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Entertain Yourself Inside Your Car

Cars should not be used for the sole purpose of travelling or just driving. While inside your hybrid car, you should be comfortable in all aspects and you should be able to entertain yourself by listening to your favorite music, as well as be able to use your smartphone. Using the right accessories can easily convert your car into an entertainment arena and make you want to stay in your car even if you are not driving. Some of the basic accessories that can make your car entertaining include:

iPhone Mounting System

Do you always want to keep your iPhone within your reach while driving? Then make it a point of installing the iPhone mounting system. This is a rare accessory in that it is custom designed for iPhones. It keeps your phone within reach and gives you a perfect view because it is strategically placed in the center of the dashboard of your car. The system is also flexible in that it can tilt and swivel at an angle of 360. This gives you the freedom to use your phone without having to unmount it and hold it in your palm.

iPod Adapter

Want to connect your iPod, iPhone and even iTouch and listen to your music through the car’s entertainment system? The iPod adapter and the iPod car kit make the task of connecting your devices to your car entertainment system a very simple task. This is because the adapter has a direct connection feature that does the connecting and configuration for you. You can easily manage your playlist by using either the device’s navigation screen or the radio controls of the car. Apart from producing the highest quality sound, the iPod adapter also power charges your iPod, ensuring continued entertainment even on long distance travels.


How about learning efficient fuel usage by learning efficient driving in a game like fashion? Sounds exciting, huh? In case you are wondering, try the Kiwi accessory and learn good driving habits by playing the kiwi game. The game has colorful menus and navigations that will keep you entertained, and well as teach you. Maximize gas mileage by obtaining a high score in the kiwi accessory. Be entertained by the kiwi designs, become familiar with the accessory and obtain good high scores to save on gas and increase your gas mileage. The accessory entertains you, as well as improves your driving skills.


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Accessories to Make Your Hybrid Car Last Longer

Hybrid cars are some of the most expensive cars in the world today. A lot of money is spent in acquiring the car so there needs to be a prolonged period of use to give vehicle owners real value for their money. To increase the longevity of your hybrid car, you have no choice but to take really good care of it. Tuning your car using the right products plays a major role in determining the lifespan of your car. There are several accessories that not only make your hybrid car last longer, but also make them stronger for everyday use. The accessories to look out for in this context include the following:

Mud Guards

This is a vital accessory for your car because mudguards not only keep your car clean, but also protect your car by preventing upsurge of mud or any other debris that the car may pick up on the road. This will keep you away from your mechanic for quite some time, hence giving you real value for your money. Do not overlook these flaps, your car actually need them.

Snowbrush and Scrapers

Do not be caught off guard during the cold season. Snow has adverse effects on your car and prolonged deposits of snow on the car can really wear down the car quickly. Get the job done with this one very important accessory. As the name suggests, the snowbrush and scraper has a brush on one side and a scrapper on the other side, making the job of removing snow from the car easy and fast.

Under Braces

Looking to make your chassis stiffer and more long lasting? Well the two-point under brace accessory is your ultimate solution. Make your car long lasting by providing it with a chassis that can withstand all the forces that the vehicle may be subjected to. The under brace creates the highest level of rigidity, allows for chassis flex reduction and balances the vehicle, making handling more efficient and effective. With all these capabilities, this is definitely one of the accessories that can make your car last longer.

Spark Plugs

One of the ways to make a car more durable is to make it run cleaner and more effectively on the road. The spark plug is just your solution for this; it reduces the C02 output of your car and makes it more efficient on the road. This increases the mileage you can cover and so too, the lifespan of the car.



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The Best Exterior Accessories for Hybrid Cars

There are many ways to make a hybrid stand out. The truth is that the exterior of the car is the first thing people notice. That is why exterior accessories can give a car a note of personality and sophistication. However, exterior accessories are used not only to make a vehicle more eye-catching, but also to protect it from certain harmful elements.

