cars are still priced above the normal gasoline cars. This has created the aura that these cars are manufactured for the rich and wealthy people in society. The truth of the matter, however, is that if you look at it from a different perspective, you will realize that hybrid cars are cheaper in the long run when compared to their gasoline cars counterparts. This can be attributed to, among many reasons, the cost of fuel saved with the use of hybrid cars. Most people still do not understand the positive benefits that hybrid cars have on the management of the greenhouse effect and the effect it is likely to have on your family.

Combines Benefits of Gasoline and Electric Vehicles

There are a number of benefits associated with the use of hybrid vehicles. This is because this technology takes advantage of the benefits associated with the use of gasoline and the use of electricity. The hybrid technology is preferred because it has been proven to make the vehicle more powerful, to increase the power source of the vehicle, and make the engine of the vehicle more powerful, all achieved at a cheaper cost. There have been significant steps made towards the use of hybrid cars. Some of the advancements in this technology include the application of automatic shut-off and start systems, the use of regenerative braking, and the inclusion of the electric motor drive assists. These features have assisted making the hybrid vehicles more powerful, while reducing the dependency on gasoline for power.

Reduce Carbon and Sulfur Emissions

The electric component of the car allows it to have relatively less carbon and sulfur emissions. The air filters of the cars are designed in a way that the amounts of harmful emissions are completely neutralized. This is a good and environmentally conscious step considering the increased level of greenhouse effect witnessed in the world today. Some hybrid cars also make use of renewable forms of energy, such as ethanol and biodiesel. These types of fuels are composed of some little amounts of gasoline and more of ethanol and biodiesel, which are very environmentally friendly. Hybrid cars have for this reason been said to emit up to 97% less toxic emissions compared to the traditional models of cars.

Other Incentives

Most governments are encouraging the use of these cars by providing tax deduction and purchase incentives. You can take advantage of these incentives to get yourself a car. Hybrid cars have also been proven to be relatively lighter, because of the material used in their manufacture.






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Hybrid Battery Safety

The market for hybrid vehicles has been on a steep increase in the United States and around the world over the past few years. You may be surprised that the commuter bus you are using is a hybrid. The car in front of you may also be a hybrid. The spread of this type of vehicle has not been very visible because some of the models of hybrid cars have been designed to look completely like the normal cars. Therefore, the extent of the spread of these cars may not be very visible. Identifying hybrid cars still poses a challenge to most people. This has proven to be especially more difficult when it comes to responding to motor vehicle accidents involving these hybrid cars. There have been an increasing number of hybrid vehicles being manufactured in the world. Understanding the crucial differences between the various varieties will be crucial in assisting you to make some critical decisions in the field. This may also help you save valuable time in case injuries are involved in the process.

The Battery Types

The wide range of hybrid vehicles in the market today run on a wide range of battery voltage and are equipped with a wide range of drive types, as well. These vehicles use batteries ranging from the heavy buses and truck systems with voltage of over 800 volts, to the mild hybrids that have a voltage of at least 36 volts.

The Mid-Voltage Cars

The mid-voltage cars were initially introduced around 2004. This was implemented in early hybrid cars that were manufactured, such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra motor vehicles. These makes of cars had a reputation of reduced fuel consumption. This was attributed to the fact that they had the start/stop technology that allowed the engine to be shut off when the car is decelerating, braking and when the engine was eventually stopped. The relatively conventional make of cars have improved on this fact because the engines now have a significantly reduced level of emissions. The number of cars has also increased significantly over this time.

Battery Connection

The batteries of the mid-voltage cars are connected in series, such that they eventually produce a voltage of between 36V and 42V. This allows these cars to use a powerful built-in motor to boost the power of the car. This reduces the fuel consumption of the car. This increased amount of voltage is considered by some people to increase the hazards of the hybrid vehicles. The truth of the matter, however, is that the voltage is not high enough to pose any lethal danger to the user. You can safely handle these cars in case you would like to perform the power down procedures.



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Interior Accessories: What You Need

Your driving experience is never complete without interior hybrid accessories. They create convenience, organization, comfort and a little extra security for your hybrid car. Your hybrid accessories depend on your needs and driving style. When picking interior accessories, keep in mind what’s important and would assist in your driving and improve on security. Here are a few products to watch for.

