The Products You Need To Check Tires Regularly

April 15, 2012

Tires are one of the essential components of a hybrid or conventional car. Tire performance and life span is affected by a number of factors such as the weight bearing on the car, travelling long distances, changing climate and driving conditions, and wheel balancing. Many times, tires are overused and need to be changed due to improper service. People forget that tires need to be properly checked regularly in order to increase car performance and fuel efficiency. And for that you need products to help you check the tires.

1. Small Digital Tire Gauge From Professional Products
This is a universal tire gauge that is compatible with most car models, including hybrids. The display is large enough for the data to be read easily, without any effort. Additionally, it can read parameters between 0 and 150 psi with less than 1% tolerance. It is small enough to be kept in the car, at hand, in the glove compartment. It works on batteries and it shuts off automatically. You can use this digital gauge to keep your tires inflated for improved gas mileage and also, safer driving.
2. Air Pressure Gauge By Professional Products
Professional Products offer two types of tools to measure air pressure. There are two models dedicated for the use on racing tires and another two models to be used on street tires. The racing tire air gauges are easy to use and come with a 13 mm hose for heavy duty use. The data can be displayed and read even in poor light conditions. Both types of gauges are built out of chrome plated steel and the hoses are made of high grade neoprene. They both come in a plastic case with a rubber protector and can be easily stored in the trunk of the car or in the glove box.
3. Tire Gauge from Professional Products
Professional Products comes also with a tire gauge that can measure from 0 to 60 psi tire gauge and is endowed with a HD 13 mm hose. It is a rather smaller air pressure gauge that comes protected by a plastic case and can be kept anywhere in the car you find it appropriate. The 13 mm hose is made of high grade neoprene. The display shows large numbers for easy reading and you can also use the needle provided for reading in low light conditions. This is an appreciated product that you can easily use to check your tires regularly.

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