  • Rear Bumper Protectors are used as a means to protect a vehicle’s rear bumper from the continuous wear it is exposed to with loading and unloading. Scratches are no longer a problem with rear bumper protectors. The installation is a matter of seconds and a logo may also be included in the package.
  • Side Moldings are also a dual-function exterior accessory. They can be conventional chrome side-moldings or lower body side-moldings. Irrespective of the type, their role is to both protect and embellish your hybrid.
  • Mirror Covers, especially chrome covers, come into play with a touch of elegance. They are also excellent protectors for the exterior of the car.
  • Mud and Splash Guards are made of light and yet highly resistant materials that enhance mud and splash protection. In addition to their functionality and convenience, mud and splash guards are perfectly integrated into the car’s design.
  • Hood Protection is essential if you want your hybrid to maintain its great looks. Dirt, bugs, rocks, and everything else on the road can hit the hood as the car drives. Depending on the hybrid model, there are various options of hood protectors and bug shields. The materials used are UV and scratch resistant. The installation is also very simple and does not involve any drilling.
  • Window Deflectors are extremely useful during rainy days. Most window deflectors have a smoky look and they do not only protect from rain, but also from the noise of the wind. You can enjoy the fresh air even on the rainiest of days.
  • Exhaust Systems may involve only an exhaust tip or an entire system. They add extra character and personality to the car while being efficient and maintaining drivable levels of sound frequency at the same time. Exhaust systems are easy to install, are very attractive, and sound perfect!
  • Shark Fin Antenna has that irresistible shape that makes the hybrid look sporty and elegant at the same time. It can come in the color of your choice and it generally screws right into the existing base of the antenna. The shark fin antenna is one of the exterior accessories most appreciated by consumers.


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Modern Chrome Trim Accessories for Your Hybrid

No matter how great a hybrid looks when it comes out of the factory doors, chrome accessories will make it look even better. Chrome accessories have always been appreciated for their distinctiveness. They can make a car look like a million dollars if they are made of high quality materials and are placed perfectly. But, what chrome accessories can you possibly acquire to give your hybrid a touch of extra elegance and personality?

Body Side Moldings: Appeal and Individuality

Scratches and door dings will always happen with any vehicle, hybrid or not. It is an occurrence that can hardly be avoided, despite being cautious and taking all sorts of preventive measures. However, a chrome insert can physically protect your hybrid from such unfortunate incidents. They are especially produced for each hybrid model and they perfectly fit the OEM color that you desire. Typically, people choose the chrome inserts to have the same color as their car. In the end, a chrome side molding, 1 to 5 inches in width, will make your hybrid especially attractive. Also, the adhesive and cleaning pads come with the package. Lower-body chrome body-mirrors are also available for a variety of hybrid cars.

Pillar Posts: Protection and Uniqueness

Each hybrid vehicle model comes with its own unique body design. Pillar posts are among the most used parts of the exterior car, often touched by those who jump in the car every day or occasionally, passengers or drivers. There are four pillar posts, two on each side of the car. Chrome pillar posts are the perfect solution to prevent any damage to your pillars and also to give your hybrid a unique individuality and an outstanding road presence. Most of them are made of chrome combined with a stainless steel finish that gives them a note of character and style. The adhesive is included in the price and a set usually contains eight pieces.

Chrome Mirror Covers: For an Extra Bit of Personality

Mirrors are one of the car’s exterior components that can say a lot about a car. The personality of a car and the way it is visually perceived by others is greatly influenced by the shape of the mirrors and mainly by the material of the cover. Chrome mirror covers are the perfect means to make your hybrid even more appealing than it already is. Perfectly matching the hybrid model of your choice, chrome mirror covers simply draw attention to your car by adding some extra bling to it.



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Top Products for the Interior of Your Hybrid

Hybrids benefit from the love of their owners more than other cars, but even with that, the interior of the car is probably the one that is exposed more to the damaging effects of time, whereas the exterior is exposed to the elements and bad intentions. There are products on the market that can save you money and time by truly protecting the inside of your car.