All Weather Floor Mats

Keep your hybrid’s original flooring well protected with additional floor mats. You can lessen your troubles with muddy shoes or debris-filled soles. Car floor mats are made of rubber, vinyl or carpet. Some are designed with ribbing to help collect debris and dirt. They’re easily removable and easily cleaned with soap and water. Search for floor mats specifically designed for your hybrid model. You’ll get the right fit with the right design.

Cargo Liners

You can improve your trunk’s flooring against a variety of items with cargo floor liners. There are a range of cargo liners in clear vinyl, rubber and carpet as well. They come in varying colors and designs. They’re lightweight and very flexible, making installation and cleaning very easy.

Cargo Organizers

To improve on organization and maintenance, a good cargo net or a cargo organizer would be a great hybrid accessory. You can keep loose items from rolling all over the trunk. Plus, when shopping, your items remain undamaged. For gears and tools, the organizer or the cargo tote would be perfect for keeping everything in order.

Emergency Kits

While travelling, you’re never sure of the circumstances or of the area. Better to keep a kit of your own in your hybrid. Available hybrid accessories include emergency assistance kits in durable bags packed with a flashlight, jumper cable, tools, gloves, emergency blankets, bungee cords, whistle for survival, duct tape and other necessities. First Aid kits are also available separately. The kit contains bandages, tapes, gauze and a pair of scissors. Preparedness never hurt anyone. So keep a set of both kits by the driver’s seat or your trunk.

Security & Convenience Devices

Install additional security for your hybrid. This is one hybrid accessory that’s supposed to make a scene. Available products are security alarms with sensors for glass breakage, forced door opening, plus remote door locking and relocking. To enjoy the full convenience of remote control, a useful device would be the remote engine starter. At the click of a button, you can start your car, air conditioner, heater, defogger and defroster. This would allow you to transfer from a building to your hybrid that’s already prepped for driving comfort.




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Loading Up with Hybrid Accessories

It’s one thing to get that amazing hybrid car, but it’s another to load up with hybrid accessories. Most accessories are basic necessities for protection and maintenance, but some are enhancements to both aesthetics and function. When looking to improve your hybrid driving experience, it’s best to start with these accessories.

Window Deflectors

The most commonly used hybrid accessories are window deflectors, such as the smoke colored side window deflectors for Prius 2010 & 2011. Forgotten at times, window deflectors can be unnoticed at first, but it has been quite essential to any car in the rain. They keep the rain from dripping into the car when the windows are slightly open, which in turn allows for extra ventilation or a quick chat by the window. They are made of acrylic plastic and designed to conform with the window shape for a perfect fit. They’re often finished in smoke or chrome and easily mountable with adhesive.

Windshield Visors

One of the most important hybrid accessories are windshield visors. On a hot sunny day, it’s everything your hybrid needs while sitting in a parking lot waiting for your return. Windshield visors are crucial protection against ultraviolet rays, diminishing soaring temperatures within the car. Like Heat Shield by Canvasworks, some visors are custom made to fit specifically for hybrid models, such as the Prius of 2010 & 2011.

Roof Racks and Carriers

Hybrid sedans are sometimes used for city and out-of-town driving, calling the need for roof racks and carriers. These make good investments for the travelling lifestyle. They’re often made of steel with powder coating. Some roof racks are designed for bikes and some are designed for surfboards. Some are designed for general luggage, such as cargo baskets. Whether surfboard or luggage, all that’s needed for a secured carrier are the right fittings and straps.

Cargo Bags and Roof Boxes

Essential hybrid accessories include soft-top cargo bags or the sturdier roof boxes that can make for a more organized trip. The two are specialized for different kinds of baggage. Cargo bags are made of weatherproof fabric and are available in large sizes. Some require a cargo tray, but others are quite secure with their own straps properly installed. Roof boxes, meanwhile, are made of plastic such as high-density polyethylene or HDPE and are attached directly onto a roof rack. They’re sleeker and smaller, able to fit with smaller cars. Roof boxes are also lockable and sometimes supported by a lifting system, depending on the model. They’re made in an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and diminish noise, making these hybrid accessories more efficient.



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