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Best Accessories for Your Prius this Digital Age

You might find it totally unbelievable how many people in the entire globe find it necessary to be connected to the world or to a world of their own, this digital age. People love to talk to each other even while they are away. People are always communicating. It is essential that even on the go, riding in your Prius or hybrid car, you have a way of continuously connecting with others.

iPhone Mounting System

Your precious iPhone now has a mounting system created just for it in the Toyota Prius 2010, 2011 or 2012 model. It fits just right in the center of your dashboard. It holds the device in place while you keep driving and you can be sure that it’s always within reach. You will have no more missed calls and the phone won’t get scratched. You can also be sure that the faceplate and holder, with or without a case, will secure your iPhone while you are on the go.

iPod Adapter

You can also now listen to clear music straight from your iPod through your iPod adapter. No need to worry about taking those long drives without company. You may also enjoy a romantic night together, even while on the road, as you play your very own playlist of romantic music that you both love. With an iPod adapter you have your music with you while on the go. Whether you have iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPhone, you can be sure to make use of it even when you are driving. In addition, it also keeps your iPod, iPhone and iTouch charged, as well. You never have to worry about using your battery and draining it while on the go. Enjoy your favorite music in CD quality with an iPod adapter on you Prius.

iPod Car Integration Kit

You can also have the iPod car integration kit which works well with your stereo system. You can easily connect your iPod and it will not lock it’s screen. At the same time, you can control the choice of songs you want to play and pause, as well as check your playlist using iPod and radio buttons. This iPod car integration kit works well with both Prius with Navigation and Non-Navigation radio.

You can get all these Prius accessories online and even for a discounted price. With an iPhone mounting system, iPod adapter and an iPod integration kit, you can enjoy your time on the road and be connected anytime and anywhere too.



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Hybrid Cars: Economical but Truly Elegant

There is no doubt that when it comes to looking for the most economical car these days, the hybrid cars are the perfect choice. The combination of engine, whether gas and electric or diesel and electric, truly helps car owners save a lot from the cost of gasoline or diesel that continues to rise these days. Many car owners now see the difference in the Prius cars they own compared to the single combustion engines.

Economy with Gasoline and Electrical Consumption

Hybrid cars allow you to save by using minimal gasoline and the rest of their power from electrical energy. This means you don’t burn as much gas when it comes to utilizing audio components, as well as air conditioning and other parts of your vehicle that require power. In most cases, they have computerized systems that manipulate which source of energy to use and how it will be distributed to various car components that require power.

Plug-in and Battery Cost

There are increasingly many models of hybrid cars that can be plugged in to ensure availability of electrical energy at all times. These hybrid cars can be plugged in from normal sockets at home with 120 volts and allows you to run for 60 miles or more for every single charge. This means you don’t need to charge it daily. At the same time, batteries usually last for a maximum of ten years and usually within the life of the vehicle itself. There will be no problems replacing it before the vehicle is completely depreciated. However, there are also hybrid cars that can easily gather electrical energy from braking alone or convert it from gas engines.

Maintenance Cost of Elegant Hybrids

Even if they may look a lot better, the cost of maintaining hybrid cars would just be the same as your normal vehicle. No need for expensive materials and supplies. In addition, you can also purchase extended warranties from dealers for parts, care and maintenance. With more and more hybrid cars these days, you can also check for mechanics in your area that are familiar with hybrid cars already. They may also charge less compared to dealerships.

Prius C Times Four Plus Privacy

The best thing about having hybrid cars such as the Prius C (compact) that comes in four different models or Prius C One, Two, Three and Four are totally different from normal Toyota cars. They are not allowed for rental, commercial fleet or taxi vehicles. However, you can also add some iPod adapter, shark’s fin antenna or a better car seat to make it look more elegant. Maintain your elegance and style despite the economy and savings you get.




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