Cargo Liner for Protection

The cargo space is used in so many ways and exploited to the maximum by every car owner. There is no limit to what people place in the cargo space. In time, everything deteriorates and that is when you should get a cargo liner for protection. There all kinds of cargo liners made of sturdy materials that serve all types of purposes. Remember to look for features such as water resistance, flexibility in extreme temperatures, and adherence.

Seat Extension Brackets for Comfort

There are people who simply need to sit back a bit more while driving. They do not feel comfortable otherwise. Some are taller people who need this for the obvious reasons. Others are average height people who just can’t drive all cramped at the wheel. For both cases, you can try seat extension brackets that allow you to move away from the steering wheel about 4 inches more. If you are one of the people who needs those 4 inches, do not hesitate to try out the seat extension brackets especially designed for your hybrid car.

All Weather Floor Mats for Easy Cleaning

Who does not need floor mats in the car? Dirt, dust, mud, water, and everything else you may gather on your shoes from outside, you will bring into your car. Floor mats are easy to clean and they will protect the inside of your car from damage. All weather floor mats are even more versatile than conventional ones. A special channeling system in the material they are made of keep fluids from shifting when you are driving. The fluids are directed to a deeper reservoir and are kept away from your clothes, shoes and you car floor.

Steering Wheel Cover

When you drive, you keep your hands on the steering wheel. It is the place that, just like the driver’s seat, you can’t possibly protect from touch. But the continuous contact with your hands scratches, dents, breaks or simply spoils the steering wheel, making it look very used and unaesthetic. Steering wheel covers from leather or other materials, in one color or two, will protect your steering wheel. They can hide the damage to it as well. You can choose almost any color and texture and you can adapt it to the interior of your car according to your preferences.



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Top Products for Safety and Security in Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are great and cars in general are great. They take people wherever they need, for pleasure or business. The world can’t possibly be imagined without cars. However, the roads are not always safe and many things could happen. The unexpected can turn into the unfortunate in a matter of seconds. However, there are products that can help you and your car remain safe and secured, even in bad circumstances.

First Aid Kits: Can Save Your Life and Others

There isn’t any excuse for not having an emergency first aid kit in the car. The kit should be as complete as possible and contain quality materials. Emergency may mean anything from a car accident to a heart attack in the car or hypoglycemic shock. No matter what happens, you have to be prepared and such kits can save your life and the life of others, as well. Here are some of the items that it should contain: water bags, tape, blankets, hose clamps and booster cables, scissors, and much more. It should be easy to store with a retention strap and also have watertight packaging.

Remote Engine Start Can Bring a Lot Of Comfort

The weather is not always friendly. The truth is that it seems even less predictable than some years back. However, there are situations in which you really should not get out in the cold and start the car and wait there until it defrosts the windows. This is just an example. There are many ways to it that from the comfort of the house with a remote engine start. It is easy to use and it does not require any modifications to your hybrid car.

Security Systems for Your Hybrid’s Safety

A security system is always a good idea no matter where you live or where you travel. The roads are not perfectly safe anywhere. It does not mean that you should imagine that everyone is after your car, but it does mean that it is better to be preemptive. It will not cost you a fortune, but you will sleep better knowing that you will be aware when someone tries to break the glass or steal your car. These are smart systems using cutting-edge technology to protect your car.

Wheel Locks for the Safety of Your Wheels and Tires

You never know when you may end up without your wheels and your tires. It is not up to you to decide which area is safe and which is not. However, it is up to you to make sure that you do have your wheels and your tires the next day. With special forged wheel locks, you can have your peace of mind about that. Such a set will not cost a lot of money; in fact, wheel locks are quite inexpensive, but very efficient.



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Top Products for Hybrid Engines

Hybrid cars are the preferred choice of many drivers for to different reasons. For some, it is the fuel efficiency that attracts them the most. For others, it is the eco-friendly features that make the hybrids an appealing choice. However, all car owners come to the point where they wish to increase performance on their vehicles. As hybrids do not come with traditional engines, an entire industry has developed around products especially designed for hybrid engines.

Ground Systems for Better Engine Performance

It is a proven fact that the resistance ground path from the battery’s negative connection to the car’s components improves electrical circulation. An improved electrical circulation has positive effects on four major hybrid car features: torque, millage, starting ability, and response. Reliable and certified ground systems that prevent loss of electrical power are the best solutions to make your regular hybrid drive like a tuned conventional one.

Pulse Plug Sparks for Fuel Economy

Plug sparks have functioned basically on the same principle ever since they were first invented. However, pulse plug sparks for hybrid cars are a new revolutionary generation of plug sparks. The built-in capacitor stores electrical energy that is released in a high-energy pulse. In this way, every single drop of fuel is used 100%, being completely burnt. The results of using the pulse plug sparks include better fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, overall drivability.

Performance Air Filters

Hybrid air filters are an essential component of a hybrid car. The role of an air filter is to allow high air flow without sacrificing filtering. High-air intake reduces fuel consumption and high filtering levels ensure engine longevity. That is why performance air filters are indicated in hybrid cars along with the fact that such filters also contribute to low CO2 emissions. Here are the things you should look for as far as performance air filters go:

  • they should be reusable after washing
  • they should not void the car’s warranty
  • they should last as long as possible depending on the environment you are driving in
  • they should increase horsepower and performance
  • they should boost acceleration time
  • and they should be environmentally friendly

Cold-Air Intakes for High Performance

Delivering a lot of air to the engine will not accomplish anything if that amount of air is wasted. Cold-air intakes modify the way air is delivered to the engine. It is done in a way that airflow and efficiently are increased at the same time. Cold-air intakes must be especially designed for your model of hybrid and must be able to absorb air as cold as possible. Cold-air intakes should increase horsepower by at least 10 ft. lb. and torque by at least 13 ft. lb. Additionally, a cold-air intake should increase fuel efficiency, be legal, and have a lifetime warranty.



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How Hybrid Car Air Filters Work


Hybrid car air filters are different from conventional vehicle air filters. Given the fact that hybrid cars are eco-friendly vehicles, hybrid car air filters need to meet higher standards of filtration. In fact, hybrid car air filters are considered pollution-controlling devices able to reduce the environmental impact of burning fuel as vehicles are driving.

The Role of Hybrid Air Filters

The rules of air filtering are simple. The level of emissions show how much pollutant that particular vehicle creates. Emissions are the result of burning fuel. Fuel is burned using air. Therefore, the cleaner the air intake to the engine is, the cleaner the emissions are. On hybrid cars, air filters must be able to retain the majority of dust and debris in the air so that it is able to feed the engine with cleaner air to burn fuel. Otherwise, the noxious particle waste will be released back into the atmosphere through emissions.

The Multiple Uses of Hybrid Air Filters

Air filters are not only used in the automotive industry. It is true that most people associate air filters with cars, but the fact is that industrial plants, as well as power generation companies use air filters to reduce environmental impact. Hybrid air filters provide better filtering levels than any other type of air filter. Additionally, performance air filters are used in hybrid cars that are not only focusing in the filtering levels, but also on the amount of air they are able to deliver to the engine: when the amount of clean air that reaches the engine is higher, the car performance and fuel efficiency improve as well.

The Benefits of Hybrid Air Filters

The benefits of hybrid air filters are many. Hybrid car air filters are washable and therefore reusable. They offer the best ratio between high airflow and filtration. They can last a lot longer than conventional filters, sometimes up to 50, 000 miles. Their warranty often extends to as much as one million miles. Additionally, hybrid air filters improve acceleration and increase horsepower.

Overall, hybrid filters are the best solution to reduce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, reduce the amount of particles released into the air, and improve engine performance as far as acceleration, power output, torque, and fuel consumption. Seeing that they are reusable and more efficient, hybrid filters are the future of eco-friendly filtering solutions adaptable to a variety of industries and making it possible for the world to become a cleaner and better place to live.


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